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Cute Koalas, Clownfish ‘Face Extinction’

From the relentless Agence France-Pressee:

Koalas, penguins at risk of extinction: study

by Marlowe Hood, Mon Dec 14

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Climate change threatens the survival of dozens of animal species from the emperor penguin to Australian koalas, according to a report released Monday at the UN climate summit.

Rising sea levels, ocean acidification and shrinking polar ice are taking a heavy toll on species already struggling to cope with pollution and shrinking habitats, said the study from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an intergovernmental group.

"Humans are not the only ones whose fate is at stake here in Copenhagen — some of our favourite species are also taking the fall for our CO2 emissions," said Wendy Foden, an IUCN researcher and co-author of the study.

The report details how climate change undermines the viability of 10 species, including the leatherback turtle, the beluga whale, clownfish, the emperor penguin and salmon.

Australia’s iconic bear-like koala faces malnutrition and ultimate starvation as the nutritional quality of eucalyptus leaves declines as CO2 levels increase, the report added.

Polar species are especially hard hit.

The ringed seal is being forced further north as sea ice it relies on for rearing its vulnerable pups retreats every decade.

The emperor penguin, remarkably adapted to thrive in harsh Antarctic conditions, faces similar problems. Reduced ice cover makes it harder to mate and raise chicks, and has caused a sharp decline in the availability of krill, a major food source.

As once-frozen tundra gives way to forest, the common red fox has moved northward, where it hunts and competes with its far rarer arctic cousin.

The beluga whale is doubly threatened by global warming: loss of sea ice makes it tough to find prey, and the rush to open new maritime routes is likely to result in deadly ship strikes, as happens elsewhere.

"For a large portion of biodiversity, climate change is an additional and major threat," said Jean-Christophe Vie, deputy head of the IUCN?s Species Programme.

In tropical regions, more than 160 species of staghorn corals — and the tens of millions of people that depend on healthy coral reefs for their livelihood — are dying off due to ocean acidification, a direct result of warming seas.

For clownfish, brought to the screen by Hollywood in the animated blockbuster "Finding Nemo", the changing ecosystem impairs sense of smell, which they use to find the sea anemones they rely on for protection.

Salmon stocks are dropping off not just from overfishing but because lower oxygen levels resulting from increased water temperatures boost susceptibility to disease and disrupt breeding.

The United Nations climate talks are tasked with forging a durable solution to global warming and helping poor countries cope with its consequences. They are set to end with a summit on Friday with around 120 leaders attending.

Obviously, the Warmers are pulling out all the stops. What could be more cuddly than Koala bears and Penguins?

Australia’s iconic bear-like koala faces malnutrition and ultimate starvation as the nutritional quality of eucalyptus leaves declines as CO2 levels increase, the report added.

Never mind that eucalyptus trees have thrived like mad in CO2 rich Los Angeles. After all, how can any trees which need CO2 to survive be hurt by too much of it?

And never mind that the alarmists have been telling us for years now that more than 1/3 of all species face extinction due to man-made global warming.

We need to put a cute face on these fears.

By the way, doesn’t Darwinian evolution teach us that all species face extinction?

Who are we to mess with Mother Nature?

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9 Responses to “Cute Koalas, Clownfish ‘Face Extinction’”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    HEY…….Koalas and Penguins ………….. We were here first.
    Get in the back of the extinction bus you……you……animals!!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is just crap. Using the ‘threat’ of cute critters going extinct in order to get little Suzy and little Johnny to get mommy and daddy to not burn any more gas, etc. Give me a break.

  3. proreason says:

    What is the normal rate of extinction for species? How many million types of creatures (perhaps billions or even trillions) have gone extinct in the lifetime of Earth?

    Trying to stop extinctions is like trying to stop climate change. The arrogance of the concept is mind-blowing.

    I’ll bet more new species have been created than have been destroyed by mankind’s activities. After all, you can’t stop evolution any more than you can stop climate change. And for every evolutionary niche that is wiped out by man, others are created.

    So who is it anyway that transferred God’s dominion over life to the environmental cultists? If koala bears are going to go extinct because their habitats are needed by human beings, nerdy Satan worshippers aren’t going to be able to stop it.

  4. VMAN says:

    So why do we need koalas anyway? They’re lazy, sleep all day, you can’t eat them and all the do is eat and crap. The last thing I heard about koalas was that there were so many in OZ that they were a major road kill hazard. And of course clown fish!!!! “Mommy, mommy please don’t kill Nemo” There are examples all over the world where species were eliminated from an eco-system and it didn’t collapse. Bye bye koalas and bye bye Nemo!!!

  5. joeblough says:

    90% of the creatures that have ever lived are now extinct.

    WE certainly didn’t kill ALL of them. Most were gone looong before we showed up.

    There’s a name for the appearance and disappearance of species … it’s called nature.

    The do-the-ritual-to-control-nature scam is as old as humanity.

    The Aztecs used to cut people’s hearts out to assure the continuity of the sun — referred to at the time as “giving back”. (I’m actually not kidding about that).

    Well, there are no scams like the old scams and there is a new sucker born every minute.

    There is also no special reason to assume that our priesthood of sacrifice-for-the-sake-of-nature is any more humanitarian than were the Aztecs and their ilk.

    Don’t be fooled by the modern dress, the modern vocabulary (no magical god-beasts etc) and the use of soap. It’s the same old witch doctors working the same old head fakes that have worked for millennia.

    Do some of them believe their own crap? Probably.

    Who cares?

    The presumption of innocence is not going to work for us in this matter.

    Believe nothing. Suspect everything. Make them prove every last detail three times over.

    Neither the people, the goals, the methods nor the motives are good.


    PS: Ever notice how really benevolent, good, kind, happy, productive people are rarely obsessed with the “end of the world”?

  6. canary says:

    this is not true “quality of eucalyptus leaves declines as CO2 levels increase”
    It’s from logging. One tree per bear.
    If animals are dying, wouldn’t it be better to kill them for food for poor people?
    I mean less polar bears, less dead seals. Course I imagine dead animals that die on a long swim feeds fish. But, using their skins and all could make a child warm in those cold winters. Don’t anyone say I hate animals. I love animals.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m pretty sure QANTAS has something to do with it….


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