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New York City And New Orleans Comparisons

From The Hill:

Bloomberg tells Obama not to visit New York

By Mario Trujillo | Tue October 30, 2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) [sic] said President Obama offered to visit the city in the wake of Hurricane Sandy but Bloomberg told him that everyone has “lots of things to do” instead.

Remember all the grief President Bush got for not immediately visiting New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and for exactly these same reasons? In fact, that was the starting point of the media myth of Bush doing such bad a job with Katrina.

Bloomberg said he didn’t want to “diss” Obama and was flattered by the offer. Obama is scheduled to visit New Jersey on Wednesday, where the hurricane made landfall. The mayor said that trip would represent the whole region.

“What I pointed out to them is we would love to have him, but we have lots of things to do,” Bloomberg said at a press conference. “I’m not trying to diss him. But I know he had planned a trip to New Jersey, and I said that is fine. It represents the whole region. … He has got a lot of things to do, and I was flattered that he offered to come.”…

Yes, Mr. Obama is so busy. What with handing out the taxpayers’ money.

Echoing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), Bloomberg called the administration and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) very helpful throughout the storm.

“There was a lot of criticism of FEMA from the [Hurricane] Katrina days, and today you hear nothing but good things about FEMA. they certainly have been very helpful to us,” he said…

Where are the thousands of FEMA trailers? Where are the free FEMA debit cards? In fact, we don’t see FEMA doing much of anything. Of course, it is a laugh to compare Sandy to Katrina. But it doesn’t stop the news media from doing it.

Though, come to think of it, there are some comparisons to be made between New York and New Orleans. But our media guardians will never make them.

Here is a good example, from the Associated Press:

Crippled NYC subways could hamper storm recovery

By DAVID B. CARUSO | Tue October 30, 2012

NEW YORK (AP) – The floodwaters that poured into New York’s deepest subway tunnels may pose the biggest obstacle to the city’s recovery from the worst natural disaster in the transit system’s 108-year history.

Critical electrical equipment could be ruined. Track beds could be covered with debris. Corrosive salt water could have destroyed essential switches, lights, turnstiles and the power-conducting third rail.

Several of the tunnels that carry cars and subway trains beneath New York City’s East River remained flooded Tuesday…

There has always been flooding in the tunnels, which collect storm water constantly, even in the lightest of rains…

In fact, after more than 100 years the subways still flood after the lightest rain and the smallest amount of snow. Which is not surprising, given that Manhattan is an island, and almost the entire New York City subway system is far below sea level.

So how come after all the millions (probably billions) in federal state and local money that was supposed to go to New York’s subways, they still aren’t prepared for floods? How come they don’t even have enough pumps?

The parallels to New Orleans are stark. And the amount of money spent on the New York City’s subways even dwarfs the money that was supposed to be used to maintain the levees in New Orleans. Where has all that money gone?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg guessed it could take four days for train service to resume…

Experts suggested that the cost of repairs could be staggering.

A report released last year by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority estimated that a flood roughly comparable to the one that hit the city Monday night would do $10 billion in damage to the transportation infrastructure and cause another $40 billion in economic losses due to the paralyzing effects of a crippled transit system…

At the time of the study… the MTA also had only a fraction of the large pumps it would need to get major floodwaters out of train and vehicle tunnels quickly.

Why hasn’t Mayor Bloomberg done anything about it? Has he been too busy trying to build Mosques at Ground Zero, or trying to stop people from eating salt and transfats, and drinking too much soda, and smoking in the parks?

The study looked at the kind of flood that the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates would only strike the city every 100 years…

Great job, FEMA. (Whom, you will notice, Bloomberg just thanked.)

The MTA cut power to tracks before the flood, hoping to minimize damage, but until the tunnels and stations are dry, inspectors won’t know if the precautions worked…

Why don’t they know such things? Haven’t they ever planned for flooding? Even though it happens quite often.

Water in the two vehicle tunnels receded slightly as the tide fell Tuesday morning, but the massive pumps that will eventually empty the tubes were unable to immediately make headway because the places where they normally send water – the river and sewer system – remained so high, the outflow pipes in the pumping system were still submerged.

"Our pumps are working. It’s just that the water has no place to go," MTA spokeswoman Judy Glave said. "We pump it out and it just comes back in." …

Once again, why has all of this come as a surprise?

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2 Responses to “New York City And New Orleans Comparisons”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Comrade Bloomberg must taken lessons on how to do disaster recovery planning from mayor of New Orleans. I bet those federal dollars earmarked for it were probably used in his campaign against large drinks or smoking. I mean, who needs to plan for a disaster when all you have to do is call Uncle Sugar for the funds?

    I’m going to miss the Boardwalk, it was my favorite park of Atlantic City.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I am filled with glee when I reflect that the worm always turns

    When it does, the Leftist/Liberal Mafia is going to have such an awful time they may well disappear from the earth

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