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Newport Beach Lifeguards Get $200K A Year

From the Newport Beach Independent:

My Wrong Career Choice

Jack Wu
May 6, 2011

… [Newport Beach] City Manager Dave Kiff, with his budget-slashing Conan the Barbarian Axe, is proposing to reduce the city’s corps of full time Lifeguards from 13 to nine. And some people in the City are actually upset at this…

[But] do you know that the top-paid Lifeguard, with benefits, received more than $210,000? The next highest paid Lifeguard, with benefits, $203,481.76?

In fact, out of the 14 full-time Lifeguards on payroll in 2010, the poorest one received with benefits…wait for it…$98,160.65. The average salary, with benefits, for those 14 Lifeguards, was $154,857.95. And that includes $400 each a year for sun screen

Is that a lot? Ok, so what do they do for that money?

[A]re those guys out saving lives? Sure they are, but there is also a large pool of Lifeguards on Call to draw from who make $16 to $22 an hour with no benefits. THEY man the towers and THEY do the lionshare of the rescues.

But the full time guys, well, in the offseason, typically two are in trucks – maybe three – one at [Costa Del Mesa], two others are in trucks roaming between the Wedge and the Santa Ana River. The rest are either doing admin/office work, not driving around…. not on a Tower. They are painting towers, ordering uniforms, answering phones (“How’s the surf today?”), overseeing dispatch, training people on CPR or prepping for Jr. Guards (getting the trailer ready).

So we need those Full Time Lifeguards earning at total, including benefits, of $2,168,011.39 to do this? We need an average of $154,857.95 each to paint a lifeguard tower, answer phones, train people in CPR and training Junior Lifeguards?

Obviously not, as Kiff, the Newport Beach Fire Department Chief, and the Newport Beach Chief Safety Officer had decided as they propose cutting the 13 down to nine

[I forgot] to mention their juicy pensions didn’t I?

OK, consider that two recently retired Lifeguards now receive in excess of $100K a year in pensions plus medical. One guard recently retired at age 51 to receive $108,000 a year, plus medical

So by the time I get to retire at the age of, let’s say, 70…that same 70 year old retired Newport Beach Lifeguard would have already been “earning” more than $108,000.00 a year from his pension for 20 years.

And my father didn’t want me to be a lifeguard.

This is just one of the hundreds of these kind of stories that never make it out of the local media.

By the way, the article doesn’t mention the fact that these are public sector union members. Perhaps the author thought it went without saying.

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2 Responses to “Newport Beach Lifeguards Get $200K A Year”

  1. proreason says:

    The guys who do the sets for Broadway shows can earn over $400,000 annually. Not DESIGN the sets, move the stuff around.

    This is how unions think. It’s not about value, it’s about getting over. Steve Jobs or a lifeguard…no difference. They should earn the same. Or rather, Jobs should earn what his union can scam and bribe for him, and lifeguards should earn what their union can scam and bribe for them.

  2. Right of the People says:

    I blame Baywatch. I’m sure before that show they were paid minimum wage. Damn that David Hasselhoff!

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