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NK Vows Nuke Response To US-SK Drills

From an approving Associated Press:

The USS George Washington aircraft carrier arrives in Busan, South Korea, July 21, 2010.

NKorea vows nuclear response to US-SKorea drills

By Eric Talmadge, Associated Press Writer

July 24, 2010

BUSAN, South Korea – A massive nuclear-powered U.S. supercarrier readied Saturday for maneuvers with ally South Korea in a potent show of force that North Korea has threatened could lead to "sacred war."

Well, at least it’s good to hear that these godless heathens consider something ‘sacred.’

The military drills, code-named "Invincible Spirit," are to run Sunday through Wednesday with about 8,000 U.S. and South Korean troops, 20 ships and submarines and 200 aircraft. The Nimitz-class USS George Washington, with several thousand sailors and dozens of fighters aboard, was deployed from Japan.

The North routinely threatens attacks whenever South Korea and the U.S. hold joint military drills, which Pyongyang sees as a rehearsal for an invasion…

Still, the North’s latest rhetoric threatening "nuclear deterrence" and "sacred war" carries extra weight following the sinking of a South Korean warship that killed 46 sailors. Seoul and Washington say a North Korean torpedo was responsible for the March sinking of the Cheonan, considered the worst military attack on the South since the 1950-53 Korean War

But of course the AP is still keeping an open mind.

North Korea, which denies any involvement in the sinking of the Cheonan warship, has warned the United States against attempting to punish it.

"The army and people of the DPRK will legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear war exercises to be staged by the U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces," North Korea’s official news agency in Pyongyang quoted an unnamed government spokesman as saying

China, a traditional North Korean ally, has voiced concerns that military drills in the Yellow Sea could inflame tensions on the Korean Peninsula and also fears exercises too close to its own shores could breach Chinese security

How dependable our Chinese friends are.

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3 Responses to “NK Vows Nuke Response To US-SK Drills”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    The war will be over before it starts if the Chi-Coms call in their loans.
    Obama will be proud. He averted us getting into a nuclear exchange.

    Mr. Empty Pockets

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “drill baby, drill”

  3. canary says:

    China launched ship drills when Obama first came into office and told China we shouldn’t have to pay them back what we borrowed.

    I wonder if N. Korea’s leader isn’t chomping at the bit, to do some grand finale before he dies. He doesn’t care about his people, once he’s gone. I also think the N. Korea nutcase figures Obama won’t do anything anyways. I can’t believe some N. Korean doesn’t off their tyrants in their sleep. Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.

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