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Never Mind Attacks, Hamas Wants ‘Truce’

From their spiritual allies at CNN:

Palestinian Hamas militants attend the funeral of Rami Abu Swarah, ...

Palestinian Hamas militants attend the funeral of Rami Abu Swarah, who was killed by an Israeli missile before the truce started, in Gaza June 20, 2008.

Hamas: We want truce, despite rocket attacks

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Hamas leaders in Gaza are still committed to a cease-fire agreement with Israel despite numerous rocket and mortar strikes Tuesday, a Hamas spokesman said…

Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza said they fired three rockets into southern Israel on Tuesday, violating a truce between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas leadership which began last week.

Two Israelis suffered minor injuries after one of the rockets struck the southern Israeli town of Sderot, a frequent target of such militant strikes, Israeli ambulance services said. Another rocket struck the town, causing damage, and the third rocket landed in an open field, a police spokesman said.

An Islamic Jihad source said its militants fired the rockets in revenge for the Israeli killing of one of its commanders in the West Bank.

The rocket firings followed a mortar attack from Gaza into Israel earlier in the day that the Israeli military said marked the first reported violation of the truce, which took effect Thursday.

No one was hurt, and the mortar shell did not cause any damage…

Israel said that under the conditions of the truce, the Hamas leadership in Gaza is responsible for all militant attacks on Israel — not just those carried out by Hamas militants.

Of course Hamas wants a truce where they can keep fighting.

Isn’t that how every truce with these bravos works?

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