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NHS To Cut Tens Of 1,000s Of Bureaucrats

From the UK Telegraph:

Biggest revolution in the NHS for 60 years

Doctors are to be given sole responsibility for overseeing front-line care to patients under Coalition plans described as the biggest revolution in the NHS since its foundation 60 years ago.

By Andrew Porter, Political Editor
09 Jul 2010

About £80billion [$121 billion] will be distributed to family GPs in a move that will see strategic health authorities and primary care trusts scrapped.

The plan, contained in a white paper to be published next week, is designed to place key decisions about how patients are cared for in the hands of doctors who know them.

What a revolutionary concept! For the record, “primary care trusts” are more or less what we call ‘community health centers.’

Tens of thousands of administrative jobs in the health service will be lost as a result.

At present, funds are given by the Government to primary care trusts, which pay for patients from their area to be treated in hospital.

Under these plans, GPs — who are currently not responsible for paying for hospital referrals — would receive the money instead and pay the hospitals directly.

The change will be compulsory.

The Coalition hopes the new system will be less bureaucratic and give doctors and patients more control over treatment. GPs will also have to organise out-of-hours services, which may see family doctors offering 24-hour care once again

Meanwhile, on our side of the pond we are moving in precisely the opposite direction. Why is that?

The acting chief executive of the NHS Confederation, Nigel Edwards, warned this morning that the changes will be difficult to implement: "In transition to this new system there are some quite significant risks," he said

The NHS Confederation is the ‘representative’ for these ‘primary care trusts.’

The loss of jobs, which The Daily Telegraph has been told will run into tens of thousands, is also likely to lead to outcry from public sector trade unions. Ministers are already braced for industrial action over plans for severe cuts in the Whitehall workforce

And by “industrial action” they mean ‘strikes.’ But surely these unions do anything that could hurt the sick people they are so dedicated to serve.

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5 Responses to “NHS To Cut Tens Of 1,000s Of Bureaucrats”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    They (the wastes of space) can’t allow themselves to be proven redundant. They will riot like the thugs in Oakland.
    We could save so much money by eliminating bureaucrats in our government and overturning decades of administrative regulations.

  2. proreason says:

    My advice to bureaucrats in this country is to start living on 50% of what you are living on today, and upgrade your skills to levels that might be attractive to private businesses.

    A civil war is brewing…..the war between citizens who build things and the regulator class.

    We might not win, but we are sure going to give it go.

    • Right of the People says:

      We might not win but I’m willing to take as many of them with me as I can.

  3. Chuckk says:

    You mean a government agency has thousands of superfluous bureaucrats? How did that happen?

  4. jobeth says:

    Well, glory be!

    At least we can put to rest the worry about where we can go now for health care after Obalmy destroys our health care system!

    I’m beginning to fell like a salmon…always going against the flow. Read that common sense.

    Why would Obalmy try to implement so many proposals that will be sure to plunge our country into the pits of poverty along with a proven health care system that is sure to fail its patients?

    He’s either stupid or evil and is doing it with deliberation.

    I’ve said this for well over a year now. Obalmy and crowd know exactly what they are doing. They are doing everything possible to destroy this country.

    There is nothing stupid about this administration. They simply all hate this country. They are evil.

    And it does my heart good now to hear even Rush is saying it. We need to call a spade a spade and a lie a lie…not ‘misspeak”. Thank God for Rush and those strong conservatives who won’t shut up and take it.

    Why some of those talking heads, even on Fox and talk radio still give him credit for being “wrong headed” and/or mistaken, is beyond me

    Ironic though just when we have an idiot leader who wants to lead us down a miserable road traveled by Europe, the Europeans are now leading their citizens down a more lucrative path that the US has been traveling.

    Obalmy is EVIL. Pure and simple.

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