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New Italy PM Vows Radical Change, Lower Taxes

From a surely outraged Agence France Presse:

New Italy PM wins confidence vote, vows ‘radical change’

February 24, 2014

Rome (AFP) – Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called for a "radical and immediate change" in recession-hit Italy as he outlined his new government’s reform agenda before winning a crucial confidence vote in the Senate early Tuesday.

In an energetic and impassioned speech to parliament, Italy’s youngest-ever premier reiterated plans for rapidly overhauling the tax system, jobs market and public administration in a bid to tackle the country’s ailing economy.

So yet another European country that is waking up from its socialist dream/nightmare. Meanwhile, we fall deeper into the arms of Morpheus.

"If we lose this challenge the fault will be mine alone. No-one has an alibi anymore," the 39-year-old said as his fiery speech prompted jeers and insults from opposition benches…

Just like in our country.

Renzi, who grasped power [sic] after helping oust [sic] his predecessor Enrico Letta over failures to do enough to boost a flagging economy, later won the vote of confidence, with 169 votes in favour and 139 against, according to Senate speaker Pietro Grasso…

It sounds like a coup. Mr. Renzi must be a terrorist, hostage-taking Tea Party hobbit.

In his speech, he pledged to review unemployment benefits, establish a guarantee fund for small companies and comprehensively reform the justice system.

He also promised to cut the tax burden by a double-digit figure within months and pay off public administration debts.

The initial reaction from investors appeared positive, with Milan’s FTSE stock market closing up 0.48 percent after Renzi’s speech…

A bold-faced Renzi stared down critics hollering insults from among the movement’s benches and spoke out against populism and for Europe.

He said Italy must tackle its towering public debt — equivalent to 130 percent of total economic output — not because German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for it, but because "it is our duty to, for our children’s sake".

He spoke of the need for greater transparency — making public spending receipts available online — and of the need to attract foreign investors and shake off the image of Italy "as just a great holiday destination"…

Che patzzo!

US President Barack Obama spoke to Renzi on Monday, the White House said, adding that the two leaders would meet in March in Rome…

Where an older and wiser Obama will show him the errors of his ways.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    Less tax income?? Destroy him!!

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