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Now Even Victoria Secret Underwear Is Racist

From Yahoo’s fashion blog, Shine:

Victoria’s Secret Geisha Lingerie Sparks Controversy: How One Blogger Took on a Brand

By Piper Weiss | Tuesday Sept 25, 2012

It takes hundreds of employees, thousands of hours and millions of dollars to launch a mass market lingerie line. And one blogger to take it all down…

They say this like it is a good thing.

Two weeks ago, Jacinto, a 26-year-old Bay Area blogger and non-profit development manager, most likely became one of those factors [in bring down the line].

It all started here. "I saw a link to [Victoria’s Secret’s Go East] line on the blog, Angry Asian Man," she says.

She writes a blog called "Angry Asian Man"?

"Hooray for exotic orientalist bull—-," wrote the blogger who included a link to the "Asian-inspired" lingerie line’s centerpiece: "The Sexy Little Geisha," a mesh teddy that comes with an obi belt, chopsticks and a fan.

Immediately Jacinto sat down to write an insightful post on why she found the outfit, and the line in general, offensive. "It’s the kind of overt racism masked behind claims of inspired fashion and exploring sexual fantasy that makes my skin crawl," she wrote in article published September 6 on the blog Racialicious, a site for commentary on the intersection of culture and race.

That is, a blog that is dedicated to finding racism in everything.

"There’s a long-standing trend to represent Asian women as hypersexualized objects of fantasy," wrote Jacinto

Unlike, say, every other race and nationality of women.

She also took umbrage with the lingerie description as "your ticket to an exotic adventure" and the fact that none of the models for the collection were of Asian descent

Once again, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

By the afternoon, major news outlets like the Huffington Post began calling blogger backlash to Victoria’s Secret a "controversy." The Daily Mail noted that the teddy and the Go East line in its entirety had been removed from the company website and replaced with the main product page.

The company still hasn’t released a statement or confirmed its decision to remove the line, and had not returned Yahoo! Shine’s request for comment at press time…

So a line of clothing must be ended because it offended someone.

And to hell with how much it costs. And to hell with freedom.

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13 Responses to “Now Even Victoria Secret Underwear Is Racist”

  1. mr_bill says:

    “She also took umbrage…that none of the models for the collection were of Asian descent…”

    Does this mean that every woman modeling “french maid” costumes must be French and a maid? Is there a magic percentage of models which must fit the criteria in order to appease some blogger somewhere?

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

  3. canary says:

    If Victoria shouldn’t even respond to such ridiculous accusation. I would think if they bothered, it would be for the purpose of getting free advertising promoting their fashions from the angry posts of racial-phobic idiots.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    I think Kramer said it best!


  5. Astravogel says:

    Remember, Victoria’s Secret supports a considerable number of our troops.

  6. wirenut says:

    It would seem as if my “push-up” boxers are chaffing. If underwear is racist, then what about democrat bed sheets with ropes. Remember your history folks.

  7. Astravogel says:

    Hi, RB. Thought of this while in the mall and saw an Air Force
    lady in camo coming out of VS with one of their signature sacks.

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    Taking the Mile High Club to a whole nuther level (@ Mach 2).

    As Christopher Walken would say:


  9. French Maids & Their Uniforms hardest Hit.

  10. Reality Bytes says:

    Pardon me Mister Eddie’s Father….Funny I wasn’t thinking racial things when it came to Mrs Livingston.

    (You S&L’rs will have to go way back for that reference ;-)

  11. wirenut says:

    Where, or wear is PETA’S outrage about the Teddy? Fuzzy stuffed bears have rights too! Not to mention the murder of countless waves of Nauga’s. Yes, that sixties brand of home barstools…Naugahyde! Will no one stand up for these harmless creature’s?
    Racist, no. How we treat imaginary slights and animals, is getting stranger everyday.

  12. postal67 says:

    I don’t understand how this is racist.. Except for not wearing a Habib (whatever) she does have a beard, somewhere..

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