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Networks Have Covered Obama-Care Less Than 1%

From the Washington Examiner:

Study: ABC/CBS/NBC give Obamacare less than 1 percent of network news airtime

By Paul Bedard | MARCH 25, 2014

It’s the biggest issue in the midterm elections, and problems with Obamacare are driving Democrats to abandon it to save themselves, but the nation’s Big 3 TV networks have devoted less than 1 percent of their airtime to the flawed health care system since Jan. 1, according to a new study.

We wonder what the numbers will be for their Malaysian airliner coverage. And which will turn out to be the bigger disaster?

The Media Research Center said that the three have devoted just 31 minutes, 20 seconds to stories about Obamacare this year. That’s 0.72 percent of their airtime from Jan. 1-March 24.

The report, provided exclusively to Secrets, found that NBC has buried news about the Affordable Care Act deepest. NBC has mentioned Obamacare in 29 stories, 12 of which were full reports. "NBC Nightly News" has given over five minutes, five seconds to the controversial issue, or one-third of 1 percent of its available evening news airtime.

ABC "World News" has devoted six minutes, 58 seconds; CBS the most at 19 minutes, 21 seconds, adding to the buzz that the "CBS Evening News" is now the nation’s newsiest.

“So far this year, the three network evening newscasts have minimized, spun or ignored every negative development about Obamacare, while at the same time touting staged pro-Obamacare publicity stunts, such as the president’s appearance on a Web-based comedy show in March,” said the study done by MRC Research Director Rich Noyes.

In other words, what little coverage the networks have given Obama-Care has been mostly positive.

“Not one of the evening newscasts bothered to cover polls — even their own — showing the law’s continued unpopularity. And only one report (on CBS) profiled someone victimized by Obamacare’s new rules, something ABC and NBC viewers have yet to hear about in 2014,” added Noyes…

It looks like our news media have adopted the motto of the LAPD: ‘to protect and serve’ — the Obama administration.

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