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NY Gov’s Aide Has ‘Non-Filer Syndrome’

From the inimitable New York Post:



November 3, 2008

(Photo: ‘HUNK’ OF CASH: Sridhar Venkatapuram got money for grad school from his then-boyfriend, Charles O’Byrne — pictured.)

At the same time he was too “depressed” to pay his taxes, Charles O’Byrne, the disgraced former top aide to Gov. Paterson, was able to bankroll his younger boyfriend’s grad-school tuition.

O’Byrne quit his $178,500-a-year position as Paterson’s chief-of-staff two weeks ago after The Post revealed he had failed to pay $293,000 in taxes over a five-year period.

His lawyers blamed clinical depression and “nonfiler’s syndrome,” a purported psychological affliction that turned O’Byrne, a 49-year-old, openly gay, ex-Jesuit priest, into a laughingstock.

But documents and interviews show that during the years O’Byrne was supposedly unable to pay the taxman, he opened his wallet to handsome graduate student Sridhar Venkatapuram, now a 37-year-old research fellow at University College London.

Venkatapuram, a Hyderabad, India-born scholar and gay activist, received a “tuition support/loan” “in excess of $1,000” in 2006 from O’Byrne, according to O’Byrne’s financial disclosure statements.

O’Byrne filed late income-tax returns that year, the first time he filed anything since 2001. He didn’t start making back payments until 2007, O’Byrne’s lawyer said…

O’Byrne was also a generous donor to gay-advocacy groups during his tax-scofflaw days.

On Oct. 20, he was a “leading patron,” or $1,250 donor, at the Empire State Pride Agenda’s fall dinner…

Whatever “nonfiler’s syndrome” may be, it would appear to be epidemic among Democrats.

But who can be held accountable for what they do under the sway of a syndrome? (Cf. Charlie Rangel, for starters.)

You see, this is why we need to elect still more Democrats and give them complete control over every lever of power in the land. 

You just can’t have enough honesty and openness in government.

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2 Responses to “NY Gov’s Aide Has ‘Non-Filer Syndrome’”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    The only syndrome this ex-priest was or is suffering from is Nuts to the Nose syndrome! Barney Frank suffers from the very same syndrome, you know? Its just a matter of time before NAMBLA is running a
    spa in the Halls of Congress,with the “BIG O’s” blessing!!
    For those who don’t know: NAMBLA = North American Man Boy Love Association
    Barney back in the early 90s tried to get these pediphiles a Congressional Charter to operate here in the States.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    What an unpatriotic, selfish bastard.

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