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NY City Will No Longer Look For Lost Pets

From New York City’s CBS affiliate, WCBS-TV:

Cash-Strapped NYC Will No Longer Look For Lost Pets

Nov. 13, 2010 

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Budget cuts are putting your pets at greater risk if they are lost in New York City.

Animal Care and Control will no longer take reports of lost pets, and staffers at shelters will no longer search the facilities for missing animals

Will there be a reduction in the staff at these shelters? Or have they just decided that they can’t be bothered?

The budget for Animal Care and Control was slashed by $1.5 million in the past two years, and now a change in policy:

Staffers will no longer accept reports of lost and found pets.

Frantic owners used to call Animal Care and Control directly to have city workers search the three main facilities, but that’s no longer part of the workers’ job description.

You have to wonder how effective would such a search be in the first place.

As a result of these budget cuts the owners of lost pets must come to city shelters in person, including one in Manhattan, and the others in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The Department of Health, which oversees Animal Care and Control, said there is one exception:

“Animal Care and Control will continue to perform searches for disabled people who cannot physically come to the shelters to search for their lost pets,” the department said in a statement.

Sure they will.

While the Animal Care and Control Web site continues to be updated, [Jane Hoffman, the president of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals] showed [reporter Dave] Carlin many of the listings that have no photos and those with images can be difficult to make out.

Hoffman said now, more than ever, all owners must license, microchip and keep collars with IDs on their animals at all times. With those identifying clues, Animal Care and Control will still try to get your pet home.

Without them, you’re likely on your own.

How will the Animal Care and Control staff "still try to help" if they are no longer even taking reports of lost pets? This is a very poorly written article.

Hoffman said, by law, an unclaimed animal can be adopted out or euthanized after as little as 48 hours, although it usually takes longer than that.

Only because they get backed up.

In any case, this is the time honored political trick of cutting spending where it will affects people the most. Somehow whenever there are any spending cuts, it is always the police and fire fighters that get cut first. Now they are threatening to kill your dog or your cat if you don’t pay more taxes.

The politicians are addicted to our money, and they will stoop to anything to get more of it.

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7 Responses to “NY City Will No Longer Look For Lost Pets”

  1. Right of the People says:

    “The politicians are addicted to our money, and they will stoop to anything to get more of it.”

    This is why we need to make you spending cuts beginning with politicians. Hey, maybe we can send them to Mars for that colonizing gig.

  2. proreason says:

    For each $1 million in lower taxes, 1 human baby will be sacrificed.

    You make the decision. Government only does the bidding of the people.

  3. jrmcdonald says:

    I remember that picture from the cover of an old National Lampoon! Thanks!

  4. Rick Caird says:

    Of course, at the same time NYC will eliminate the requirement, and the cost, of obtaining a dog license because it will now not benefit the dog owner. Right?????

  5. JohnMG says:

    Tsk, tsk,, tsk. First illegal aliens, and now pets.

    Well, it does speak to how difficult it is to keep track of all those sonsabitches.

    Next thing you know, John Walsh will be in the unemployment lines.

  6. Mithrandir says:


    Whenever there are any means to punish government, they punish us.

    ~Cut police. (Remember when Governor Patterson threatened the public with criminals running wild if citizens didn’t stop complaining about cutting the size of government? Take away your guns, then threaten you with crime, now that you are unarmed and 100% dependent upon police services)
    ~Cut fire services.
    ~Cut things you like.
    ~Cut or cancel the football program, band, drama etc. –stuff kids actually like.


    *Increase taxes.
    *Nickle and dime you to death, “It’s only a 1/2% increase!”
    *Sneak a tax hike on your electric bill, or car registration.

    Does some bloated supervisor’s pay ever get cut or even reduced just “1/2%?” —No…

  7. Papa Louie says:

    Does this mean that authorities will not go looking for Harry Reid’s pet, Chris Coons, if he’s reported missing in New York City?

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