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Number Of OH Obama-Phones Doubled Last Year

From Fox News:

Viral video touting free ‘Obama phone’ puts spotlight on federal program

By Joshua Rhett Miller | Sat September 29, 2012

A viral video of an Obama supporter touting her “Obama phone” has put the spotlight on an obscure federal program that provides discounted phone service to qualifying low-income Americans…

This "obscure program" now costs the people who pay for their own phones $1.6 billion dollars a year.

The video is drawing attention to the government program — Lifeline — as a national debate unfolds on entitlements and the growing percentage of Americans who pay no income taxes and get a long menu of government benefits. But even though some beneficiaries may credit President Obama for providing the phones, Lifeline is an extension of a program that has existed since 1985. Still, critics including Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., note the program has swelled from $772 million in 2008 to $1.6 billion

Just like every other ‘safety net’ program.

Griffin, who introduced H.R. 3481 in November to end the program, claims to have evidence of dead people getting free cell phones in the mail, ineligible people getting multiple phones and electronic kiosks in convenience stores to encourage people to get the phones. “The truth is, though, that taxpayers are footing the bill,” the website reads. “The program is called Lifeline, but in reality it’s turned into Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan.”

As we will see below, the requirements for getting a phone are practically nil. After all, professional protesters getting $11 an hour from the SEIU qualified.

Lifeline was originally envisioned as a means of subsidizing landline phone service for poor Americans, paid for with an extra charge on phone bills. To participate in the program, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), consumers must either have an income that is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines or participate in a number of assistance programs, including Medicaid, Head Start or Supplemental Security Income

Again, as we will see below, at least 30 million Americans are currently eligible. Which is one tenth of the US population. (And probably far more, if you only count adults.)

From Ohio’s Dayton Daily News, back in August:

1 million Ohioans using free phone program

By Josh Sweigart | Fri August 17, 2012

A program that provides subsidized phone service to low-income individuals has nearly doubled in size in Ohio in the past year — now covering more than a million people

Gee, why would the number of ‘free Obama-phones’ just double like that in an election year and in the most crucial battleground state?

[T]he size of the program in the state — and profits to the increasing number of cellphone companies involved — has exploded in recent months, according to a Dayton Daily News analysis of program data.

The program in Ohio cost $26.9 million in the first quarter of 2012, the most recent data available, versus $15.6 million in the same timeframe in 2011. Compared to the first quarter of 2011, the number of people in the program nearly doubled to more than a million

The total cost of the program nationwide was $1.5 billion in 2011, up from $1.1 billion in 2010

And ‘a couple billion here and a couple billion there, and before you know it you are talking about real money.’

Reforms to the program this year included a one-time crackdown that de-enrolled tens of thousands of people in Ohio found to have more than one phone. The program allows only one line per household; requires future applicants to prove they are eligible, instead of simply attesting to it on a form; and makes people re-enroll each year instead of doing so automatically.

Next year, phone companies will have to check new applicants against a list of current enrollees to screen out duplicates.

These are "crackdowns"?

Studies estimate duplicate service makes up only about 7 percent of the program, and the enrollment has grown nationally from 11.5 million participants in the first quarter of 2011 to 16.5 million in the same period this year.

Which is 4 million higher than what we are constantly told.

The number of eligible people is estimated at between 20 and 30 million, according to the Universal Service Administrative Company, which administers the program…

30 million people qualify? That is 10% of the US population.

And speaking of expanding government dependence and giving away even more Obama-phones, we have this from the Daily Caller:

Obama USDA met 30 times with Mexican gov’t to promote food-stamp use among Mexican immigrants

By Caroline May | Mon October 1, 2012

Department of Agriculture personnel in the Obama administration have met with Mexican Government officials dozens of times since the president took office to promote nutrition assistance programs — notably food stamps — among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America…

And with those food stamps you also get an Obama-phone and a long list of other goodies.

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  1. GetBackJack says:

    Obama phones = Obama voters

    All we have is the Truth.

    Prepare ye your souls.

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