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New Obama-Care Website ‘Fix’ – Wait In Line

From an approving Reuters:

U.S. says new queuing system will help if HealthCare.gov gets too much traffic

By David Morgan | November 25, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Monday announced a plan to help HealthCare.gov visitors cope with online glitches if traffic surges after the troubled website is working smoothly for most people this weekend as promised.

Warning that the federal healthcare website will still be plagued by delays and outages in the weeks to come, an administration official said people who log on to shop or apply for subsidized health coverage will join a new "queuing system" if traffic exceeds a benchmark of 800,000 visitors.

"Consumers may not immediately be able to complete the application. But they will be queued in order to ensure a smoother process," said Julie Bataille, communications director for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency responsible for HealthCare.gov.

This is a brilliant solution! If there are too many people, they get put in a waiting line. Why didn’t we think of that? After all, they have been doing this at the Post Office and DMV for years, any everybody loves the way it works.

[I]f volume becomes a problem this time, the new queuing system will enable consumers to see educational material while they wait or allow them to submit an email address where they can be notified later once the system is back up, according to the Bataille [sic]…

Let’s hope the the educational material includes how to register to vote Democrat. (Perhaps we should ask "the Bataille" about that.)

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