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NY State Ends Lake Ontario Windmill Project

From New York State’s Niagara (Falls) Gazette:

NYPA windmill project dropped

Staff Reports Niagara Gazette
Tue Sep 27, 2011

NIAGARA FALLS — The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees on Tuesday voted to end the solicitation process for the proposed Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project (GLOW), without awarding a contract for project development.

NYPA cited the estimated annual cost of GLOW and the current economic conditions. The development of a 150 megawatt GLOW project would have cost the Power Authority between $60 million and $100 million.

Apparently, Mr. Obama has not been able to make the price electricity skyrocket enough to make this palatable.

By the way, woudn’t a better name for the project have been BLOW?

Niagara County residents and legislators had voiced their opposition to the project which would put off-shore turbines in Lake Ontario. Property owners along the shore protested and were supported by the towns and the county.

Niagara, Erie, Wayne, Monroe and Chautauqua decided not to participate, according to Bill Ross, chairman of the Niagara County Legislature. “They spoke against the windmills,” he said Tuesday. “They didn’t want them. They didn’t want to see any windmills along the Great Lakes.”

That’s crazy. Everybody knows that windmills are beautiful. Unlike offshore oil derricks, which — even though they are usually over the horizon — are ugly and noisy.

[Legislator Clyde] Burmaster recalled a presentation by NYPA which claimed petitions in favor of the project. “They were waving around papers and said everyone was in favor it,” Burmaster said.

Burmaster looked at the letters and learned that many of them were form letters and came from one group in Erie County

Probably the Sierra Club or some other similar special interest ‘green’ group. Apparently, whoever it was, they don’t plow back enough money into the Democrat Party.

Still, it makes you wonder how much ‘green’ legislation gets rammed through on the basis of similar ‘astroturf’ campaigns.

According to Gil C. Quiniones, acting president and chief executive officer, the Power Authority will continue its commitment to developing other clean alternative energy sources to produce emissions-free power.

Maybe they should look into using waterfalls and dam sites.

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2 Responses to “NY State Ends Lake Ontario Windmill Project”

  1. proreason says:

    I’m only a couple of weeks away from perfecting windmills on cars.

    The big selling points will be that the fuel will be free and you never need to gas up.

  2. The h*ll with regulating banks and restraining wall street fat cats. I want GOVERNMENT neutered!

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