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Congresswomen Want Coulter Book Banned

From the DNC press release outlet, PoliticsNJ.com:

I hope New Jerseyians realize they are represented by people who are pig-ignorant of the US Constitution. And grammar:

Hate-filled Attacks on NJ 9-11 Widows Has No Place on NJ Bookshelves

By the way, according to Wikipedia:

Quigley serves on the Assembly’s Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee (as Chair), the Budget Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee.

So the "Jersey Girls" have their hands way up her ample backside.

I wonder if she agrees with the "Jersey Girls" and their mentor Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Al Qaeda) that "Bush knew"? And if not, did Ms Quigley ever upbraid the "Jersey Girls" for their vicious slander of our twice elected President?

And did the chair of New Jersey’s Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee express this sort of outrage when New Jersey’s Governor James McGreevey put his boy toy (and foreign national), Golan Cipel, in charge of NJ’s Homeland Security?

Of course not. And neither did the "Jersey Girls."

McGreevey is a Democrat.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, June 11th, 2006. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “Congresswomen Want Coulter Book Banned”

  1. GL0120 says:

    Once again, Ann tells it the way it is; exactly the way the libs don’t want it heard.
    These women have been going around trading on their tragedy to promote their cause. They never once stopped to consider that they’d vaulted over the line separating good taste from absolute tackiness and they’re not about to let anyone remind them of it!

  2. JohnMG says:

    I want these “congresswomen” banned! And muzzled! And censored!

    (And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they had their upper lips ‘waxed’, too.)

  3. VMAN says:

    The picture is absolutely appropriate. Once again the nutso libs accuse conservatives of being exactly what they themselves are. The left is the only place these days that I hear about censorship, silencing free speech, banning books or even burning books.

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