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New York City May Allow ‘Non-Citizens’ To Vote

From the New York Daily News:

Immigration: City Council to discuss allowing non-citizens to vote in city elections

An effort in 2004 to allow non-citizen voting in city elections failed; deciding who can vote has been seen as a power held by the state Legislature

By Alan Wernick | May 8, 2013

ON THURSDAY, non-citizen, immigrant voting will return to New York City’s political agenda. The City Council Committee on Immigration and the Committee on Government Relations will hold a join hearing tomorrow on non-citizen permanent resident voting in municipal elections. Council Immigration Committee Chair Daniel Dromm is leading the Council’s effort, along with Government Relations Committee Chair Gail Brewer.

Proponents of immigrant voting say that they have a veto-proof majority of Council members who favor the proposal.

So even if Bloomberg vetoes this bill, his veto could be overturned.

The last major effort to allow non-citizen voting, in 2004, failed. Proponents are hoping for a different result this year.

Many experts question whether the Council has the authority to grant permanent residents voting rights. Deciding who, when and where individuals can vote has been seen as a power held by the New York State Legislature…

Proponents have an uphill fight in the New York State Legislature, so if the Council votes to make non-citizen voting New York City law, the courts will likely have the last word…

And we’re supposed to believe that the illegals given amnesty under the Gang Of Eight plan will have to wait 13 years to vote? What a laugh.

By the way, the betting is that this is going to pass. And that even if Bloomberg vetoes it, his vote will be overturned.

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