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News Media Cheers Obama ‘Not Giving An Inch’

From The Hill:

Not giving an inch is seen as best strategy for win at White House

By Amie Parnes | September 30, 2013

There was no shadow of doubt at the White House as the clocked ticked down to midnight Monday. Officials suggested that a refusal to negotiate over funding the government was the winning strategy.

White House officials expressed confidence they wouldn’t have to back down in the slightest, while aides close to Obama, former administration officials and top Democratic strategists who confer with the White House say the chances of them negotiating with Republicans are slim to none.

Where is the outrage from The Hill and the rest of our news media complex? They constantly call for compromise and the need for bi-partisanship. But it turns out the news media only want Republicans to compromise. Early and often.

When Republicans refuse to compromise, they are ‘hostage takers.’ But when Obama and the Democrats refuse to compromise — refuse to even negotiate — they are people of principle and heroes.

Sources said the White House believes GOP divisions, and polls showing more people would blame Republicans in Congress for a shutdown, mean Obama — who has been blamed for giving in too much in previous bargaining sessions — won’t have to give an inch.

In other words, all of this is being done for political advantage. (Even a measly 6% political advantage.) It has nothing to do with the best interests of the country. And, after all, it really is Obama and the Democrats who are precipitating this tragedy.

White House officials were even more emboldened by support from Senate Republicans, including Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who said publicly that she disagreed with the House Republican strategy of linking the Affordable Care Act with “the continuing functioning of government.”

The always dependable Susan Collins.

Some Republicans in the House on Monday also expressed public support for moving a clean funding measure, something the White House will see as giving it more leverage.

Notice that these Republicans are anonymous. In fact, The Hill probably made them up. At least we hope they did.

Those close to the White House say Republicans have backed themselves into a corner with few options remaining.

“This is truly [Speaker] John Boehner’s worst nightmare,” one former senior administration official said. “This is Republican on Republican violence right now. This has absolutely nothing to do with Democrats or the president. So all Obama has to do now is sit back.” …

And never mind that it has everything to do with the Democrats refusing to compromise.

Lest we forget, every single one of the previous 17 government shutdowns have been settled by the two sides compromising. And all but two of the 17 shutdowns were forced by the Democrats in the first place. Since they controlled the House and thereby spending up until 1995.

“The president could go to the Capitol and give the speech of his life on why we shouldn’t shut down the government. But you have this Tea Party base that will never be placated, and they’re itching for a fight. But I have news for them: They won’t win it,” the official said…

(The official is probably David Axelrod.) Once again, notice how all of this is about trying to destroy the Tea Party. Which is clearly what Obama and the Democrats fear the most.

Another former administration official added, “The question isn’t, should he negotiate. It’s who does he negotiate with. Who up there is actually empowered to cut a deal. It’s not clear. They can’t make up their minds amongst themselves, so who can he negotiate with to reach a deal that sticks?” …

BS. Obama has Boehner or anyone he should decide to call to negotiate with. It’s their side that is refusing to negotiate.

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer backed that sentiment in an interview on CNN.

“What the Republicans want is to extract some ideological concession in order to save face for the Tea Party that funds the government for two months,” Pfeiffer said. “What happens two months from now? What are they going to want then? Full repeal of ObamaCare? Overturn of Roe v. Wade? An installment of [Mitt] Romney as president? At some point, we have to bring this cycle of hostage taking and brinksmanship to an end.” …

Again, with the Tea Party. They couldn’t be more obvious.

In the lead-up to the shutdown, Obama sent strong signals that he felt he was on the right side of the fight. On Saturday, with the House in session and voting on legislation to avoid the shutdown, the president played a round of golf…

And the media cheered. But, just as a thought experiment, imagine if the parties were reversed and if George Bush had played golf in the middle of such a crisis.

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5 Responses to “News Media Cheers Obama ‘Not Giving An Inch’”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    The solely Democrat Affordable Care Act should be linked to the continuing functioning of government. Obama’s Law cedes control of a huge portion of our lives to a centralized government administered by Leftist thugs.

  2. captstubby says:

    In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected overwhelmingly on a campaign promising a New Deal for the American people.


    in 2008 Obama was elected on a campaign promising a No Deal for the American people.


    “Yes We Can.”

    “I Won.”

  3. GetBackJack says:

    There are men in a federal prison who will give him an inch. If we can just Impeach him.

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