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Ad: Tell Congress No More Spending!

This is a new ad from the National Republican Trust (which we don’t think has anything to do with the official Republican Party per se) and their new website, Trust Commonsense:

Tell Congress No More Spending!

Congressional Leaders:

In the name of our children, our grandchildren, and our children’s children yet unborn, We demand, that the President and Congress of the United States do not commit by law to spend another dollar on any new initiative that will burden future generations with an unbearable debt. There is no more money. You have spent it all. Indeed you have wasted it on bailouts, on taking over car companies and on political pork projects.

The proposition that we must spend trillions to avoid bankruptcy is absurd on its face. We must fix the economy and create jobs if we as a nation are to be able to sustain the obligations to which you have already committed us. No more.

The issue of spending is a moral threat to the very life and future of America.


Regular readers know that we don’t usually promote online petitions simply because they don’t seem to have much affect on Democrats. Still, this is a pretty effective ad in its own right, because it is so simple. And it is so obviously true.

Our only mild cavil would be that even the ad doesn’t take the point quite far enough. For just like with healthcare, this isn’t just about the money — it’s about additional control this will give the government over our lives.

The more money the government can suck out of the private sector and into the public sector– the more power they have.

Just compare the Obama Revolution with the Reagan Revolution. (Which, as Mr. Obama announced in his second autobiography ‘Audacity,’ he is determined to undo.)

Reagan cut taxes which grew the deficit, but he thought he would be able to force Congress to cut spending. (Of course the Reagan Revolution didn’t work as well as it should have because Congress simply lied to him.)

But the idea was to give more power back to the citizenry. Let the people rather than government decide how to best spend their hard-earned money. And, as far as it went, the Reagan tax cuts did spur the largest and longest economic recovery in modern times.

But now Obama and the Democrats are spending like madmen, to grow another huge deficit — so as to force higher taxes. Or, as some have noted, to force the printing of more money, which ultimately has the same effect.

And the real purpose behind all of this is to take more power away from the citizenry — which Obama and the Democrats see as stupid angry mobs.

After all, they are the elite. And who are we to question what they do ‘for us’?

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, August 9th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Ad: Tell Congress No More Spending!”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    “After all, they are the elite and who are we to question what they do to us”?

    There …….. now that dog will hunt!!

  2. proreason says:

    Lib Loons to country: “Hey, let’s turn the clock back 800 years”
    Subtitle: “Enjoy living slightly better than serfs until we deplete the other guy’s resources, while we live in regal splendor ruling you”
    PART 1
    It’s tempting to say that the demonization of the Townhall protestors is purely racism. After all, 99% of the protestors are white people, and Universal Health Scare is all about reallocating medical resources from the middle class to Obama voters. But the criminals at the top of the pyramid are white, and their propaganda division is controlled by whites, and the “intellectuals” are white, so a purely racist formulation isn’t sufficient to describe what is happening in the US at the moment.

    What is happening at the moment is the key battle in a decades-long war to re-order society so that a tiny group of elites in this country can never again have their authority challenged by uppity middle class people, particularly uppity middle class people who run businesses.

    But a model that explains the events of the last 60 years is as simple, and easily understood as racism. In a nutshell, a tiny percentage of arrogant elites are attempting to reverse history and restore a feudal structure, not just in the US, but around the world.

    They are at war with the middle class. Their goal is to destroy the middle class. The plan is to develop a virtual redoubt so secure that it is unchallengeable. And to do so, as Alinsky counsels, they are leveraging the existing political structures of the US and other countries. In other words, they are using democracy as a weapon. And the way they do it is to fragment society and persuade enough fragments to vote for redistributing wealth from people who have slightly more resources to the targeted fragments that view themselves as disadvantaged. This has been an on-going effort, and the dominant political undercurrent of the last 100 years. It is the objective of liberalism, and is the underlying goal of communism and its related ideologies.

    In a nutshell, the elites seek to impose a new feudal society, with them at the unassailable apex, no middle class, and everybody else at the distant bottom. In the interim period, the “have-nots” will be marginally better off than before, as the wealth of the middle class is either redistributed or destroyed. From the elites’ perspective, either outcome is equivalent, as long as the current “have-nots” believe they are tricked into believing their lives are improving. Ultimately, all but the elites will be have-nots. The welfare of the have-nots and the middle-class is irrelevant to the elites.

    This explains everything they do. Government overspending is not a concern. Programs that are proven failures are not a concern. Decreased life-spans are not a concern. The elites seek only to persuade a small majority of the population that they will be better off by re-aligning wealth and society, and to pull the trigger. Since the elites have already secured their own wealth, they care nothing about the consequences. The elites are secure. Their goal is to destroy all other wealth so that they cannot be challenged again, as they have been for the last 200 years by the capitalists, and the social mobility that is natural in capitalist economies.

    In PART II, the current and future social structure is explained. PART III discusses communism, socialism, fascism and totalitarianism.

    • proreason says:

      “Hey, let’s turn the clock back 800 years” PART 2
      How has the criminal elite come to the verge of destroying a system that has created more wealth in 200 years than was created in the prior 20,000? (Remember, the elite don’t care about that. Their wealth will not be destroyed, and will seem even greater by contrast. They view the destruction of the wealth of others as a benefit to themselves).

      It’s because of a series of careful promises and artful alliances.

      The ARISTOCRACY: this is the tiny sliver of super-wealthy elites who control the process.

      The COMMISARS: A much larger group of people who will be the agents of the Aristocracy. These people are the bureaucrats and intellectuals who provide the philosophical ammunition for the war on wealth being conducted by the Aristocracy. They are secure in the knowledge that they will have good lives toadying to the Aristocracy in the future.

      The INTELLECTUALS: This group intends to move in and out of the COMMISAR group. They already live as a socialist second-tier aristocracy whose purpose in life is to serve their masters brainwash other factions of society, and revel in their own superiority. This group has been trained by communists beginning in the 1950’s or before, and is as thoroughly indoctrinated as Pavlov’s dogs. They are confident that they will have good lives in the future society, and are thrilled to be able to overthrow the business class, which they view as hopelessly inferior.

      The PROPAGANDISTS: This is the media. This group has much in common with and overlaps with the Intellectuals, and has also been subjected to brainwashing for decades. Even though their power has been diminished as the middle class fights back, they are now rejuvenated by the sweet scent of ultimate victory. Most of these fools will end up living as serfs.

      The UNIONS: This is a large and diverse group, bonded by one common theme. The purpose of Unions is no longer to implement safe working conditions. Now the purpose is to get within the moat of the aristocracy’s virtual castle. This plays out through pensions, guaranteed lifetime employment, the promise of wealth redistribution, and the implementation of work rules that continually shift the burden of labor to non-union workers. This group has traded the potential of acquiring the wealth and benefits of capitalism for what the group views as a lifetime borderline existence. At the moment, they seek to have the costs of their health care provided for life by the middle class. The group includes the UAW, SEIU, Federal and local government workers, teachers, and others. The group could include10 million or more voters, and votes 80%+ for liberals

      RACIAL MINORITIES: They believe they have been promised a life equivalent to the white entrepreneurial class. They will be severely disappointed, but their consolation prize will be to witness the destruction of the middle class that has “oppressed” them forever.

      The CON MEN: Trial Lawyers, Consultants, and politicians. They feed on the spoils thrown into the water by the Aristocracy. Many think they are a part of the Aristocracy, but the Aristocracy uses them as anarchists. A few will survive. Most will be severely disappointed as the spoils and the need to undermine Democracy disappears. They too will live as serfs.

      YOUTH (and millions of other perpetual adolescents): This is the most tragic group. Their natural idealism and optimism is preyed upon by the Intellectuals, the Propagandists and the Con Men. They are too young and naïve to see through the con, and vote overwhelmingly for the people who intend to subject them to lives as serfs.

      The DISENFRANCHISED: This is another large group of people who are essentially misfits in society. They include convicts, black marketers, prostitutes and their pimps, the drug culture, queers and other sexual perverts, and many other fringe groups that are simply failures at life. And of course, they blame the middle class, as directed by political pimps (i.e., community organizers and politicians).

      PART 3 discusses Socialism, Communism, Fascism and Totalitarianism.

    • proreason says:

      “Hey, let’s turn the clock back 800 years” PART 3
      Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism and most other political philosophies that have arisen in the last few hundred years are variations of the same movement.

      The movement is the destruction of free markets and the return to a Feudal social structure, with the elite at the apex, a tiny sliver of administrative commissars, and everyone else living in effective servitude.

      SOCIALISM is a weapon to attack Capitalism. The promise is to steal the wealth of business and hand it to people incapable of creating wealth. Socialists seek to make themselves the elite and to force all others into servitude.

      COMMUNISM is a more honest acknowledgement of Socialism, but with a defined ruling elite. The word “communism” itself is a lie. There is nothing communal about it. Communists seek to make themselves the elite and to force all others into servitude.

      FASCISM is a form of Communism in in which the elite pretend they don’t own the means of production. In fact, they control the economy and gradually loot it while pretending to be benevolent overseers. Fascists seek to make themselves the elite and to force all others into servitude.

      TOTALITARIANISM is a political structure that pretends to be separate from the economy. In practice, totalitarians act as either Communists or Fascists.

      In CAPITALISM, the government does not control the economy. In the 200 years since capitalism has become prevalent in the western world, the lifestyles of common people have improved in many ways to be better than lifestyles the aristocracy enjoyed a few decades before. The Aristocracy, of course finds this intolerable. In addition, capitalism is chaotic. Success arises almost randomly. The unwashed frequently assume they have as much right to rule as does the Aristocracy. So from the Aristocrats perspective, capitalism, even more than democracy, must be eliminated from the planet.

      So, what the hell does any of this have to do with Health Care?

      When they control Health Care, they control you, because you will not cross them once your only access to medical help for you or your family is through them.

      Health Care is the apocalyptic battle.

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