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News Media Fearmonger Gov’t Shutdown

Just a brief sampling of some of the current headlines about the possible government non-shutdown shutdown, via Google News:

A look at how a shutdown would affect Americans – Associated Press

Workers brace for effect of government shutdown – Associated Press

Military families worry about looming shutdown – Associated Press

Will Members of Congress Get Paid in a Shutdown? – New York Times

[Indian] Tribes face struggles with federal shutdown – Associated Press

What a government shutdown means to you – The Atlantic

Govt. Shutdown Could Impact Local Weekend Events | NBC Washington

Govt. shutdown, park closures would deliver economic blow to Utah – ABC 4.com – Salt Lake City, Utah News

Federal government shutdown to cost Dayton $100M per week | Dayton Business Journal

[Iran’s] PressTV‘US govt. shutdown to halt troop pay’

ThinkProgress » 11 Ways The Tea Party-Inspired Shutdown Will Hurt The Economy

Government shutdown could hurt housing

13 ways a government shutdown could hurt you– MSN Money

FayObserver.com – Government shutdown will hurt Cape Fear region

Government Shutdown Could Hurt Small Business – In Charge – WSJ

Government shutdown will hurt Michigan’s children, tourism spending – Yahoo! News

Government Shutdown Could Hurt Thousands – Des Moines News Story – KCCI Des Moines

Why a government shutdown would hurt blacks more than most

Government Shutdown: 13 Ways It Can Hurt You

GuelphMercury – U.S. government shutdown could hurt recovery

Does a U.S. government shutdown really hurt American foreign policy? | Daniel W. Drezner

Report: Shutdown would hurt military families – Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Navy Times

Government Shutdown Could Hurt Real Estate – Video – WGAL The Susquehanna Valley

Government Shutdown Would Delay Tax Refunds for Some — but Due Date Still April 18 – ABC News

Government shutdown could hurt Wright-Patt employees, contractors | Business First

Ramsey County concerned government shutdown may hurt area – Devils Lake, North Dakota – Devil’s Lake Journal

Government Shutdown – Who Does It Hurt? You! – Learn More at GovWin

8 Ways a Government Shutdown Will Hurt Women: Ms Magazine Blog

But we have saved the most dire warning for last:

A Government Shutdown Will Hurt Obama’s Re-Election Campaign – Technorati Politics

Of course what the news media truly fears is that we aren’t going to notice the government shutdown at all. Or, worse yet, that we might actually like it.

After all, as even the Associated Press has acknowledged, there were ten government shut downs under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. The average length of the four shutdowns under Carter was eleven days. — And nobody noticed any of them.

But, mercifully, there is some good news to keep us from jumping off any ledges:

Government shutdown won’t stop health law implementation – J. Lester Feder – POLITICO.com

Don’t you feel better now?

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, April 8th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

31 Responses to “News Media Fearmonger Gov’t Shutdown”

  1. proreason says:

    Let’s hope this one is permanent

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Yahoo “news” has really been the defense lawyers for Obama and the shut down.

    They went absolutely BONKERS about the Trump-Vieira-birth certificate issue because:

    One, carrying water for Obama, instead of just reporting the interview, and 2, steaming mad at Vieira because she didn’t adaquetely defend Obama! Trump walked all over her!


    • proreason says:

      “Trump walked all over her!”

      the Donald is providing a priceless service, whether he chooses to run or not.

      Rush is all over this. See his website for what he said yesterday.

      He is showing the other candidates how to handle the MBM criminal morons. If they are interviewing him, HE has the microphone and he isn’t going to take any shit from them.

      Interestingly, the rest of conservative media is basically ignoring the Donald, as predicted.

      At the moment, I rate him the most likely Republican nominee. Not a shoe-in by any means, but he has come in like a bolt of lightening, and his approach is going to appeal to a LOT of people, whether or not conservative theorists like Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, NRO, et al ignore him or not. He has already demonstrated he doesn’t need any media support to get his message out.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Actually, I think The Donald must be an illegal alien. He’s doing the work that Americans just won’t do.

    • Mithrandir says:

      I agree with you pro. I am tired of Republicans (John McCain / Colin Powell) playing the calm, logical straightman, to the Democrats, childish protesting, ranting-raving, HOPING the undecided couch potatoes of this world are smart enough to see the difference, and vote Republican.

      The heck with that! Pound the ball, right up the gut, and take it right straight at ’em. They say something stupid, YOU CALL THEM OUT ON IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE. You don’t act like a wimp thinking that the American population picked up on the gaffaw. Trump jumps on it and embarasses them right on the spot.

      I would vote for him….no problem. Tired of the calm, smart intellectual Republican nobody will vote for!

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Government shutdown won’t stop health law implementation.”

    Now there’s a shock!

    Thank you Steve, exceptional work as always.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    As I understand it now, the Senate has the votes to pass the defense funding bill at least through the duration of a shutdown (but I guess even that depends on if Reid will bring it to the floor).


    Regardless if so then Boehner has political leverage to hold the line for the full cuts. I hope he’s just giving Reid and Obama the maximum time without ‘distractions’ to fold, before firing the bills through Congress and putting max pressure on the Won.

  5. David says:

    While I am not personally suffering in the situation myself, it is unfortunate that military pay is getting tied up in this. While I agree that the cuts need to be made they do not need to be tied to the servicemen’s pay. Pay our troops and we can figure out the rest. Boehner can still play hardball with all the other cush federal jobs, but a short term(few months) bill with nothing but an assurance of military should have been passed a week ago!

    • David says:

      Never mind, deal stuck as I wrote that.
      But seriously, Obama actually said “it was for the children”.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    “Why a government shutdown would hurt blacks more than most”

    Why am I not surprised that this showed up in the list of horror links?
    Sharpton, Jackson, Farra’con’, Wright and like ilk see this and will get 100 miles of traction. It’s almost like chumming the waters for sharks, no?

  7. proreason says:

    Fire Boehner.

    I would say to fire every single one who votes for “the deal”, except that the most important thing, by far, is to get rid of the boy king in 2012, and a 3rd party now will create chaos.

    Fire all the rest who vote for “the deal” in 2014.

    • tranquil.night says:


      This deal can’t be described on any other terms than a cave, given the leverage. We had them down against the corner and he just gave them the hand up. You are unworthy of our gift to wield that gavel, and we want it in the hands of someone who can carry it properly.

      Tank it. Pass the troop funding bill and reject the deal, Freshmen. We don’t even want to hear the ridiculous talking point about the ‘change in conversation,’ it is so pathetic and infuriating. The conversation changed November 2, 2010, not because of anything Washington did, and NOTHING of substance yet has been done that demonstrates they’ve received that message, except a theoretical Ryan budget that doesn’t have the chance of seeing daylight at this rate. You can swoon the spineless Republican Ruling Class beltway establishment with the spin all you want, but sooner than later you are going to find out how insignificant your little cocktail club is.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Geez, they are really laying it on thick. ‘Boehner used his right flank to gain leverage and reshape the debate.’ You MORONS! It was literally the Tea Party who has been screaming at Boehner for months and two CRs to grab his pair and properly frame this debate as something more than chump change. He caved early on the 105 bill in TWMBR appropriations and set HR1 as the threshold, not a baseline. Then he gave up control of the shutdown narrative as fast as the Won told Qadaffy that he wasn’t going to use troops to get the job done, only to be boxed in over time because of it.

      And in the end, our leadership did exactly what we expected, exactly what Obama does and is doing too at this very moment. They cut a deal that benefits THEM at the expense of the people who pay for all of it.

      Not one damn thing has changed in Washington.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I am disappointed and maybe even a little saddened by this, but not surprised.

      However, it may not be as bad as all that: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/04/the_gop_did_just_fine.html

      It’s very possible that it will result in Seante debate and vote on two key issues in the US; 1) Obamacare and 2) Disassembling Planned Parenthood.

      However, Boehner must have had an incredible stick in those negotiations, because Reid and Obama agreed to put things to vote in the Senate which everyone deemed impossible just last week. That is the truly amazing part of what Boehner pulled off yesterday:

      The agreement reached with Senate Democrats guarantees a Senate debate and vote on legislation that would repeal President Obama’s government takeover of health care in its entirety. The House passed such legislation in January as part of the Pledge to America.

      The agreement with Senate Democrats guarantees a Senate debate and vote on legislation that would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

      I remain optimistic after initially being filled with dread.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Well let’s hope there’s some movement on those seperate votes, but let me just say I don’t see us breaking Reid’s iron fist over his Caucus without a real high stakes fight. See the Senate’s attempts to regulate the EPA’s power, the key issue which defined Joe Manchin’s ‘moderate’ win, which he went on.. to vote against a final cloture vote. Also in the murk of this deal, I haven’t been able to quite discover the fate of those EPA restrictions, which were supposed to be part of the discussion.

      Not gonna say much else. My papers are probably on their way informing of my eviction from Realville to the shanty outskirts of Cynicalville, following this maddeningly predictable outcome.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      And, if all else fails, the senate leader can just break his promise. Why change horses now?

    • proreason says:

      Others may disagree about the Planned Parenthood vote, but I don’t see it as any kind of a victory. All of the marxists will vote for PP and use it as a microphone to trumpet their support AND as PROOF that America is pro-abortion. If giving up such a vote had been what the rinos traded in exchange for the FULL AMOUNT of the cuts, then that part might have been marginally useful.

      The vote on Obamycare is a joke. There won’t be a single marxist peeling off. They already voted FOR IT once, why would even one hesitate for a second to vote against a repeal. It four of them do so, thus forcing it to Obamy’s desk, it will be one of the more shocking stories in decades. But even then, it won’t matter, because little lenin will veto it instantly, and with great fanfare.

      The rinos have started their diet by giving up lettuce for breakfast, after agreeing that giving up both lettuce and celery would be far too dangerous. To ease the blow about the celery, they agreed to two pre-ordained votes to continue having 5 ice cream sundaes for lunch.

      It reminds me of the Aggie who was captured with his girlfriend. The thugs drew a circle in the dirt and told the Aggie to stay put. Then they moved 20 feet away and proceded to brutally gang rape his girlfriend. When they got tired of that, the Aggie was laughing his head off. So the bangers asked the fool why he was having such a great time. “Well” he said between guffaws, “while you guys were doing something else, I stepped out of the circle TWO times!!”

      Aggie fool = John Boehner.

    • proreason says:

      Here’s another way to look at this.

      Obama added $1 Trillion in annual new spending. Now he has given up 3.8% of it.

      Some victory for conservatives, huh?

      The Republicans couldn’t even get 4/10 the paltry 10% they won office by promising. 10% should have been the last gasp fall-back position.

      It looks to me like a GIANT victory for the moron. He’s out there now bragging about it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Levin on Offense, on Cavuto, and more on how the word is that Boehner used troop funding to pressure Freshmen, as well as how the numbers in this deal are phony: http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2011/04/shameful-boehner-exploited-military-on-two-fronts-while-playing-games-with-the-numbers.html

    • proreason says:

      I caught a few minutes of Levin last night and my attitude was: let’s see how it comes out.

      Well, when I woke up and started reading about it this morning, it was shocking.

      Probably more shocking because the rinomasters are trying to spin this crap sandwich as a victory!! It’s beyond belief. Levin is right…look who’s celebrating today. The Moron, Reid, and Boehner. Brothers in contemptuous elitism.

      Like I said before, if the dominant #1 goal wasn’t to purge the Moron, I’d be suggesting purging every single Republican who votes for this piece of crap, starting with Boehner and Cantor. It’s a shameful moment that will live in infamy.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      My optimism has waned. Not because of anything anyone here has said but because it just isn’t realistic to expect the democrats to debate and vote on either funding for PP or to rescind the unaffordable hellcare act (TWMBR). As I thought this over today, it occurred to me that Boner must have “sucker” stamped on his forehead and a jar of vaseline in his pocket if he thinks the democrats promised anything they were actually going to follow through on. They simply cannot be trusted, except to do what’s best for them and drive this nation into the ditch of socialism.

      So my hopes that this vote on the budget, which amounts to little more than taking care of one day’s interest on the national debt, are back to gloom. Not doom. Not yet…but not far from it, either. Boner got scared of the shutdown, thinking that it would’ve been a negative reflection on him, personally, rather than thinking like a leader and knowing what needed to be done. Elitist is right. Might as well break out the brandy snifters, the $200 cigars and the smoking jackets and chat about the polo ponies. He pats himself on the back, the people suffer.

      Boner gets an “F” on this.

    • Mithrandir says:

      NOW you are all beginning to realize that government is on the same team. They may steer the car a little bit left or right once in a while, but government is still the driver, and they are still going straight.

      All of our totally broken and impossibly corrupt institutions will continue to be the same for many years, until people just give up, and let them crumble.

      You think there will ever be term limits? With these people? The longest serving are 1. Democrats, 2. Lawyers. They won’t give up their cushy jobs ever.

      Prison system? You think the present day gulag will be reformed? –Ha! How many cases have been dropped because people were afraid they would wind up in the gulag after speding millions to the trial lawyers?

      Independence from oil? HA! And lose all the taxes from car sales, parts, gas,driver’s licenses, registration, moving/parking violations, perpetual employment for police/courts/probation system, unions fixing roads every single summer, taxes from all the food and drinks from gas stations, oil-battery-tire changing stations? –You are out of your mind if you think the gov’t will give all that up. They can get points for global warming / pollution, AND STILL keep cars on the road, and the taxes rolling in.

      Nothing will be reformed until the American people figure out this system is a shell-game that punishes them forever. When will people get sick of the drama of politics? You are slaves under the same fiefdoms as it was 500 years ago.

  8. Tater Salad says:

    We do NOT trust the Democrats to do the morally right thing if the Federal government can not reach an agreement on the budget. Please sign the petition.


  9. Mithrandir says:

    I SUPPORT A SHUTDOWN even at a high price because paying these people TO DO NOTHING is far better than the daily mischief-making they do, and never ending passage of laws WE DON’T NEED!

    The worst thing about a shutdown, is that government won’t be able to play with YOUR money for a while, or pass more laws to control you. DON’T WORRY! The people most put-out by a shutdown are your power-hungry puppet masters.

    The rest of us would relish a vacation from government for a while. Government is under the false impression that we actual like and need them up our butts all day every day micromanaging us. —not true.

  10. proreason says:

    After a full day of reading the reports, the dominant story-line is that Boner won a great victory for slashing the budget less than the national debt increased in the preceding week. The Ruling Class is giving itself a great big pat on the back for their brave and heroic efforts.

    What a joke. They really do think we are idiots.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      From what I’ve read, John the Limp got nothing but what Harry the Gimp gave him. All this talk about the real fight in May? Bullshiite posturing……styling and profiling……we lost the battle before it started.
      In French ……. does Bohner translate to “I surrender” or “Oops, I pooped my pants” ?

    • tranquil.night says:

      It continues to be disappointing how many typically thoughtful conservatives are falling for the trap that something real was accomplished in this deal, and sadly if you don’t have all the facts to put into context it’s easy to want to bite the bullet and just shrug this off and look forward.

      But let’s get something straight – forcing the Liberal Democrats to legtislatively and Washington more broadly to accept the “conversation change” that should’ve been realized from Day 1 of the 112th Congress isn’t some grand victory; it can hardly be regarded as an incredibly late and barely minimal first step. In fact, conceding to such marginal (and suspectively fraudulent) cuts very well might have moved us backwards a degree, since it’s given the parasites the political incentive to resist the more drastic, ‘radical,’ debates, as Stacy McCain explains:

      “Ask yourself: Why is Harry Reid talking about how “historic” this deal is? Why are liberals moaning about this measly 1/30th reduction of the deficit as if it were a draconian slash-and-burn?

      Answer: By giving people the idea that this deal imposes drastic cuts, Democrats will make it easier to justify resisting more serious deficit-reduction measures later.


      The White House is already capitalizing on it, Plouffe’s out there with a big turd-eating grin flappin’ the jowels about how the President will soon be rolling out his own budget ideas for the coming debate, heh heh!

      That’s the reality of what’s to come: the RINO leadership has once again willingly ceded leadership over the margins of the real task facing the country. In other words, whatever the conversation changed to, it’s about to change again. And a big consequence is that the Ryan plan gets politically scrambled before the poor little fellar had the chance to wholly see the light of day. And the more I look back, chances were Boehner just let him (‘out of the dungeon’ I said originally) put it out there to rile up the Libs a little and appease us rubes long enough whilst they wrapped up this latest scam, er, compromise.

  11. Petronius says:

    S&P and Moody’s have been warning for months about the possibility of a cut in the US debt rating.

    Over the past six months the US dollar has been the worst performing currency on the world stage. The dollar has fallen abruptly in the past month. It is going to fall a lot more.

    At the recent G20 summit in Nanjing, French President Sarkozy called for an agenda, the effect of which would be to internationalize the world monetary system away from the US dollar. Although there have been several calls in the last two years to abandon the US dollar as the global reserve currency, this is the first time, as far as I know, that such a call has been issued by a foreign head of state.


    The point here is that the United States government is going to find itself constrained by international economic forces to put its financial house in order.

    All of the media fearmongering about a government shutdown, about closing Yellowstone Park, about paychecks for the troops, about what a shutdown means for Indian tribes or blacks, about White House budget negotiations behind-closed-doors, about who won and who lost, about who got what, all the endless talk about compromise, agreement, Tea Party extremism, bipartisan action, Republicans killing women, raising the debt ceiling, blah, blah, blah — all of that useless hype has ignored the underlying economic realities.

    Fiscal discipline will eventually be imposed. The only question is whether we have the political will to do it ourselves, in an orderly, structured way that involves some immediate pain, but which allows us to be the masters of our own destiny? Or whether it will be abruptly imposed upon us by powerful international market forces, in a manner that results in economic misery and social and political upheaval? And how much time we have left to make this choice?

    By now it is clear to most S&L readers that American politicians lack the political unity, sense, and will to put their own financial house in order. It is unlikely that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, with their silly demands for fiscal and monetary restraint and Constitutional government, will be swept into office in the 2012 election. (And even if they were, would that be too late?)

    Therefore, we should probably start thinking about the alternative –– the ways in which fiscal discipline might be imposed on America by the international markets, and what the ramifications for us are going to be.

    World market forces may impose balance on the USA following some precipitating event — a shock to the US dollar or to US creditworthiness. A few scenarios suggest themselves :

    • a further rise in global monetary inflation, fueled by lax US fiscal and monetary policies.

    • the 10-year US Treasury bond begins to lose its status as a risk-free asset; suddenly investors come to regard it as mere paper.

    • debt rating agencies downgrade the AAA rating on US government bonds.

    • the interest rate on US public debt jumps higher.

    • commodity prices jump.

    • Japan begins to sell its portfolio of US government bonds to raise money for rebuilding.

    • international investors retreat from US dollar-denominated bonds.

    • George Soros (while shorting the US dollar) says in an interview with CNN that the dollar is collapsing and that Republicans are to blame.

    • abandonment of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

    • the Saudis or OPEC halt oil trades in US dollars.

    • China publicly announces that it will no longer invest in US government bonds unless the Americans restructure their entitlements and public debt.

    • QE3: the Fed, as lender of last resort, issues another trillion dollars to buy more US debt.

    What would be the ramifications of such events? That is difficult to predict, but — at the risk of being accused of fearmongering — all of the following are within the realm of possibility following a loss of confidence in US government solvency :

    Paper assets of all kinds suddenly become worthless. A bond market crash. A stock market crash. Suspension of trading on the stock exchanges. Government closing of the US stock markets. High inflation. Stagflation. Small businesses close. Unemployment. Shortages. Gasoline lines. Street demonstrations. Panic buying of groceries, bottled water, guns and ammo. Soaring gold and silver prices. Looting and violence in the streets. Calling out the National Guard. Martial law. Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug gangs run unchecked. Tea Party extremists are made scapegoats. Collapse of the US economic and political system. Complete shut-down of US government services and entitlement payments. The US disappears as a force for good in the world.

    Yes, fiscal balance will eventually be restored, one way or the other.

    • proreason says:

      I’d say it’s 99% certain that the rational libs (a very small number. Bernacke might qualify. It’s hard to name another), are depending on inflation to be the magic bullet.

      That’s probably why little lenin keeps Bernacke around. Not because the marxists think it’s a good idea, but because they know inflation has a good chance to be the final nail in the coffin.

      They need Bernacke to pound the nail

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The Most Predictable Financial Calamity in History”

      And here you have all these Washington and New York establishment Republican pundits sitting around the table, scratching their heads, commenting as detached observers, hovering in the sky as witnesses to the trials of mere mortals; “Gee, these Tea Party people are really serious about something! Hmmmm, let’s ‘intellectually’ explore this for many months.”

      Beta-Male, meet my belt-buckle.

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