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The New Black Panthers Take Over Ferguson Presser

From the Blaze:

New Black Panther Party, Protesters Take Over Ferguson Police Chief’s News Conference

By Jason Howerton | August 14, 2014

Protesters and members of the New Black Panther Party took over what was supposed to be Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson’s press conference Thursday regarding the ongoing unrest in the St. Louis suburb.

A crowd gathered inside the Ferguson fire department as New Black Panther Party leader Hashim Nzinga addressed the crowd, mostly focusing his anger on President Barack Obama.

“This is a shame that as we speak the president of United States is talking to Russia, he’s talking to China, he’s talking to North Korea, he’s talking to Iraq and the Middle East about treating their people better,” he said. “But as he look out the window at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he’s watching the black man, who built the White House, shot down like dogs.”

Nzinga also claimed Obama is from Kenya, calling him a “Mau Mau.” “He need to go back to his roots and stop people from killing Africans in the streets,” he added.

What a racist thing to say. (Though we are mildly impressed with his knowledge of recent African history. (Indeed, some claim Obama’s grandfather was a ‘Mau Mau,’ and that is why he was imprisoned by Winston Churchill.)

But, lest we forget, the New Black Panthers helped to get Obama elected. (Which was actually a Sweetness & Light scoop.)

KTVI reports that Chief Jackson left the area when the protesters invaded the news conference. Nzinga was arrested on weapons charges in 2012 shortly after offering a “dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman’s head…

Some might say this is a pretty good example of what is happening in Ferguson and across the country — in Microcosm. But that would probably be called racist, too.

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