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NJ Town Files Lawsuit Against Imam Rauf

From New Jersey’s Star-Ledger:

N.J. town files lawsuit against imam behind controversial mosque near Ground Zero

Monday, September 13, 2010,

UNION CITY — A lawsuit filed by Union City charges that the landlord of two apartment buildings has repeatedly failed to address complaints by tenants and orders by the city on issues ranging from moldy bathrooms to fire hazards…

The suit, filed today in state Superior Court in Jersey City, identifies Rauf as the sole officer of Sage Development LLC, a company based at his home address in North Bergen and listed as the owner of the two buildings. The suit also alleges that Sage’s corporate status was revoked by the state in March 2005, for its failure to file annual reports.

This must be an example of the ‘Islamophobia’ that Mr. Rauf likes to talk about. It sounds like Union City is a hot bed of ‘radicals.’ Don’t they realize they are dealing with a (self appointed) holy man?

The buildings occupy the same lot at 226 Central Ave., one containing 32 apartments and the other 16. The larger building has been vacant since Feb. 8, 2008, when a fire broke out there, one year after the city says it issued 12 separate fire code violations that Rauf ignored.

Rather than addressing the violations after the fire, the city says Rauf boarded up the building, barring residents from their apartments. A spokesman for Mayor Brian Stack said he could not immediately say what had become of the displaced families

Repeated calls to Rauf’s home telephone were met with a busy signal. No number was listed for Sage Development.

Late tonight, no one answered the doorbell at Rauf’s North Bergen residence.

Apart from the fire-related issues, the lawsuit says the landlord ignored dozen of complaints from tenants about various other problems in the two buildings during the past two decades.

The suit seeks to place the buildings into receivership, in which a court-appointed receiver would collect rents directly from tenants and use the money to make necessary repairs and address hazards, pay delinquent utility bills and settle fines imposed by the city.

"From 1996 to 2010, the city responded to no less than thirty complaints from tenants predicated upon various health and safety concerns, including lack of heat, mold inside apartments, garbage issues, bed bugs, foul odors, dirty hallways and the lack of utilities/heat," the lawsuit states

Maybe Mr. Rauf should get out of the ‘bridge building’ business and take up building maintenance and repair.

Of course, while there is good money in being a slumlord — thanks to our generous and corrupt state and federal government — there isn’t much glory. And the State Department doesn’t send slumlords around the world as ‘Goodwill Ambassadors.’

Or does it?

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15 Responses to “NJ Town Files Lawsuit Against Imam Rauf”

  1. ptat says:

    Thank God for shining His light on this fraud of a “holy man”. How he got this far is amazing–he should have been vilified by a responsible press from the beginning. What is it with world class phonies like Rauf, Gore, Madoff, Reid,Obama, etc. prospering so much in our society? Have we become so amazingly gullible and stupid? I guess these guys are just masters at playing the system….

    • Right of the People says:


      You said it they are experts at gaming the system. Back in the old west they would have been called snake oil salesmen. The difference being back then a number of their kind were strung up by irate citizens who were bilked and that kept them in check.

      Nowadays if anything does happen to them the worst that happens is going to a country club Club Fed facility for a few years then once they get out they get a book deal. Like PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And these hucksters know how to manipulate them.

  2. hushpuppy says:

    1) According to the koran, if anyone isn’t a moose limb, then that person isn’t worth living anyway. So if whatever tenants are infidels and the place burns down who cares. And if someone should be a moose limb and should die in a blaze, well, he’ll go to whatever hellhole passes for a moose limb paradise so again, who cares, right?

    2) Why does anyone bother to speak to Daisy Con? She never does answer any questions – just like her unholy husband.

    There are only two kinds of muslims:


    Ever wonder why muslims get jobs as delivery men (UPS, FedEx, etc) or limo/taxi drivers?

    So they can get into and out of otherwise off-limit areas without a hassle: security personnel see them as non-entities and therefore not worth watching or paying attention to.

    …and that’s why they also take jobs as baggage handlers at airports, etc.

    They are the fulminating, festering, metastatic cancers on the body of the world.

    • jobeth says:

      “Ever wonder why muslims get jobs as delivery men (UPS, FedEx, etc) or limo/taxi drivers?”

      Add all the convenience stores….with all the readily accessible gasoline at their fingertips.

      If they are so minded…they could do a lot of damage with that much fuel before anyone even knew it was being taken. Unlike if they didn’t own/run them,where it would be sure to raise eyebrows of the local authorities to “need” that much fuel.

      Another incident of ‘it’s legal…but not wise”.

      What are the chances that that many of one group of people would be that fascinated with one industry? Especially when that particular group is also fascinated with all things that go ‘boom’.

      In addition…around here…it seems another well loved interest in their circles are cell phone franchises.

      Ummmm, how would that helpful? I wonder what could be done with the innards of those little gems?

      Makes you wonder why you don’t see too many arabs in the building trades. But that might be counter productive to the grand scheme. Building up vs blowing things up…What to do”…what to do?

      Of course, if you happen to notice those little details you are being ‘islamophobic’ or racist.

      So we better make sure we don’t notice anything.

    • hushpuppy says:

      “Add all the convenience stores….with all the readily accessible gasoline at their fingertips. ”

      Oh hell. I never thought of that.

      “it seems another well loved interest in their circles are cell phone franchises. ”

      Never thought of that either.

      It just ocurred to me that our local police department hired some. Oh yippee. Another job where you can go anywhere without attracting any attention… and with firearms.

      These days it seems that if you are a visible member of some damn quota system EEOC rules, you’ll get hired before white guys with great grades, credentials, a clean background, physical strength & endurance and excellent qualifications will.

    • jimreport says:

      Jobeth said –
      “Ever wonder why muslims get jobs as delivery men (UPS, FedEx, etc) or limo/taxi drivers?”

      Add all the convenience stores….with all the readily accessible gasoline at their fingertips.

      Don’t forget they own 99.9% of all motels in the US. Or as I like to call them, “jihad safehouses” in reserve.

    • CGardner says:

      In upstate NY, Muslims own all the “quick cash” places like convenience stores and gas stations with QuikMarts. If you watch them, they don’t ring up things like coffee. They just stand there and make change out of an open register. Then, regular as rain, they run to Western Union and send the money to places that have Friday “rage-outs.”

    • hushpuppy says:

      In this one thread, I’ve learned a lot more about why they’re into the types of jobs they’re in.

      The more I learn, the more I’m ill at ease.

    • jobeth says:

      I’m really surprised they haven’t cornered the market in fertilizer distributors.

      Perhaps that’s next along with U-Haul rental franchises

  3. jobeth says:

    Noticing how most arabs live back ” at home”, those decrepit apartment buildings NJ are on the same plane as the ones in the middle east. He probably can’t see what all the hullabaloo is all about when told to clean up the infractions.

    If its good enough for allah’s ‘useful idiots’ it certainly good enough for the ‘infidels’,

    I’m quite sure he can’t be bothered to see the problem…much in the same way he can’t see the problem about the GZ mosque.

    Actually I’m sure he does see the GZ issue…and insists on bullying his way in as a hero to his ‘homeboys’ in the mother country.

  4. swee says:

    What? There are no death threats against the folks at the NJ Town hall? These are brave people indeed. Kudos to them…I pray for their eventual success in this lawsuit.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    “what had become of the displaced families…”

    Rauf – slumlord extraordinaire – has displaced the goodwill of 70% of the nation as far as I am concerned.

    Why are we paying the scum bag? I can hear it now:

    “Um, hello, this is our ideal Muslim to preach to the world about Islam in the United States. He supports Shariah law and on his moral ladder, the U.S. is worse than Al Qaeda. He likes long walks on the beach, pushing a mosque at ground zero and being a slumlord.”

    Well I commend Mr. Rauf for noticing that it is more profitable to be a victim / inside dealer / Muslim representative than to be a petty thief like most common low lives. Kudos to creativity.

    As for the slumlord bit, until every Muslim shanty town in Gaza enacts Shariah law over the entire country of Israel (that one-state solution Rauf is fond of), it doesn’t matter if an infidel dies in a fire due to non-compliance. Who cares about minor trivialities when you’re compliant to a whole other system of law?

  6. jimreport says:

    Well that proves it. New Jersey is raaaaacccciiiissstttt!!

  7. hushpuppy says:

    Beauty of reason – I came across this entry from Fox News:

    “America Exposed to ‘Stealth Jihad’ Threat, Security Report Warns

    America is “under attack” by a non-violent “stealth jihad,” a panel of national security analysts warned in a new report that claimed fundamentalists are trying to bring Islamic law known as “Shariah” to the United States.

    The report, sponsored by the Center for Security Policy and touted by a handful of conservative lawmakers on Capitol Hill Wednesday, said that the violent threat posed by Al Qaeda and other terror groups is outmatched by the threat from jihadists allegedly trying to change American society from within.

    “This form of warfare includes multi-layered cultural subversion, the co-opting of senior leaders, influence operations and propaganda and other means of insinuating Shariah into Western societies,” the study said.

    You need to read the entire article…


    …then listen to, and learn from this book:

    “Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs”


  8. Chase says:

    I second Hushpuppy’s recommendation of “Stealth Jihad.” I read it a couple of months ago and had my eyes opened to the push for accomodation on all fronts of society for Islamic ideals and customs – something that no other sub-culture or religion has demanded, or in their case, relentlessly pushed, and blindly been granted.

    On the other accomodation subject – my father-in-law traveled in his career for nearly 25 years with long stays in hotels around the country. If he entered a lobby and found it was run by SW Asians, he cancelled his reservations and took he and his crew elsewhere, even if it was a Hampton (for years his favorite) or other chain franchise. Reason – they put no money into the businesses they purchase, and within a year or two, the places are run down hovels with only a lit sign working. It’s a well-known fact they pump a good portion of their profits into their mosques, charitable foundations, and into other mechanisms for support of the dream of a Caliphate.

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