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Reuters Lies, Says NC GOP Pulled Wright Ad

First we had this earlier report from a joyous Reuters:


North Carolina Republicans pull anti-Obama ad

Thu Apr 24, 2008

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – North Carolina’s Republican Party on Thursday withdrew an advertisement critical of Democrat Barack Obama’s links to a controversial preacher, Republican John McCain’s campaign said.

McCain senior adviser Charlie Black said he had been informed by the Republican National Committee’s representative in North Carolina, that the state party had agreed to withdraw the ad

Obama has come under fire for attending a Chicago church for two decades where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was pastor. Wright has drawn criticism for statements including saying the U.S. government spread the AIDS virus to black Americans. He has since retired.

The 30-second ad in question attacked Democratic North Carolina gubernatorial candidates Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore for their endorsements of Obama, referring to the Illinois senator’s “judgment” in supporting Wright and calling him “too extreme for North Carolina.” …

But we have since learned that S&L correspondent, Mark Hatchett, actually thought to call the Republican headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mr. Hatchett was informed by the NC GOP that the Reuters article is INCORRECT and that the advertisement has not been pulled.

Indeed, the Republican Party in North Carolina still features it on their website front and center. In fact, they are even asking for donations to keep the ad running:


So it would appear that the Reuters article is in error.

(Which leads one to wonder if the original report might not have been the result of a Democrat ‘dirty trick.’)

Please stay tuned for further developments.




Ms. Linda Daves, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, was just interviewed on the Mark Levin Show.

Ms. Daves says the ad has not been pulled by them. Nor will it be pulled.

Reuters Lied.

Shocking, isn’t it?

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