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No Work Jobs At Ground Zero Cost $96M

From the (heavily unionized) New York Daily News:

No-work and all pay at Ground Zero as rebuilding costs up $96 million under lax union rules

By Brian Kates   
Sunday, May 8th 2011

No-work jobs in a mob-linked union could add nearly $100 million to the public cost of rebuilding Ground Zero, a new report charges.

The Real Estate Board of New York, a major developers’ group, says antiquated rules let a cadre of crane and heavy equipment workers pocket six-figure paychecks for little more than showing up.

In the next three years the no-work jobs, controlled by Locals 14 and 15 of the Operating Engineers, could add $96.2 million to the cost of World Trade Center projects, the REBNY says.

For some reason the Daily News neglects to mention that the International Union of Operating Engineers is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

The projects include the Freedom Tower, the transit hub, the 9/11 Memorial and surrounding street work.

Contractor and union sources confirmed that the eight tower cranes at the WTC site guarantee a bonanza for Local 14 operating engineers and the Local 15 specialists who fix them.

On one day in mid-March, for example, contractors said 56 of 204 Local 14 and Local 15 employees on site held no-work jobs

Many of the jobs are vestiges of an era in which the Colombo and Genovese crime families controlled Locals 14 and 15. Local 14 has been under a federal monitor since 2009.

Thankfully, Mr. Holder’s Justice Department has seen to it that those days are long over. (Chortle.)

One example is the full-time Local 14 "master mechanics" the contractor must hire whenever five pieces of heavy equipment or three tower cranes are in use.

With a $135,000 base salary, a master mechanic can make a staggering $405,000 a year with overtime that’s guaranteed by six-day, 12- to 16-hour-a-day schedules. Welfare benefits, insurance and other costs hike the annual bill to $700,000 for that one mechanic.

It’s a ridiculous requirement, REBNY says, because the manufacturer or crane owner does the repairs, not the contractor’s master mechanics.

Instead, they are glorified shop stewards, a part-time job in most unions. With three required on site a day, that should cost about $6.3 million through 2013, the board says.

It sounds like the REBNY has declared war on hardworking middle class families.

Master mechanic Carl Carrara Sr., identified as a Genovese associate, was charged in a 2003 racketeering conspiracy as the mob’s point man in a no-show scam at the Museum of Modern Art.

He and six other master mechanics pleaded guilty that year in two cases that put much of Local 14 and 15’s leadership behind bars.

What terrible stereotyping. The Daily News should be ashamed.

Local 15 demands a similar piece of the action via "maintenance engineers." They’re required on site full time when a master mechanic is there and three major pieces of equipment are operating in case any machines need fixing

Then there’s the Local 15 position of "crane oiler," a relic from the days when equipment needed frequent lubrication. An oiler is required on site when any tower crane is in use.

Today, the oiler simply fires up the crane at the start of work. With overtime, he can earn more than $100,000 a year.

Be fair. There are still palms to ‘grease.’

And there’s Local 14’s "stationary equipment operator," with one assigned to each compressor, welding machine and spray fireproofer in use. With overtime, they pull down about $110,000 a year, REBNY estimated.

A World Trade Center construction supervisor who asked not to be identified said technology has reduced the job to two simple functions: "They turn the machine on in the morning and turn it off at night," the supervisor said. "They are basically non-essential." …

How can anyone say that these jobs are "non-essential"? They vote the right way.

You know the old saying, ‘no work and all pay makes Jack a good Democrat.’

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3 Responses to “No Work Jobs At Ground Zero Cost $96M”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    My awakening to the perfidy of unions came from a Reader’s Digest article from long ago that told the story of union “featherbedding” on construction sites.
    The glaziers had to load glass onto and off of the lifts and the lift operators couldn’t touch it.
    The lift operators could operate the lifts, but the glaziers couldn’t.
    The glazier’s lunch ended when the lift operator’s lunch began.
    For two hours, no one worked if some windows were on or blocking the lift or the lift operators were at lunch.

    Unions are passe and need to be tossed into the waste bin of history.

    • untrainable says:

      My awakening was as a delivery driver. Back before online backups large companies would keep offsite backups and once or twice a year would do what was called a “disaster run”. Their backups were delivered to what’s called a “hot site” where the entire computer system of a company could be recreated at another location so that if there was a disaster that destroyed their main computer site, they could still conduct business from the hot site. One of the hot sites we used was in a union town. After driving all night to get disaster data to the hot site, I had to wait for over an hour for the “union elevator operator” to come in (and get paid overtime) to push a button on an elevator. It wasn’t even one of those tricky elevators with a crank, it had a button for each floor. When I tried to get in the elevator unescorted, I was treated as if I was trying to blow up the building or something. Security was alerted and I was watched until the union boy got there to press the button for me. It was sickening.

      Unions do nothing but promote laziness and ineptitude and take away any sense of self worth by destroying the independent spirit that is the core of what America used to be all about, and by setting mediocrity as the ultimate goal. And public sector unions are nothing more than leaches on the fabric of society.

  2. wirenut says:

    Public sector unions (the mob) and now “The Mob” bilking taxpayers. Nice. As we saw in Madison, Wisconsin. They both use the same tactics. Non-Workers Unite! Mob Rules. Sickening. You can not reason with these people, they want it all, and they want it now! Just keep paying your taxes folks, nothing to see here. Not even a rebuilt World Trade Center. How sad is this?

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