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New O-Care Goal: 80% Will Be Able To Sign Up

From the Washington Post:

HealthCare.gov goal is for 80% of users to be able to enroll for insurance

By Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin | November 16, 2013

The Obama administration will consider the new federal insurance marketplace a success if 80 percent of users can buy health-care plans online, according to government and industry officials familiar with the project.

The goal for how many people should be able to make it through the insurance exchange is an internal target that administration officials have not made public. It acknowledges that as many as one in five Americans who try to use the Web site to buy insurance will be unable to do so.

What online company could survive for five minutes with a failure rate of 20%? But this is the epitome of the attitude: ‘good enough for government work.’

The measure is the first concrete performance standard in the 31/2 years since the government began to design the health exchange, and was defined by a group of federal officials and technical experts in late October. It is now guiding the work of hundreds of government employees and contractors racing to try to repair the balky Web site by the administration’s Nov. 30 deadline.

A twenty percent failure rate. What a standard!

Whether the government meets the benchmark — and whether the public regards it as adequate — will be a central factor in President Obama’s efforts to increase support for the controversial health-care law and lure customers to the federal insurance marketplace.

The goal is that 80 percent of people going to HealthCare.gov should manage to enroll electronically — but that means that many others, perhaps tens of thousands, will not succeed…

But will they be punished with the Obama-Care tax anyway? (Of course they will.)

The Washington Post reported last week that the federal exchange is unlikely to be working fully by the end of the month.

What a shock! Has Obama ever met a deadline in his entire life? Even when he was a visiting lecturer at the Chicago University law school, he was late grading his exams.

The uncertainty over the site’s future performance stems from the fact that it currently is malfunctioning when more than 20,000 to 30,000 people — about half the intended capacity — try to use it at the same time…

In other words, they never expected to get more than 60,000 at a time signing up. Which once again puts a lie to all of their claims about how many millions were clamoring for Obama-Care.

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One Response to “New O-Care Goal: 80% Will Be Able To Sign Up”

  1. Right of the People says:

    They most certainly will. The IRS doesn’t care about whose at fault, only that you didn’t meet the requirements. I have no doubt that event though people won’t be able to sign up, if they don’t they’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of this illegal law.

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