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No Chatting, No Camel Beauty Contests

More on the Middle social scene, from the UAE’s Alarabiya.net:

Chat rooms “dens of wrongdoers”: Dubai Mufti

November 4, 2007

Don’t talk sexy on the phone, Haddad cautions women

Dubai’s mufti – or Islamic legal scholar – has ruled that chat rooms and video calls constitute ‘illicit privacy’ which could lead to sedition or fornication.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Haddad told Al-Arabiya.net that chat rooms, besides being a waste of time, encourage immoral talk which often leads to action of the same nature.

“These rooms are the dens of wrong-doers, and they give the same gratification as ‘illicit privacy.’ Islam always warns Muslims against wasting their lives on useless diversions.”

Haddad says using chat rooms for marriage purposes is “a widespread evil.” According to Haddad, prospective grooms should propose directly to a girl’s parents and meet her in the accepted family context.

Plus, if she talks to him on the Internet, she would talk to others as well. This is not the kind of wife he should want,” the Islamic scholar said.

Dubai-based newspaper Emirates Today published a fatwa by Haddad in which he rules that video calls constitute ‘illicit privacy’ as well, as they too could arouse sexual desire.

“It’s a device that brings people closer, and this undoubtedly is a sexual stimulant. If a man and a woman use it while each of them is in a private place and the woman is wearing a revealing outfit, they would desire each other.” …

Haddad counseled women not to speak in a sexy tone on the phone because this arouses men: “Imagine if it’s a video!”

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we have another blow to innocent merriment from the very same Alarabiya.net, via Memri:

Saudi Fatwa Bans Camel Beauty Contests

November 2, 2007

Members of Saudi Arabia’s Senior Clerics Association have issued a fatwa banning camel beauty contests.

The fatwa stated that the contests are prohibited because they include perversion, waste money on futility and ostentation, and are similar to games banned by the Koran.

Camel beauty contests have been held annually at this time for the past decade, and are part of Saudi tribal folklore.

It’s almost as if these Muslims clerics don’t want anybody to have any fun.

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