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PETA Ads Attack Dog Shows As Racist

From those protectors of poor dumb animals everywhere, the New York Times:

PETA vs. the Dog Show

February 13, 2008

By Jennifer 8. Lee

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals never shies away from publicity-seeking provocation (and media, including this blog, often cover it). This week, the group is starting an advertising campaign in New York and other cities that advocates dog population control, including one commercial that likens dog breeders to the Ku Klux Klan. In New York, like many other places, about half the dogs and cats taken into animal shelters are euthanized.

One of the commercials shows a hooded Ku Klux Klan member walking into a meeting of the purebreds-only American Kennel Club, where the members eye him suspiciously. He gets the group to concede that they both believe in the “sanctity of pure bloodlines” and a master race. He sits down, saying, “I’ll fit right in here.” Then the message “All dogs are created equal” flashes on the screen.

The second ad shows a dog in a body bag being plopped on the table in front of a family that just bought a dog from a breeder. The implication is that for every purebred dog that is bought, a dog in a shelter somewhere else is euthanized.

The third ad shows parents talking to their daughter, encouraging her to have as many babies as she wants because they can be dumped on the street or left in shelters. PETA supports spay-and-neutering campaigns for animals, but others opposed it.

PETA spent $100,000 in advertisements on cable stations in New York and four other major cities, timed with the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, which ended on Tuesday night. PETA criticizes the show for promoting dog breeding and spurring interest in “purebreds” while animal shelters overflow with unwanted dogs in need of homes

The three commercials, which cost $30,000 to make, will be rolled out more broadly in the spring…

Like so many with fanatical causes, PETA is oftentimes their own worst enemy.

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