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NY State Lawmaker Wants To Give Illegal Aliens The Vote

From Reuters:

N.Y. lawmaker aims to give voting rights to illegal immigrants

By Curtis Skinner | June 16, 2014

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York lawmaker wants to grant many of the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizen residents, including the right to vote in local and state elections, under a bill introduced on Monday.

Isn’t NY a reliably enough Democrat state already? Why do they need to do this?

The New York Is Home Act is the first bill in the United States that would provide such broad rights to non-citizens who can show they have lived and paid taxes in New York for at least three years, according to the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Gustavo Rivera.

And by "paying taxes" he means people has gotten back money via "earned income credit." But don’t worry, it won’t be held against you if you even forgot to file.

"Nearly 3 million people in the state of New York currently reside here and make New York their home, but can’t fully participate in civic, political, and economic life," Rivera, a Democrat who represents the Bronx in New York City, said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Rivera is Puerto Rican. He wants all of New York (and America) to succeed like the showplace that is the Bronx.

He described the bill as a response to the stagnation of immigration reform efforts in the U.S. Congress. "With failure at the national level on comprehensive immigration reform, the question we have asked is what can states do?" he said.

So now local legislators are taking a tip from Obama and they are planning to bypass Congress and our laws. But don’t worry. Eric Holder will never let this happen. Remember how he sued Arizona when they tried to enforce the federal laws? He said ‘the US cannot have a patchwork of immigration laws.’ So this will never be allowed to stand.

We are kidding of course. Why shouldn’t states be able to give away US citizenship in exchange for votes?

The bill would provide benefits to illegal immigrants and other non-citizens who could prove they have resided in New York for at least three years and have been paying taxes for as long. They would also have to take an oath to uphold the state’s constitution and laws, and pledge their willingness to serve on a jury, according to the bill summary.

Oh, our sides. People who are in this country illegally are going to pledge to uphold our laws?

In return, non-citizens would receive a form of state citizenship, including access to state tuition assistance and health insurance programs [Medicaid], the ability to apply for driver’s and professional licenses, and the right to vote in state and local elections, the summary said…

What a deal this is. All an illegal alien has to do is prove that they’ve gotten their ‘earned income credit’ for three years (or they forgot to file their taxes), and then they will get to vote.

Plus they will get free healthcare (Medicaid) and welfare for life. Now that is social justice!

Other states have moved forward on their own with respect to tuition assistance and driver’s licenses, Rivera said, but no other state has considered such a broad package for its non-citizens…

Don’t worry. The usual suspects will take up the same cause before you can say, ‘Hasta la vista, America!’

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One Response to “NY State Lawmaker Wants To Give Illegal Aliens The Vote”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    You know what June 17, 2017 is?

    The day natural born citizens of the United States are declared illegal by the new Mexican Reconquista Congress .. Democrats hail brave new change ..

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