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NIH Spends $100K To Teach Condom Negotiation

From the Washington Examiner:

Feds: $100,000 to teach teen girls ‘condom negotiation’

By Paul Bedard | November 29, 2012

The administration is funding a $100,000 study of pregnant and "at-risk" 14-17-year-old girls on probation in Houston, Texas, to determine ways to help them choose safer lifestyles and avoid pregnancy, including better "condom negotiation" tactics.

The National Institutes of Health, part of the Health and Human Services Department, is providing a University of Houston researcher the money because of the lack of study of female teen juveniles in trouble with the law.

Remember, NIH is probably the most sacred of the sacred cows when it comes to federal spending. Not a penny of their funding can be cut, or they won’t be able to cure cancer.

The school said the study, "Choices – Teen: A Bundled Risk Reduction Intervention for Juvenile Justice Females," will include 30 at-risk girls, ages 14-17, on intensive probation with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

The goal, said the school, is to determine if intervention programs will help the kids make better life decisions.

According to Danielle Parish, the assistant professor at the school’s Graduate College of Social Work who is conducting the NIH-funded effort, one of the big problems young girls need to learn is how to talk their boyfriends into using condoms.

Remember, we are talking about girls who are as young as 14.

According to the school’s release, "Parrish notes one of the big issues for this population of adolescent girls is condom negotiation. They may have a boyfriend who says it isn’t ‘cool’ to use a condom. To prepare the girls for these types of situations, the counselors and pediatricians will teach them how to negotiate condom use with their partner. The intervention also helps empower and motivate girls to make healthier choices regarding their alcohol use, smoking and prevention of unplanned pregnancy."

It seems to me that these girls have quite a bit of leverage. But we suppose that doesn’t occur to them.

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2 Responses to “NIH Spends $100K To Teach Condom Negotiation”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Except for the Karma involved and the wages of sin applied to your account, it must be lovely to be able to raid the US Treasury at will.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Use that money to sterilize the whole lot of them. They do not need to be breeding if they’re 15, on probation, and can’t figure out how to get a boyfriend to wear a condom. I’ll even support Planned Parenthood if it stops providing abortions and starts performing sterilizations.

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