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NBC Removes Barney Frank From SNL Skit

From the “Top Of The Ticket” blog of the Los Angeles Times:

Edited SNL subprime video also happens to excise Barney Frank’s involvement

Not every comedy sketch on “Saturday Night Live” has to do with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

It just seems that way recently, as The Ticket has reported here and here and here.

But there’s an unusual twist this week over another SNL skit. This one concerns a long, satirical bit about the Washington financial bailout bill including a “President Bush,” a House Speaker “Nancy Pelosi” and a Rep. “Barney Frank.”

Pelosi introduces a series of alleged “victims” of the Wall Street mess, who include two men clearly unqualified to have any kind of mortgage, a well-to-do couple who speculated in condos and lost all but 10% of their profits and an older couple, Herb and Marion Sandler…

In the skit, a parody of a C-SPAN news conference replay, the Sandlers express puzzlement over why Pelosi invited them as victims because they’re really delighted with their fortune and laughingly see Wachovia Bank as the victim. A graphic beneath the Sandlers says, “People who should be shot.”

Monday NBC mysteriously yanked the skit’s video from the network’s website, fueling online rumors the show was caving to pressures from well-connected Democrats.

The video was later reposted and a spokesman explained “upon review we caught certain elements in the sketch that didn’t meet our standards. We took it down and made some minor changes.”

In an interview with Gold, the show’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, said the Sandlers were distraught but had not demanded the changes. He noted the “People who should be shot” line was deleted as was a reference to their “corrupt activities.”

But a comparison of the two versions shows that actually a little more than that was cut. What also was excised was any mention of the involvement of Massachusetts’ Rep. Frank in the Sandler subprime mess.

Frank is the influential chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and an ardent political protector of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which participated in the subprime problem.

In the original skit Sandler addresses Frank, saying, “And thank you, Congressman Frank, as well as many Republicans for helping block Congressional oversight of our corrupt activities.”

To which Frank replies enthusiastically, “Not at all!”

All that’s gone in the new version…

Gee, that is shocking.

Still no sign of any Sarah Palin skits being removed or edited.

Why is that?

(You can see the airbrushed version at SNL’s website.)

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8 Responses to “NBC Removes Barney Frank From SNL Skit”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I’m not a bit suprised….NBC is in the tank for HObama!!

  2. Exeter says:

    SNL is really becoming interesting of late. First the NYT parody, now they’re slamming the House Democrats. It doesn’t really matter that they edited the Frank lampoon – the original video already hit the airwaves, and it’s going viral on the Internet despite all efforts to suppress it. I could be wrong, but I always thought Lorne Michaels was a Hillary Democrat, so I wonder how much of SNL’s new tack is really her doing?

  3. Grassy Knoll says:

    The recent buzz is that SNL is trying to get Palin to do a skit that would be a parody of Tina Fey’s American Express commercial. How do you think that would play out and do you think she would be allowed to do that? I think she would jump at the chance if it were up to her. What’s good for the goose, etc.

  4. Cincinnatus says:

    Download the uncut version here:


  5. BillK says:

    Other candidates (namely Obama himself, Huckabee and Hillary) have appeared on SNL, so why not Palin?

  6. bl says:

    Who’s surprised? What’s new? It just seems to get worse each day. I don’t think any of it is funny anymore. I just want to wake up
    Nov.5th and see Pres. and vice-Pres. elect McCain/Palin. Is that possible? Help me out here!!

  7. Sir Corky says:


    I’ve always heard that Lorne Michaels was a secret republican, which explains a bit of the skewering going on here. I could be wrong though.

  8. DEZ says:

    “to wake up Nov.5th and see Pres. and vice-Pres. elect McCain/Palin. Is that possible? Help me out here!!’

    Well I will be voting that ticket, and I have a sister thats 61 years old and never voted Republican, she is voting the McCain/ Palin ticket as well, The moonbats are in more trouble than they would like to admit.

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