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No, The Obama-Care Website Still Isn’t Fixed

From the Washington Examiner:

No, Obamacare isn’t fixed


… On Sunday, the Department of Health and Human Services said in a report and on a conference call that it had met its goal for fixing the website. In reality, there’s no reason to believe that this is true.

HHS is claiming to have made more than 400 software fixes, raised system capacity to 50,000 simultaneous users, increased speed, reduced the error rate to less than one percent, and increased the stability of the system.

But it’s hard for outside observers to declare this a success based on this blitz of numbers, because at the start of the repair process, HHS never provided the public with specific goalposts against which the site’s progress should be judged. HHS never said, for instance, “In the next month, our goal is to complete these 400 software fixes” or “the site should only be down x percent of the time.”

In other words, we can’t say whether HHS has met its goals or not, because they never spelled out what their goals were in real numbers.

What information HHS did provide its new report isn’t very impressive if the comparison is with a typical commercial website rather than against the basket case that was healthcare.gov in October.

For instance, an HHS chart – which Zients boasted about – shows system uptime now at 95.1 percent (excluding scheduled maintenance), which compares to 42.9 percent a month ago. But, the industry standard is for websites to be available for users 99.9 percent of the time. Anything below that is considered a failure and 95.1 percent is a disaster.

A 2012 study by web monitoring firm Panopta that looked at the performance of 130 major retailers’ websites from January to August 2012 found that the lowest uptime rate was 99.34 percent.

Another study by web performance firm Pingdom that looked at retail websites during the 2011 holiday shopping season, found that nearly half of the websites (such as Amazon and eBay) were up 100 percent of the time. The lowest performing was Foot Locker, which was at 98.573 percent.

A 95.1 percent uptime means that over the course of a year, a website would be down for about 18 days. Alternatively, imagine what a disaster it would be for sales if, during the holiday shopping season, Amazon’s website were down for about a day and a half, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Another goal that the administration had offered was to make it possible for 80 percent of those intending to sign up for insurance to get through the entire application process… And once again, comparing it to the private sector, imagine if one out of every five people trying to buy airplane tickets on Orbitz could not do so…

And, lest we forget, that 80% success rate has already been ‘walked back.’

So even though there has been progress made on healthcare.gov two months after its launch, the site is still far from delivering on its original promise to make shopping online for health insurance as easy as buying plane tickets on Expedia or Orbitz. And the less visible back end problems may still create significant obstacles for those hoping to be covered in the new year."

Yes, this is all still pretty dismal when you recall that that once upon a time Obama promised buying insurance via the exchanges would be as easy as buying a kayak on Amazon, or buying airline tickets on Orbitz. But when have any of his promises ever come true?

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One Response to “No, The Obama-Care Website Still Isn’t Fixed”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Nearly 80% of my Trilogy is devoted to the theme distraction. In fact the ‘theme’ page right at the start of Vol. 3 is titled “A Man Distracted Is A Man Defeated”

    The technology mess, if there really is one … is distraction from the lit fuse of 20 megatons aimed at the Constitution and America.


    The product is the bomb. How it gets delivered is a sideshow to distract from the horror of a vampire hanging on your neck ..

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