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No Deal From Obama/Boehner ‘Golf Summit’

From a bemused Politico:

No gimmes at ‘golf summit’

By: Glenn Thrush
June 18, 2011

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner took a mulligan [sic] when it came to competing on the links Saturday — teaming up to beat Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Notice that Mr. Obama had at least enough sense to ditch Joe Biden as a partner. Or was it ‘smokers versus non-smokers’?

The Obama-Boehner team — who are still wrangling over trillions in budget cuts and tax hikes — won $2 off Biden-Kasich in what was arguably the most anticipated golf round in U.S. political history.

Who couldn’t beat Mr. Biden – at anything? By the way, is gambling legal in Maryland?

By mutual consent, none of those involved released their scores — not that reporters weren’t trying mightily to pry them loose.

From all reports Mr. Boehner is a fairly good golfer. Whereas, Mr. Obama is probably as good at golf as he is at all of his other athletic endeavors.

And the bipartisan twosomes drained the outing of its presumed one-on-one appeal, an Obama-Boehner smackdown on the links.

We’re not sure what the above sentence means, if anything.

“The foursome had [a] great time and really enjoyed playing golf at Joint Base Andrews today,” an administration official said in a near-parody of engineered anti-climax…

“After finishing their round, the president, Speaker Boehner, the vice president and Gov. Kasich went to the patio of the clubhouse where they enjoyed a cold drink, some of the U.S. Open coverage and visited with service members.”

Aides told POLITICO that the two party leaders — the two men responsible for the fiscal fate of the free world — actually had fun. They also talked from time to time about the deficit though, as predicted, no deals were cut

Still, the good news is that Mr. Boehner may have found the secret to getting to talk to Mr. Obama. Meet him out on the links.

On the first green, Kasich — a conservative Republican whose game is roughly on par with Obama’s — missed a 30-foot putt but tapped in for par, Youngman said.

Next up, Biden — arguably the best golfer of the foursome — sunk a 15-footer to make a bogey on the par 5 first hole at Andrews.

An assessment undoubtedly from the great man himself.

Obama, wearing long pants, a white polo shirt and cap, crouched down to line up his putt before missing his 12-footer. No gimmes for the president, a stickler for the rules.

The rules of golf, that is. Mr. Obama is not such a stickler for the rule of law. Just ask Judge Vinson, for instance.

He tapped in for a par.

The speaker, wearing tan golf shorts, saddle shoes and a tucked-in blue polo, hit a good approach shot, and putted last, hitting a short putt for par. Obama patted Boehner on the back and drove the speaker around the course.

Golf Digest estimates Obama as a 17-handicapper, with Boehner and Biden between a 6 and 7 handicap. Kasich has been coy about his acumen, other than to say he’s a little rusty, given a breakneck schedule of state budget-cutting and battles with local union leaders

Which of Mr. Biden’s several handicaps do you think they are measuring?

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6 Responses to “No Deal From Obama/Boehner ‘Golf Summit’”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Have to file this in my “really don’t give a crap anymore” drawer.

    Yay, the cool kids went out to play golf. Barry is only a cool kid as long as he’s in the oval office because otherwise, he couldn’t get arrested. Boner is a cool kid because he’s a nerd that has a lot of money and is in high office. Otherwise, he too, couldn’t get arrested.

    Coupl’a losers playing golf. Wow.

    Problem is, the USA is burning to the ground but the nerds running the joint are busy arguing over comic book trivia.

    Again, wow.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I hear ya, Rusty.

      Hey look, three smug weiners walking the insurgent Conservative Governor (whose actually trying to, y’know, govern) of one of the biggest primary states around on a leash.

      *golfclap* to those optics.

    • Mithrandir says:

      I can’t agree more, GET BACK TO WORK!

      My gosh! Of all the problems politicians have made for us, then campaign on fixing those, THEN punish us for not paying enough taxes to bail them out…..get your lazy arses back to work!

      Our ‘humble servants’ will eventually slowly and calmly increase the debt limit until they can come up with a plan…..even though the debt has been a problem for decades! Where have these people been? Boehner has been in Congress how many years now? 20?

      Democrats will promise ANYTHING in exchange for the debt increase, knowing full-well the Republicans will get voted out of office, then the dems can renig on that false promise.

      Win: Democrats ….again…..

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    They could have saved taxpayers the Green Fees and had a beer summit
    right next to the Clinton Sewer sludge garden. Personally……I’d have paid money
    to see these two do a round of “Gorilla Golf” on PPV.
    Now that would be news worthy!!

  3. BigOil says:

    I’ve seen Barry’s golf swing. There is as much chance he has a 17 handicap as I have to beat Tiger Woods blindfolded.

    What this charade shows is that Boner and the Republican establishment do not understand the liberals and the peril they are placing our country in. Playing footsie on the golf course with a man dead set on destroying our way of life accomplishes what exactly?

  4. xdannyh says:

    Absolutely Unbelievable !!
    At a time when a constitutional crises of the highest magnitude, regarding the definition and pursuit of war is eclipsing all the other illegal and anti-democratic and unconstitutional policies and practices of the democrat party under the leadership of BHO, Boner is out playing golf with him. Just another Sunday outing! The Repubs must oust Boner as speaker. And the citizens must vote out all pink tied, country club rhinos.

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