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North Korean Boat On Fire After Clash

From the Agence France-Pressee:

N.Korea boat in flames after naval clash: Seoul officials

by Lim Chang-Won

SEOUL (AFP) – A North Korean patrol boat was set ablaze after exchanging fire with South Korea’s navy on Tuesday, Seoul officials said, as cross-border tensions rose a week before a US presidential visit.

The two sides blamed each other for the clash, the first for seven years, near the disputed Yellow Sea border as the White House warned against any actions that could be seen as an "escalation".

President Lee Myung-Bak called an emergency meeting of security ministers as his Prime Minister Chung Un-Chan accused the North of making a "direct attack" on a South Korean high-speed patrol craft.

"There was no damage on our side, while a North Korean patrol boat engulfed in flames sailed back (across the border)," Chung told parliament…

Defence Minister Kim Tae-Young told parliament the North’s boat sailed more than 1.6 kilometres (one mile) south of the border: "I believe they clearly knew about the intrusion."

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said the South’s boat sent several warning signals after the North’s craft crossed the border, but the intruder held its course.

After the South fired warning shots, "the North’s side opened fire, directly aiming at our ship. Then our ship responded by firing back, forcing the North Korean boat to return to the north," a statement said.

"There were no casualties on our side. We are on the lookout for any further provocations by the North," it said.

"We fired heavily on the North Korean vessel," an unidentified navy official told Yonhap news agency, adding the initial assessment was that it suffered considerable damage…

He said the two sides exchanged fire for two minutes from a distance of about three kilometres. The North fired about 50 rounds, 15 of which hit the South Korean boat.

The defence ministry said the South Korean boat fired about 200 rounds from its more modern armament…

General Lee said the North had breached the NLL 22 times this year but this was the first time the South had to fire warning shots because the patrol boat kept intruding despite five warning signals.

North Korea’s military, however, told its South Korean counterpart to apologise for a "grave armed provocation" and said Seoul’s ships had opened fire while its craft was north of the border.

In a report on official media, the North said its boat "lost no time to deal a prompt retaliatory blow at the provokers."

South Korean officials said they would not limit exchanges or cooperation with Pyongyang despite the incident.

And, that last sentence sums up the problem in a nutshell.

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6 Responses to “North Korean Boat On Fire After Clash”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I hope this doesn’t put a damper on the Obamas’ water skiing vacation to the Yellow Sea Resort area.

    • canary says:

      I agree, Obama needs to take some risk sports, because some people might notice he has some of the “secondary contact” signs that Hasan might have. Think Obama needs to be discharged as chief of command duties.

      It’s strange the Dept Homeland Security web-site has nothing about the largest U.S. homeland terrorist attack on the U.S. military in history.

      Connect the tea dots.

      Obama bashing patriotic Americans, calling them growing extremist “tea baggers”

      Obama forcing patriotic U.S. soldiers to make and serve “tea” under his TF-3 Cups Tea. to Afganistan monsters.

      In America tea causes terrorism
      In Afganistan tea promotes peace

  2. Niko says:

    South Korea is taking the wrong approach. Firing guns at North Koreans that have nothing to loose is getting nowhere. They should fire cheesburgers and steaks at them. They’ll surrender on the spot.
    I am not joking.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    How do you say “Bring it!” in Korean?

  4. proreason says:

    The new normalcy.

    Neither party is at fault. They both have legitimate grievances. The world just needs to let them sort it out. Nothing bad will happen. Israel is the real problem. Now, THAT country must be stopped.

    And if the Tiny Madman blows up the world, oh well, we were “fair” and our intentions were good.

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