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N Korea May Be Shutting Down Nuclear Reactor

From the DNC’s Associated Press:


New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, seen here in March 2007, will lead a high-level US delegation on a landmark trip to Pyongyang after Washington announced advances that could pave the way toward North Korea dismantling its nuclear weapons arsenal.

North Korea signals atomic shut down

By BO-MI LIM, Associated Press Writer

Intelligence officials reported increased activity Tuesday around North Korea’s main nuclear reactor, indicating the country may be preparing to uphold its agreement to shut down the plant.

North Korea missed last Saturday’s deadline for shuttering the reactor because of a dispute over $25 million in North Korean deposits frozen in a bank blacklisted by Washington. The funds were allegedly linked to money laundering and counterfeiting…

North Korea promised the U.S. and four other nations in February to dismantle its nuclear programs in return for energy aid and political concessions…

North Korea’s Yongbyon reactor remained in operation Tuesday, but there was a high possibility that movement of cars and people at the site recorded in satellite photos could be linked to a shutdown, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unnamed intelligence official. The Dong-a Ilbo newspaper carried a similar report.

An official at the National Intelligence Service, South Korea’s main spy agency, told The Associated Press they were “following and analyzing some peculiar movements” around the reactor in North Korea, without elaborating. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, citing policy.

Yonhap news agency cited another unnamed intelligence official as saying that South Korea and the United States have been closely monitoring some movements since a month ago.

“The intensity of these activities has increased from about a week or two ago,” the official was quoted as saying. “There are activities other than cars and people moving busily.” …

Please note that the photo of Democrat presidential candidate Blaine Bill Richardson was included along with this AP story by Yahoo News.

Never mind that Mr. Richardson had absolutely nothing to do with negotiating this arrangement with the North Koreans. (Such as it is.)

Richardson’s much vaunted trip to North Korean involved providing photo ops at the USS Pueblo and accepting the remains of US soldiers from the Korean War.

Even the Associated Press was forced to admit it had nothing to do with negotiating with Pyongyang:

The four-day trip, which has been endorsed by the Bush administration, comes days before a crucial deadline in a recent nuclear disarmament accord. But Richardson, a Democratic candidate for president, said he had no intention of negotiating nuclear matters.

But Yahoo and the rest of our one party media are relentless in promoting their candidates.

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