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‘Newt Romney’ Leads Obama In Swing States

From a tight lipped USA Today:

Resurgent Republicans close gap in key states

By Susan Page, USA TODAY
December 13, 2011

WASHINGTON – President Obama is moving to energize the Democratic base for his re-election campaign, but in the case of a dozen battleground states, he’ll have to work harder than four years ago to find it.

Since the heady days of 2008, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Swing States Poll finds the number of voters who identify themselves as Democratic or Democratic-leaning in these key states has eroded, down by 4 percentage points, while the ranks of Republicans have climbed by 5 points.

Republican voters also are more attentive to the campaign, more enthusiastic about the election and more convinced that the outcome matters

In 2008, when Obama carried the swing states by 8 percentage points, Democrats there swamped Republicans in party identification by 11 points. Now, that partisan edge has tightened to a statistically insignificant 2 points.

And the "enthusiasm gap" that helped fuel a Democratic victory last time has turned into a Republican asset. Sixty-one percent of Republicans say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president next year, compared with 47% of Democrats

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, disputes the idea that Democrats are at a disadvantage. "It’s not what we’re seeing on the ground," he said in an interview. "We have built a really good ground operation. We’ve spent the last year building the infrastructure for a ground operation to turn out our votes, and the Republicans just haven’t." …

That’s because the Republicans haven’t had trillions of dollars in stimulus money and union dues to buy foot soldiers.

In swing states, Obama trails former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney among registered voters by 5 points, 43% vs. 48%, and former House speaker Newt Gingrich by 3, 45% vs. 48%.

Notice how USA Today waited until the 14th paragraph of this  52 paragraph article to give us this rather astonishing news.

And here is another buried gem:

The decline in the number of voters who identify themselves as Democrats — and the rise in those who call themselves independents — complicates the president’s re-election strategy.

In the swing states, the number of self-identified Democrats (not including those who lean Democratic) fell from 35% to 30% since 2008. The number of independents rose 7 points, 35% to 42%

So the conservatism of the GOP field does not seem to be scaring away Democrat cross-overs and Independents, after all.

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8 Responses to “‘Newt Romney’ Leads Obama In Swing States”

  1. River0 says:

    We are winning the argument and building a new base for the restoration of America – among those who aren’t still asleep. How much more destruction will be required for them to wake up? Only God knows.

  2. Kytross says:

    SInce when is Mass a swing state? I thought it was as blue as a Kennedy’s blood.

    Oh wait, Obama’s been president. Well, c’est la guerre!

  3. tranquil.night says:

    The most important thing I take away from this is really that virtually any of the candidates might easily be within striking distance should they get the nomination. The implosion of the Democrat coalition in 2010 are having broad and lasting electoral consequences leading up to this election.

    That should help the cause of the dark horses.

    And it really is starting to look like death by a thousand cuts for Newt, coming from all sides, but a lot of them self-inflicted over the years too.

    Speaking personally with the voter/activist cap on, not the analyst, he’s said and done some incredibly flat out wrong, not Conservative things. Putting it mildly.

    Got the debate this Thursday which should kick it up another gear. Can’t predict how it’s going to turn now. More and more I’m thinking all bets might be off.

    Reminds me of a song by a local band:


    I made my mistakes.
    I seen my heart cave in.
    I got my scars.
    I been to hell and back again.

    Born for the blue skies,
    We’ll survive the rain.
    Born for the sunrise,
    We’ll survive the pain.

    We’re singing…
    Hey, you can’t count us out!!
    We’ve been running up against the crowd
    Yeah, we are the dark horses.
    We’re singing…
    Wait! It’s not over now.
    We’ve been down but we’ve never been out!
    Yeah, we are the dark horses.

    – Switchfoot, 2011

  4. P. Aaron says:

    My son turns 18 in time to vote against Obama. It’s a beautiful thing!

  5. chainsaw says:

    So, Mitt leads Newt. Wonder how long before the fascist media attacks Mitt.

    • proreason says:

      They won’t attack him until he gets the nomination.

      If they wanted to run against Newt, they would be attacking Romney now instead of Newt.

      Of course, most of the attacks against Newt are from our very own republican Ruling Class. Newt isn’t a member of the club. He never has been.

    • chainsaw says:

      Looks like someone release the attack dogs prematurely. Here’s Ticklemeleg giving an apology for accusing Mitt of using a KKK recruitment slogan.

      “During the 11AM hour on MSNBC, we reported on a blog item that compared a phrase used by the Romney campaign to one used by the KKK in the 1920s,” Chris Matthews said on Wednesday. “It was irresponsible and incendiary of us to do this and showed an appalling lack of judgment. We apologize, we really do, to the Romney campaign.”


    • proreason says:

      Interesting. Would they have issued an apology for anything said about Gingrich or Cain?

      It’s evidence for my point that they want Romney to be the nominee (which I don’t have a big problem with, I just prefer Newt).

      Rush said today that the republican ruling elite hates Newt because he’s conservative. That surprises me a bit, because the drumbeat from others is that he isn’t.

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