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N Korea Says It Will Carry Out Nuke Bomb Test

From those haters of hegemony at France’s AFP:

North Korea says it will conduct nuclear test

by Park Chan-Kyong

North Korea has announced that it will carry out a nuclear weapons test in response to threats and sanctions from the United States, which it said was trying to topple its communist regime.

No date or time was given for the test but the announcement, which portrayed the North as under siege from a US administration pushing for nuclear war, drew immediate and strongly worded condemnation from Japan.

The statement, issued by the foreign ministry, said the nation’s atomic programme was essential in providing a deterrent to Washington — and that after developing nuclear weapons, it had to test them.

"The US extreme threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure compel the DPRK (North Korea) to conduct a nuclear test, an essential process for bolstering nuclear deterrent, as a corresponding measure," it said.

The test would be conducted under conditions where "safety is firmly guaranteed," it added in the statement, which was carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

"The Korean nation stands at the crossroads of life and death," it said. "A people without a reliable war deterrent are bound to meet a tragic death, and the sovereignty of their country is bound to be wantonly infringed upon."

The North said the administration of US President George W. Bush was intent on toppling its socialist system.

It said the US imposition of sanctions and a UN Security Council resolution imposing other sanctions on the North, passed after it test-launched seven missiles in July, meant that the country’s security was at risk.

Calling the UN resolution a de facto "declaration of war," it said it would do its utmost to de-nuclearise the Korean peninsula but without disarming unilaterally.

The United States says it has withdrawn all its nuclear weapons from South Korea, but the North has repeatedly said it considers itself under threat from Washington.

Bush in 2002 lumped the North in with Iran and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq as an "axis of evil," and rhetoric between the two sides has often been harsh.

Tuesday’s statement lashed out at the Bush government’s "foolish attempt to isolate and stifle it economically and bring down the socialist system chosen by its people themselves" and reiterated its February 2005 claim that it had developed the atom bomb.

"The already declared possession of nuclear weapons presupposes the nuclear test," it said, adding: "The DPRK will never use nuclear weapons first."

Japan was first to respond to the test announcement, with Foreign Minister Taro Aso calling the idea unforgivable.

"It would be a threat to peace. We would never be able to forgive such a move," Aso told reporters. "It would gravely affect Northeast Asia, including Japan."

Aso said he did not doubt North Korea’s resolve in testing a nuclear device.

"In the past, the country has done what it had said earlier. So I think it would be wrong automatically to think the country will not do this." ..

Peter Beck, director for Northeast Asia of the International Crisis Group, agreed with Aso that the threat to stage a test should be taken "very seriously."

The announcement meant the North had given up negotiating with the Bush administration and only its sole major ally China could restrain it, he said.

The current stand-off over North Korea’s nuclear programmes erupted in 2002 when the United States accused Pyongyang of running a secret uranium enrichment programme in violation of a 1994 denuclearisation agreement.

North Korea responded by withdrawing from the Non-Proliferation Treaty in January 2003 before announcing eight months later that it had produced enough weapons-grade plutonium to make half a dozen atomic bombs.

It then declared in February 2005 that it had built nuclear weapons and the CIA has stated in the past that it believes Pyongyang has created several crude nuclear bombs…

Note how all of the members of the Axis of Weasels: Ahmadinejad, Chavez and North Korea — always portray themselves as victims set upon by the mean old United States.

Hopefully Japan will take this warning to heart, and hasten its rearmament.

Anyway, what we are seeing here in North Korea will be replicated by Iran (and maybe even Venezuela) not too far down the road.

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