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News Media Want To ‘Chris Christie’ Scott Walker

From the Washington Post:

Scott Walker, eyeing 2016, faces fallout from probes as ex-aide’s e-mails are released

By Rosalind S. Helderman | February 18, 2014

MILWAUKEE — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has had his eye on a 2016 presidential run since his battles with labor unions made him a Republican star, is dealing with the fallout of two criminal investigations at home that could complicate his move to the national stage.

Obliviously, the part about Walker having his eye on a 2016 presidential run is the crucial factor here. Or is it just a coincidence that Bob McConnell and Chris Christie, who were also eyeing a Presidential run have also been hit with ‘scandals’?

One is ongoing, and although the other is closed and found no wrongdoing by Walker, it has the potential to embarrass him.

Naturally, the absence of any wrongdoing is never enough to clear a Republican.

Newly released documents offer new clarity and prompt fresh questions about the extent to which the Wisconsin governor encouraged interaction between his 2010 campaign and his official aides…

There is nothing new about these documents. The prosecutors have had them for more than three years. And they couldn’t find anything in them to charge Walker over.

But they are being trotted out now to try to ‘Chris Christie’ Scott Walker. That is, to destroy his reputation before he even thinks of running in 2016.

The investigation focused on Walker’s time as Milwaukee county executive in the run-up to his 2010 election as governor and led to the convictions of six former aides and allies, including criminal convictions of two aides for performing political business on county time.

Prosecutors have said Walker was never a target, and he was not charged. Walker said Wednesday that the new disclosures revealed nothing beyond what authorities already had reviewed, and he predicted that Democrats would exaggerate their importance…

Walker has characterized the activities as wayward behavior of low-level aides.

But with Republicans there are no such things as ‘low level employees.’ Republicans have their tentacles everywhere. They control everything. (Cf. Chris Christie.)

But compare and contrast that with Obama. Who never knows anything about anything his aides do. At the IRS or HHS or NSA or the State Department or anywhere. 

But the e-mails show that he knew county officials were working closely with campaign officials. Walker, for instance, directed his county staff members and campaign aides to hold a daily conference call to coordinate strategy, the documents show…

Really? So why didn’t the prosecutors charge him? (Hint: there is no there there.)

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