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NC Pass ‘Gay Marriage’ Ban (Now 32 For 32)

From a dejected New York Times:

North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban

May 8, 2012

As expected, North Carolinians voted in large numbers on Tuesday for an amendment that would ban same-sex marriages, partnerships and civil unions, becoming the 30th state in the country and the last in the South to include a prohibition on gay marriage in the state constitution.

"As expected"? You would never know that from the relentlessly optimistic coverage the upcoming vote got from the gay rights advocates at the New York Times over the last couple of months.

We haven’t checked, but this is probably the first time The Times has even admitted that same sex marriage has been voted down everywhere it has appeared on the ballot. In fact, it has now been voted down in 32 our of 32 chances, including even in enlightened (that is, non-southern) California.

About half a million people voted early, a record for a primary in the state, and turnout on Tuesday was unusually high as well. The amendment, which passed by a margin of more than 20 percentage points, was on the ballot along with other party primary races, some of which were closely contested…

In fact, it was voted down by 22%, but who’s counting? And even this is number is probably lower than the usual landslide after the effort The Times and the rest of the gay rights activists put into stuffing the ballot boxes in North Carolina.

North Carolina, a religious but also relatively moderate state on social issues, already has a law banning same-sex marriage. But Republican lawmakers pushed an amendment out of concern that the law was in danger of being struck down by judges.

How silly of them. But even it making this a constitutional amendment probably won’t stop a determined liberal judge. Just ask California, where a homosexual judge declared the constitutional amendment to be unconstitutional.

While public opinion is shifting rapidly across the country and same-sex marriage continues to achieve legal recognition state by state, polls in North Carolina before the vote showed a narrowing but comfortable margin for passage

"A narrowing but comfortable margin for passage"? What a peculiar way of putting things.

In other words, The Times is continuing their big lie that same sex marriage is actually wildly popular even in the face of 32 out of 32 referendum defeats,. They really are shameless.

But then again, they are full time homosexual militants first, and journalists a distant second.

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9 Responses to “NC Pass ‘Gay Marriage’ Ban (Now 32 For 32)”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s becoming no real secret anymore that “alternative lifestyle” people also have “alternative careers”.

    For example,

    Hollywood is inundated with gays because they like the glitter and glam part
    Flight attendants…a huge number of them are gay — for the travel and promiscuity possibilities

    The social construct is such that their behavior is still largely unacceptable to 90% of most Americans. Gays make up 1% of the total population yet, we are being brow-beaten on new TV shows (which I don’t watch) and movies, etc where the desensitization continues apace.

    Personally, I have never cared what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom, so long as no innocents are harmed. But to have it paraded about is not only unseemly, it categorically defeats the very thing they are trying to “accomplish” by insisting it’s normal for them. But, it is NOT normal. Normal is what the vast majority of instinctive mammals do. This is a simple but accurate definition. Just the same, I don’t need to know who is and who is not gay. I—do—-not—care.

    The same goes for women with high and tight haircuts, aftershave and work boots. My god….go away.

    For the sake of argument…let’s organize a “heterosexual pride parade” where all the participants walk around naked and actively engage in typical heterosexual activities to include those of the graphic sexual kind. What’s that? There are public decency laws you say? Oh, so the fruits that engage in graphic homosexual activities during their parades is ok then? Never hear about any of them getting arrested…and people come from all around and bring kids as well.

    This is where we’ve come to. Minorities can do as they like, offend everyone else who doesn’t think they’re right and yet, if I make a remark about anyone in the “protected classes of people” I get hammered by the authorities in my workplace and possibly by legal beagles looking to make an example out of me.

    Well, at the end of the day….I’m forced to tolerate you….but you will never make me like you.

    • Petronius says:

      “women with high and tight haircuts, aftershave and work boots.”

      Rusty, here are you referring to Janet Napolitano, Elena “Little Boots” Kagan, Janet Reno, or Elizabeth “Nagging Squaw” Warren?

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      My issue with the “gay rights” deal is that the goal of these self appointed representatives fo the gay community is not to advance anyone’s equal treatment, it is to force the straight world to not just tolerate but embrace it, so I’d say we are on the same page. But the worst part to me is the desire to do nothing more than rub it in people’s faces. The repeal of dont ask don’t tell is a perfect example of this. Nothing was actually gained for the military, but homosexuals get to flaunt it as obnoxiously and often as they want in the face of the military and can hide behind their “gayness” if anyone calls them out on it.

      Good for NC for reversing the rubbing it in their face trend. They just said “we don’t care what anyone else thinks”. The state has the constitutionally protected right to define marriage in any way it chooses, and when put before the people of yet another state they chose the definition.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I once visited Port Charlotte, FL and my host pointed out that it was a “gay-haven” and yes, the disproportionate numbers of confused people was pretty obvious. She was informing me as to my question about, “What’s with all the she-men around here?”

      She laughed and said it also makes meeting a normal guy difficult.

      But yeah, we have our government infiltrated with she-men who have so many anger issues about “being trapped in the wrong body” that they cannot possibly offer objective, neutral judgement on anything. They’re angry when they get up in the morning, they’re angry at their jobs, they’re angry at anyone who disagrees with them and on and on. Hell of a way to have and administer a position of power and responsibility. By virtue of their own mental make-up they cannot be objective. Everything in their head is skewed by the fact that they have been “mistreated by society/nature/whatever”. And they have their little tantrums….like Kagan showing her incredible ignorance about both the healthcare law and Arizona’s immigration stance and how she couldn’t cite the Constitution in any semblance of organized thought.

      The obvious thing being, that while they are criticizing others over our perceived prejudices, she is actually implementing her angry policies based on hers, no matter the job.

      I saw this phenomenon in the military. Women who had ten times the ego problems that men had. And…god help ya if you were a female enlisted member who liked men and had a dyke commander. For some reason, attractive, heterosexual women are just despised by the she-men. Being a single enlisted male….well that was no great shakes either when serving “under” a she-man.

      No, our society is busted. Minorities have the control and it’s probably only going to get worse. All of us marching to Utopia.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Not just minorities, Rusty, but the self serving power hungry appointed or annointed that lead their little advocacy groups. They derive their power of influence from people who have decided to not only define themselves solely as minorities, but buy into the notion that it is a handicap. It’s sickening. But I don’t think minorities themselves are in control. Quite the contrary, they were the first to be broken to the will of the power mongering future dictators.

  2. untrainable says:

    Oops. I guess the Times misunderestimated the conviction of southern bitter clingers. Best 33 of 65? Maybe they should do rock paper scissors? Hello lefties… “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!”

    But don’t worry all you Carolina liberals out there, I’m sure Eric “The Holdup” Holder is already writing up the paperwork to sue North Carolina.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    …..And the day after Obama comes out in support of gay marriage. Well, I didn’t see that coming! Even CBS was saying today that something like 1 out of 6 major donors to Obama were gay, and he needs their money. Yep, a real man of convictions and beliefs.

    At one time–I would never have supported it–but I would have turned a blind eye to the idea of civil unions as it supposedly would give them the inheritance/insurance benefits they claim this is all about, and they’d just shut up.

    But now, after having seen this stretch out for a few decades, as they played every scheme in the book, trying to out and “shame” people who supported Proposition 8, making opposition to their lifestyle a crime in Sweden and England and trying to do the same here, and trying to teach “positive role models” to our children–I’ve had enough.

    The only straight people who seem to genuinely care about gays are the ones who have one as a relative and blood is thicker than all. I’ve known many pro-gay liberals who would rail on endlessly about how wonderful they are–yet twice I saw it happen their child turned out to be gay and they freaked out, and once a guy broke off a business relationship when he found out his partner was gay. So much for “open mindedness,” it’s all window dressing to make themselves look good, which is where the Liberal movement gets 90% of it’s power….people so afraid of bad manners or offending someone, they’ll to say anything to avoid being called a bigot.

    They come up with all the justifications; that animals do it, that it happened in history, that other cultures do it, but never has there been gay couples marrying as part of the “normal” crowd. Even in history gays somehow thought they were some “special” or “different” crowd of people, a third sex or alternate gender. Whatever. And every straight person is so jealous they want to be like them; yeah right.

    They’re ticked off that society isn’t treating them right and giving them their just due. What is every parent, teacher, neighbor, and friend supposed to do? Treat every child as if they might be gay to make sure no one is offended? That certainly seems what they want.

    But I think there’s something much darker going on. The image the media portrays, of a happy-go-lucky effeminate male, or more rarely a butch female who does the right thing, is all a myth. They want us to see that, but underneath that image is more burning rage and hatred than you could ever imagine.

    I think what drives it is a fundamental identity crisis, for all the talk about how they’re born this way and will never change they are never truly at peace, that they have a little voice in the back of their head that keeps saying something’s wrong, and they can’t ever stop it.

    No matter what accommodation they’re given it’s never enough. Marriage? Somebody still doesn’t like them. Outlaw it. Make it illegal. Somebody still thinks heterosexuality is the way it should be? “Educate” them. Let no differing opinion be tolerated. It will never end with them, and if nothing satisfies them, why give them anything?

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Obama’s gay plan to win reelection: Quotes of the Day from Allahpundit – http://hotair.com/archives/2012/05/09/quotes-of-the-day-1021/

    Good luck with that champ.

    “This is beyond unifying — it’s electrifying,” said Eugene Sepulveda, a former top bundler who withdrew to take a non-political job early this year. “This man stands for right, despite the political consequences.”


  5. wirenut says:

    I guess the “Occupy your Groonies” crowd has spoken. Here’s What! No covenant can be more sacred.
    Than that between a Man, and a Women, and their “Maker”, period. What is it they don’t get? Umm. Votes?

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