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No Liberal Groups Claim ‘Unfair’ IRS Treatment

From McClatchy News:

Liberal groups say they don’t see IRS targeting their tax applications

By David Lightman | June 5, 2013

WASHINGTON — The storm over the Internal Revenue Service’s dealings with groups seeking tax-exempt status is now nearly a month old, and virtually no organizations perceived to be liberal or nonpartisan have come forward to say they were unfairly targeted since then.

Some have been rejected for special status, but groups both denied and given exemptions contacted by McClatchy said they thought the scrutiny they got was fair.

“During the Bush administration we often thought the IRS was not doing enough, so the scrutiny we got was fair,” said Liz Wally, the executive director of Clean Elections Texas. The nonpartisan group and its education fund, which promote public financing of elections, received tax-exempt status within months of applying in 2010.

When the House Ways and Means Committee heard testimony Tuesday from aggrieved organizations, all were conservative. Democrats were invited to have witnesses but declined…

IRS officials have contended that they didn’t single out conservative groups for special attention. “Organizations from all walks and all persuasions were pulled in,” then-acting Commissioner Steven Miller told a congressional hearing last month.

Right. And we believe him.

The experiences of two Texas-based groups that sought exemptions raise questions as to whether the IRS at least bent to political winds.

Progress Texas, which bills itself as “communicating progressive values,” is based in the capital city of Austin. Eleven months after it applied for tax exempt status in March 2011, it received a nine-page, 21-question letter from Lois Lerner…

Among the questions asked were whether the group, which won tax-exempt status last June, held candidate forums, the names and issues discussed and what material was provided to citizens…

[The] group wasn’t asked all the same questions that were asked of True the Vote, which has close ties to conservatives and, like Progress Texas, a mission to keep an eye out for voter irregularities. In February 2012, the IRS sought data on “all of your activity on Facebook and Twitter,” as well as detailed questions about whom the group recruits…

Most liberal or clearly nonpartisan organizations McClatchy contacted say they were subjected to scrutiny but accepted it as part of the process.

Wally, of the Clean Elections Texas group, filed applications for two kinds of requests for tax-exempt status in early 2010. One was approved in three months and required only that she fill out an application. The other took until August of that year and involved back-and-forth dialogue with IRS officials, which resulted in changes to the website.

She found the scrutiny justifiable. “We were asking for a privilege,” she said…

Gee, the Democrats who have said liberal groups were also unfairly targeted must all be liars.

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2 Responses to “No Liberal Groups Claim ‘Unfair’ IRS Treatment”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This isn’t about collecting taxes. That’s never been what the IRS is for.

    The I.R.S. Is For Control and Punishment. Doing what they were created to do.

    Their Master is Congress. CONGRESS is the problem

    It’s like punishing a pit bull trained for dog fighting for biting a man. The dog isn’t the problem. The dog is doing what it was trained to do. The man who owns the dog is the problem.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s perhaps most frustrating is the complete lack of accountability, which is a feature only of conservativism. National socialists have no apprehension about breaking the law because they don’t believe in the law, unless it suits their needs. Equal application of said law is never going to happen again under socialism.

    Our government has become completely agenda-driven. (duh) But lacking any authority to enforce standards, or to simply make a show of doing same is destruction at its finest point.

    In other words, “We’re gonna do whatever we want and to hell with you, because we’re the government NOW and there ain’t squat you can do about it”.

    And they’re right.

    The left has always been the party of complainers and whiners while the right has focus in a different direction. The left gets wrapped around the axle about anything and everything, while the rest of what’s good goes to hell in a handbasket, which is part of the machinery of their ways. While the right would work on a problem, they also prioritize and organize to good effect while the left uses crises, both real and imagined to simply distract, disable and hamstring the normal process of governance.

    In the end though, when they have total power, it can only partly function because all in government are busy trying to protect their power rather than the tasks they are assigned to as part of their jobs. So….a few have a LOT of power, a few more have SIGNIFICANT power while the other several million in government only have a LITTLE bit of power, which is still better than YOU—you prole, you untermention, you troglodyte.

    It’s schoolyard playground politics writ large.

    But it always fails. Not just sometimes but every time.

    Gotta hand it to the national socialists though, they knew how to take the US down and they’re doing it. By coopting every angry group in the country, they use them as the point of the sword and the land mines for the republicans to step on every—single—time.

    Perhaps the most discouraging thing for me is that no one in the republican party seems aware of this war (and it is a war) and even moreso, the lack of any clever conservatives to come up with ways to counter this massive offensive against the Constitution and all that’s good.

    And…..there’s no place left to go to get the hell away from these queers, dykes, racists, angry, petulant wet-diaper types who can’t move along under their own power. No, not physically handicapped people….the EMOTIONALLY handicapped and damaged jerks who are taking out their anger on people who would otherwise not even be in their field of view.

    OK….So I noticed you…and I know your goal is to punish me for some perceived injustice but the satisfaction you feel by destroying me and people like me is very shortlived and you’ll have to find another suitable target and then it’s an addiction. But you can’t see that because all the doctors in the room are as insane as you are and back you 100%.

    I wish I could just move someplace where you weren’t. But you’ve infested the entire planet. Makes me want to volunteer for that one-way mission to Mars.

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