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No Policy Shift In NK Despite ‘Nuclear Deal’

From a seemingly surprised Reuters:

No policy shift from new North Korea leader despite nuclear deal

By Benjamin Kang Lim and Brian Rhoads
March 6, 2012

BEIJING (Reuters) – North Korea’s willingness to cut a surprise deal with the United States on the future of its nuclear program does not signal any policy shift by the reclusive state’s young new leader, a source with links to both Pyongyang and Beijing said.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, also warned against applying pressure similar to sanctions on Iran to get it to jettison its nuclear ambitions, saying any perceived insincerity from Washington would quickly drive Pyongyang from the table.

The North Koreans hate insincerity. Still, if they are not going to jettison their nuclear ambitions, what are we getting in exchange for all of our food aid?

Just weeks after Kim Jong-un succeeded his father, North Korea agreed with the United States last week to suspend nuclear and long-range missile tests, uranium enrichment at a nuclear facility, and to allow nuclear inspectors back. At the same time Washington pledged to resume food aid…

And we fell for it, just like we always do.

Despite the agreement, the source told Reuters not to read too much into it. "There has been no change (in policy). The door has always been open" from Pyongyang’s perspective, he said.

North Korea has always been open to us sending them more food and aid.

The source has correctly predicted events in the past, telling Reuters about the North’s first nuclear test in 2006 before it took place

From Pyongyang’s perspective, last week’s deal was possible because it believed that the United States was the one that returned to the table willing to make concessions.

"In the past, either the United States did not trust North Korea or deliberately made North Korea an enemy. The United States straightened out its thinking this time," the source told Reuters, explaining the North Korean view

That is to say, the North Koreans are claiming that Mr. Obama caved. And who can doubt that they are probably right?

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3 Responses to “No Policy Shift In NK Despite ‘Nuclear Deal’”

  1. geronl says:

    Obama ready to surrender again. Obama ready to feed the North Korean army for a promise that will be broken in no time.

  2. Gladius et Scutum says:

    The purpose of the agreement is to provide a foreign policy “achievement” in nuclear non-proliferation for the Obama administration to wave around during the election, hopefully diverting some attention from Iran.

    It will take a few years for anyone to prove that the Democratic Progressive Republic of Korea never stopped its weapons building, and that the food aid only fed the army and elites, with the remainder sold for hard currency (as they’ve done before). If we have the same administration, we’ll never even hear about it. In the interim, I’m referming to these as the “Char Min” accords.

  3. canary says:

    The AP disses Bush’s axis of evil remarks in 2002, but leaves out

    North Korea has Obama’s 2006 words iron clad that it would make more sense to attack North Korea or Burma instead of attacking Iraq even though he knew what a butcher Saddam Hussein was.

    So, what happened when Obama was elected?

    North Korea makes a threat against the U.S. and starts firing off missiles and building Iran’s nuclear weapons.

    Obama & Hillary’s “bluffs” to North Korea didn’t work so we paid $ them off.

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