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New York Cable Channel To Carry Al Jazeera

From a joyous New York Times:

Al Jazeera English Arrives on N.Y. Cable

Published: August 1, 2011

Every cable news channel has its moment. CNN had the gulf war. Fox News had the war on terror. And Al Jazeera English had the Arab Spring.

But six months after widespread protests erupted in the Middle East, the Qatar-based Al Jazeera has not gained distribution on any major cable or satellite systems in the United States. The channel’s supporters say they feel it has been blacklisted…

Undeterred, Al Jazeera English executives say they are making headway. On Monday, the channel will be carried in New York City for the first time, though only by subletting space from a channel owner. The channel has a foothold in Washington through a similar arrangement.

What great news, and just in time for Ramadan! And how fitting that they are getting a foothold in New York City and Washington DC. We can’t wait for Al Jazeera’s special on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Maybe they will pass out candy.

“We will get on in the U.S.,” Al Anstey, the channel’s managing director, said confidently in an interview in Manhattan, where he came late last week to celebrate the carriage deal…

Al Jazeera English was lauded by the United States government and even by a few competitors for its broadcasts from Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries earlier this year

Al Jazeera was "lauded" by the America-haters in the Obama administration and especially Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, they do not represent the general opinion of the United States government.

Al Jazeera does not have a parent company with powerful assets, as the News Corporation did when it used the huge popularity of Fox News to gain channel space for a spinoff, Fox Business, a few years ago

Nor are they anywhere near as evil as Fox News. At least in the minds of the New York Times.

Nor does it have proof that millions are clamoring to watch, as most Americans have not been exposed to the channel

In other words, the New York Times is saying that once Americans know Al Jazeera, they will come to love it as much as they do. But look at how even The Times is losing subscribers. And they are even more anti-American than Al Jazeera.

The channel and its lobbyists have worked hard to change perceptions in Washington and in the media out of a conviction, Mr. Anstey said, that once people watch Al Jazeera English, they come to recognize that “what we’re putting out is high-quality information, well told.”

Just like the New York Times. Except that neither outlet puts out much high-quality information. Nor is it particularly well told. Perhaps the word they are looking for is ‘propaganda.’

The lobbying effort was helped by the channel’s exhaustive and in some cases exclusive coverage of the protests in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere this year.

Speaking of "high-quality information, well told,” where are all the secular democracies that Al Jazeera promised? All we got was misinformation and subtle Islamic propaganda. 

In fact, it could be argued that Al Jazeera lied the US government into the war in Libya. Where is the outrage?

[Mr. Anstey] disputed the suggestion that the channel was not in demand, citing 70,000 supporter letters that were sent to distributors via the Al Jazeera Web site. He and others at the channel were electrified in March when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton labeled Al Jazeera “real news” and contrasted it with the commercials and “arguments between talking heads” on United States-based channels

And who could ever doubt that Ms. Clinton has the best interests of America at heart? (Especially vis a vis those damn Jews.)

The country’s biggest cable and satellite companies each declined requests for interviews about Al Jazeera last week; most cited policies against talking about any specific carriage decisions. But they expressed no public concerns about Al Jazeera’s content

Which is a disgrace.

“Revenue is not our priority. It’s being seen,” [Mr. Anstey] said. Al Jazeera does not necessarily need the fees, since it receives funds from the finance ministry of Qatar, though it says it is not influenced by the Qatari government.

No kidding. They are in the propaganda business. They aren’t worried about making a profit. Besides, they’ve already got more money than Allah.

In New York City, starting Monday, Al Jazeera English will be simulcast for 23 hours a day on RISE, a cable channel adjunct to WRNN, a broadcast station in suburban New York. RISE had shown a Spanish-language network previously

“I think every American should have the right to watch Al Jazeera English in any medium they want,” Amjad Atallah, the channel’s new bureau chief for the Americas, said.

You tell them, Amjad!

By the way, somehow the New York Times neglects to mention that Mr. Atallah is a Palestinian, who has advised the Palestinians in their negotiations with Israel. So you know you can count on him for unbiased news.

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  1. Right of the People says:

    Al Jazeera news, unfair and unbalanced.

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