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New IRS Head ‘Slammed’ Over Incomplete Report

From the Politico:

Daniel Werfel slammed for ‘incomplete’ report

By LAUREN FRENCH | June 27, 2013

The new leader of the embattled IRS is facing criticism from congressional Republicans for releasing an “incomplete” report on the agency’s response to the tea party targeting scandal.

At a hearing on the report Thursday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp slammed Daniel Werfel for concluding that politics didn’t play a role in the now-defunct practice of providing extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for a tax exemption.

Of course, that is exactly what Mr. Werfel was hired to say.

The Michigan Republican was especially incensed at Werfel’s request for an additional $1 billion in funding for the agency.

Now that is chutzpah.

“It is insulting to taxpayers that the IRS would ask for an additional $1 billion right after we find out that the IRS was targeting taxpayers for their beliefs,” Camp said. “Until the IRS proves that it can responsibly manage its current funds, the IRS will not see one more dime in taxpayer funding.”

Though, to be fair, both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have said that the Tea Party targeting only happened because the IRS didn’t have enough money.

Werfel said the report he released on Monday was just an initial review and that more information will be released over time.

But Camp questioned why Werfel would release a report finding no evidence of political bias or intentional wrongdoing if the review isn’t yet complete.

“This is not necessarily an initial conclusion but an incomplete one,” Camp said. “I really don’t see how you reached that.” …

Nit picker. Mr. Werfel, who seems to know nothing about anything at the IRS, can still swear with absolute certainty that there was no political bias or malicious intention behind the IRS’s systematic suppression of conservative organizations over two election cycles.

Meanwhile, we have Rep. Peter Roskam’s reaction to Mr. Werfel’s report, via National Review:

GOP Congressman to IRS Chief: ‘This is Junk!’

By  Andrew Johnson | June 27, 2013

Representative Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) is putting IRS acting commissioner Danny Werfel on notice that the agency needs to be more forthcoming. Roskam held up several pages of almost entirely redacted documents at today’s House Ways and Means Committee hearing. He eventually crumpled them up.

“This is junk,” the Illinois Republican said, tossing the ball of paper aside. “This has no meaning.”

But that is the purpose of these reports.

Roskam cited the “Taxpayer Bill of Rights,” a statute that prohibits the agency from “concealing information from a congressional inquiry.” Werfel insisted that it was done to protect sensitive taxpayer information, but Roskam said “he knew without a shadow of a doubt” that the redacted information did not meet that criteria.

But this is the most transparent administration in the nation’s history.

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4 Responses to “New IRS Head ‘Slammed’ Over Incomplete Report”

  1. untrainable says:

    I heard that this preliminary finding of “not our fault” was brought to us without the benefit of even a single IRS employee being interviewed. Wow that’s amazing. For his next trick he’s going to try to pull a billion dollars out of thin air. Or more accurately, out of our collective wallets. PRESTO! We’re boned again.

  2. canary says:

    Fox first reported the $108 million dollar purchases by IRS employees taxpyayer-funded credit cards: pornography, diet pills, booze, smart phones, baby diapers and bottles, games, clothes, and no one has been disciplined or fired yet. And a 500 million bids for a sleaze ball.

    So far no one has been disciplined or fired over the last few years.

    Frugal Cafe 06/26/2013:

    Employees of the same federal agency that will be overseeing ObamaCare and that targeted conservative groups used taxpayer-funded credit cards to make $108 million in purchases in 2010 and 2011.

    The Obama administration wants more of our money and the IRS does, too.

    The full pdf of the Treasury Inspector General’s report is posted here.

    IRS employees used agency credit cards to make more than 273,000 purchases totaling nearly $108 million in 2010 and 2011, according to the report by the Treasury inspector general for tax administration.

    Reminder: the IRS has already been called on the carpet for spending a whopping $4.1 million tax dollars for just one IRS conference in Anaheim, California and spent nearly $50,000 to produce a poor-quality “Star Trek” parody to use as an IRS training video.

    Additionally, a total of 325 bad checks were written by IRS employees, including by IRS officials who have top-secret clearance, on personal accounts that had insufficient funds to cover them.

    From Daily Mail, IRS workers used corporate credit cards to splurge $493,000 of taxpayer money on pornography, wine, diet pills and romance novels and WEREN’T disciplined:

    Investigators also found that one IRS employee spent $2,655 on diet pills, romance novels, steaks, a smartphone and baby-related items, including bottles, games and clothes.

    • IRS workers are adept at splitting up their credit card purchases into multiple transactions so each of them come in under the cards’ $3,000 limits — a violation of federal regulations.

    Twenty-two of the cardholders who carried out the improper transactions were repeat offenders, it said. None of them were referred for investigation.

    • The IRS is also slow to cancel the cards of employees who leave the agency, lagging by an average of nine days.

    In one case, the agency waited eight months to cancel the card used by a former employee…, the inspector general found 38 transactions worth about $9,000 that took place after the cardholder had left the IRS.

    This time, a congressional investigation has revealed a technology contractor won questionable bids worth up to $500 million.

    Braulio Castillo began winning hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts with the IRS within months of founding his technology company Strong Castle in early 2012.

    The House Oversight Committee says Braulio Castillo was given priority by claiming a 27-year-old disability and carefully choosing his company’s location.

    They found that just before opening Strong Castle, Castillo filed for a “disability rating” with the Veterans Administration, citing a “foot injury he suffered in 1984″ — 27 years ago — while playing sports at a military prep school.

    That rating enabled Castillo to register Strong Castle as a “service-disabled, veteran-owned small business,” eligible for preferential treatment in bidding competitions.

    It also appears that Castillo had a “cozy relationship” with friend Gregory Roseman, who worked as a deputy director of acquisitions at the IRS and is now being investigated… surprise, surprise.


  3. canary says:

    Obama already hired 4000 thousand IRS workers when his health bill passed. There will be 7 federal agencies monitoring every American and a long list of contracted companies and individuals to monitor ObamaCare. People are going to die.

  4. Enthalpy says:

    I’m with Senator Cruz. Based on their performance and administrative costs, IRS personnel should be unemployed and there should be a flat tax.

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