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NY Govt Union Bosses Junket In Puerto Rico

From the New York Post:

Union bigs face rank and ‘bile’

December 8, 2011

As union bosses continued livin’ it up in the Puerto Rican sun yesterday, municipal workers getting soaked by New York’s cold rain were livid that their hard-earned money was funding the leaders’ Caribbean “convention.”

“There goes our union dues!” fumed a furious Local 3 electrician. “They paid for that junket with union dues.”

Still, it’s better than having this money go to the Democrat Party.

“I’ve worked for 10 months in the last two years. I’m getting laid off at the end of the year,” the electrician railed. “I have no use for the union. All I see is waste, corruption and hypocrisy.”

Speaking of hypocrisy, this gentleman is being laid off because the New York public sector union leaders would not make any concessions. So their members will be laid off, and many even fired outright.

The New York State Public Employees Conference was wrapping up its annual six-day fiesta at the Caribe Hotel in San Juan — where union bosses were poolside sucking down one last $9 beer and soaking up a few more rays.

“We’re not making any comments,” snapped two labor bosses lounging by the Caribe pool, one shirtless, the other wearing an FDNY shirt. “Get lost!” a police supervisors-union bigwig snarled to a Post reporter.

Less nasty was a tanned Steve Melish, a bigwig in the union that represents municipal painters, who said the convention was “absolutely serious business” for the 300 or so bosses who flew from New York to attend…

Why is there even a need for 300 or so public sector union bosses? What exactly do any of them do?

(These are rhetorical questions, of course.)

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2 Responses to “NY Govt Union Bosses Junket In Puerto Rico”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    NY Govt Union Bosses Junket In Puerto Rico

    “You gotta problem wid dat?”

    • tranquil.night says:

      Fighting rich fatcats and Republican Governors who’re trying to prevent rank and file lay-offs and keep their state solvent abuse the little guy is taxing work for loyal brownshirts.

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