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NOW Crows: Finally, We Are The Deciders

In the rush of events we almost missed this celebratory screed from the head harridan at the National Organization Of Women:

From Hope to Action to Victory

Below the Belt: A Column by NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy

November 19, 2008

It’s only been two weeks since I stood in the drizzling rain and waited on line to cast my vote for hope and change. And the inauguration is still two months away, but already I can feel the shift. On Nov. 4, we the people elected Barack Obama the next president of the United States, and although he’s not yet in office, the act of making history and setting our nation on a new course has already been uplifting.

Women played a key role in this victory, voting in greater numbers than men, and casting their votes for Obama in higher percentages than men in nearly every state. Young people, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic voters and LGBT voters added to the margin of victory with disproportionate support for Obama.

Now that we have an Obama-Biden administration to look forward to (honestly, Jan. 20 can’t come fast enough), the terrible funk we’ve been in for the last eight years has become even more apparent. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were the opposite of hope. They were cynicism and fear and greed and destruction. Bush and Cheney wore the people down, sapped their spirit. They (and their “decider effect”) are the reason people lack faith in government and the political process.

Overcoming the Decider Effect

The “decider effect” (named after Bush’s infamous pronouncement that “I’m the decider, and I decide what is best.”) is circular in nature and hard to escape. That’s because once an unscrupulous administration has convinced a majority of people that they can’t make a difference – that their voices and votes don’t count — it becomes harder and harder for the people to find the will to challenge these deciders. And thus it gets easier and easier for the deciders to trample on people’s rights, wage unnecessary wars, and make their rich friends and associates even richer — with less and less danger of being challenged.

When that happens, people who aren’t politically inclined in the first place completely check out, and those of us who live and breathe this stuff, well . . . we start to suffocate in such thin air.

Inspiration in the Numbers, Credit for Victory

Being a women’s rights activist, or a social justice advocate of any stripe, can be pretty frustrating, even without a Bush or Cheney in office. For several decades, most of our work has been an uphill battle with precious few victories spurring us along. Instead of passing pro-active legislation and policies, we’ve found ourselves constantly fighting against legislation (and judges) that would restrict our rights rather than expand them.

After years of being constantly on the defense, who could blame us for feeling discouraged, defeated, and just plain tired?

But the possibility of electing a president who would work for the people built voter excitement this year. The ground-breaking candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama generated new interest and engagement, stoking the registration of more than 10 million new voters. That’s one inspiring number — 6.5 million more new voters than were registered in 2004. Importantly, 69 percent of first time voters chose Barack Obama in the general election.

There was a significant gender gap in this election, so women’s votes were an important factor in Obama’s victory. For example, Obama won 56 percent of women voters, while only 43 percent of women voted for McCain — a spread of 13 points — compared to a 51-48 percent women’s vote for John Kerry over George Bush in 2004.

Women voters provided the Obama-Biden team with their margin of victory in four key states — Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Indiana. It’s not a surprise that all four states had strong women running down-ticket, including two winning female U.S. Senate candidates: Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.).

Some other numbers that inspire, courtesy of The New York Times: young people (age 18-29) voted 66 percent for Obama; African Americans voted 95 percent for Obama, Hispanics 67 percent and Asian Americans 62 percent; gay, lesbian and bisexual people voted 70 percent for Obama. Unmarried women were 12 percentage points more likely than unmarried men to vote for Obama, while mothers of young children were nine points more likely than fathers to vote for Obama.

Furthermore, according to an analysis of exit polls by American University political scientist Curtis Gans, African Americans made up 13 percent of all voters, a two point gain over 2004, and the increase may be even greater, once final numbers are available.

The Washington Post reports that Latina/os helped flip several battleground states to Obama. Some 28 percent of Hispanics polled by the Associated Press said they were voting for the first time, compared to 12 percent for all first-time voters. And the new Hispanic voters backed Obama by 76 percent.

Hope Transformed Into Action

But enough with the numbers. Where am I going with all this? Well, that’s a lot of people who made a real, concrete difference. And many of them were first time voters. Together we elected the first African American president. Together we elected a president and a vice president who have promised to stand up for women’s rights and the rights of so many others who were ignored, exploited or demonized during the Bush years.

With this win under their belts, a whole new generation of voters is even more likely to remain engaged in the political process, helping to steer our country in a positive direction. And those of us who badly needed a refueling are ready to keep fighting the good fight for a while longer.

A day like Nov. 4 sure can make you feel good again, but it’s only the beginning. The struggle for human rights, equal opportunity and justice for all is an ongoing, never-ending process. But it just got the infusion it needed in the form of hope transformed into action converted into victory. There will be other challenges ahead, but we can always look back to this powerful moment and remember that we can do it. We can take charge of our lives, and we can decide what our future holds. Finally, we are the deciders.

“Below the belt” indeed.

(Isn’t it wonderful the way the election of Mr. Obama has brought us all together?)

You would think that people who are so into crotch politics would have noticed that there was a woman on the other ticket.

But, no.

It’s always socialism über alles.

Which is, come to think of it, exactly the opposite of taking charge of ones life.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, November 22nd, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “NOW Crows: Finally, We Are The Deciders”

  1. GuppyNblue says:

    Fascist b! The only thing thats been standing in your way is the Constitution. All these radical organizations will benefit by the demise of our Constitution. The only way they feel that their voices count is if they manage to silence all others.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    The last I heard the NAGS only had about 500 members nationwide. I doubt they had much influence on the election.

  3. bill says:

    After listening to the new Democrat voters, I think they slipped back into their bottle already.

    It’s confronting to think that the US Constitution was designed to protect the minority from a tyrannical majority. And that is exactly what we have heard from leftists for the last years, isn’t it. Now the leftist want to impose tyranny, how ironic isn’t it.

    Reject Obamunsim in all it’s forms.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    It kind of reminds me of back in 2000 when I was reading some Democrat blogger going on about How much more “freedom” we had under Clinton and how we all (should) feel better about the country than back in 1992 under Bush The Elder.

    Just keep talking in generics, stop them focusing on the details, and keep repeating things are great until you believe it yourself.

  5. VMAN says:

    I do appreciate you bringing this leftist fascist crap to our attention. I really do. The thing is I try to read the whole thing, I really do, I really really do but I just can’t stomach this CRAP. That’s all it is.
    Even if this cretin governs from a moderate position, and I seriously doubt he will, this country has suffered a grave setback. Please do not insult me with this drivel about bipartisanship and getting along. And to all you conservatives out there that say “he’s our president now and I want him to succeed” SHUT UP!!! I want this country, the US of A to succeed and it will!!! I want this idiot to FAIL!!!

  6. The Redneck says:

    If they were the deciders, why don’t we have a woman president?

    There was a time, if I remember right, not too long ago, when we had a woman candidate…..

  7. pinandpuller says:

    Sorry-sixth one down is germane to this thread but the fifth one is funny as hell too.

  8. Aren’t there some women hating islamists these shrill NOW hens could be protesting?

    You know. Something productive for real women with real life or death problems.

  9. U NO HOO says:

    Bimbo Bitch

  10. DEZ says:

    “the terrible funk we’ve been in for the last eight years”

    Change your panties skank!

  11. BronzePage says:

    I love how they give you this long litany of identity politics, to cow you into liking Obama, as if you are mentally deficient should you have any doubts at all about him.

    But alas! It is possible for 96% of blacks, 67% of Latinos, 62% of Asians, 70% of gays and lesbians, and 56% of women to be wrong! At least they’ll be wrong together! And as one of the 31% of Latinos who voted for McCain, I have to say, I like the company I keep!

  12. 11ten1775 says:

    She at least mentions mention Hillary, but who’s name is conspicuously absent? N-a-n-c-y. Didn’t woman power arrive in D.C. a couple years ago? Oh, that’s right… Nancy has the exact opposite of the Midas touch. Wonder how Barry feels about NOW claiming his victory? The only thing genuine about him is his ego. Careful girls… He might change his mind about letting you pull half your babies out of the birth canal and vacuum their brains out. Where would you be then, oh Deciders?

  13. VMAN says:

    Frankly, with the exception of the 96% of black and 70% of Gays (who seem to vote with their crotch), I believe that the numbers are a lie. Latinos and Asians are and always have been self sufficient, hard working and independent people and to tell me that 67% and 62% voted for this creep is absurd.
    With all the horrible wrongs that are being done to women around the world ‘you would think these lovely ladies would have something better to do. Women in China are forced to have abortions and are denied choice. Oh Wait? They applaud that!!!

  14. Chinnubie says:

    Terrible funk we have been in for the last 8 years is an incorrect statement cause GWB has had economic growth in every quarter except this last one so overall there has been no funk!! I still fail to understand why the left has such a mean hate for GWB because he has done everything they have asked of him except stem cell the only bill he vetoed in office. He has spent more money than Slick Willy so if they think this last 8 was bad when BHO goes to the extreme left and the economy does a depression-like nosedive are they going to say what a funk Obama has put us in and how on earth are we gonna get out?

    Steve nailed it at the end taking charge of ones life is the absolute opposite of a utopian-world mindset. This NAG is so happy will she gleefully donate HER wealth around to some of those gutter-living hoodlums that I’m sure she has never met that ACORN scrapped off the street to vote in an election that did not have a conservative represented.

  15. 1sttofight says:

    …and the economy does a depression-like nosedive are they going to say what a funk Obama has put us in and how on earth are we gonna get out?

    Bush will get blamed for every bad thing while Obama is president.

  16. LewWaters says:

    Women played a key role in this victory, voting in greater numbers than men, and casting their votes” against the female candidates.

    Isn’t it strange how often this so-called women’s advocacy group dumps on their fellow females?

  17. 1sttofight says:

    Has NOW EVER had a president of their organization who was NOT a Lesbian?

  18. Gila Monster says:

    “Latinos and Asians are and always have been self sufficient, hard working and independent people and to tell me that 67% and 62% voted for this creep is absurd.”

    I’m with you VMAN. Those percentages might be true if you only polled the Latinos and Asians in the barrios and Chinatowns of the inner cities but in suburbia and rural America, I have found Latinos and Asians to be very conservative.

    As for the nags of NOW, I take solace in the fact their ilk will likely cease to exist by the next generation. After all, they are too busy rabble-rousing to raise a family whereas the Sarah Palin’s of our nation are raising good American families to carry forward their legacies. ;o)

  19. Fr. Steve says:

    These are going to be rough years ahead and I am sure the NOW crowd will be in their glory. But, thankfully, we have elections every 4 years and he can only blame President Bush for so long. Get ready for a culture war:
    Let’s pray our country can endure it!

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