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NYC Health Dept Issues Rules For Staff

From the New York Daily News:

The new location of the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygeine [sic] located at Queens Plaza and 28th Street in Long Island City Queens.

No fried food: Health Dept. workers cringe at new rules restricting foods, fragrances, decorations

By Kathleen Lucadamo   
Monday, April 4th 2011

No overbearing perfume. No obscene pictures. And definitely no French fries for work lunches.

That’s the new edict for employees of the same city Health Department that brought you calorie-counting menus and snuffed out smoking on beaches and in parks.

The updated rules – which range from what workers can serve at agency powwows to how loud they can talk in the office – come as the Health Department begins to move into its new Queens digs today.

A set of guidelines for "Life in the Cubicle Village" sent to employees asks them to avoid wearing products with "noticeable odors" or posting "any displays, photos, cartoons, or other personal items that may be offensive."

They also should avoid eavesdropping.

If they can’t – "at least resist the urge to add your comments," the cubicle rules recommend.

Because everybody hates a busybody.

Employees also got a bright-colored brochure stipulating what can and can’t be served at meetings and parties.

Tap water is a menu must when food or drinks are served. Other beverages must be less than 25 calories per 8 ounces.

"Cut muffins and bagels into halves or quarters, or order mini sizes. Offer thinly-sliced, whole-grain bread," the brochure states.

Deep-fried foods are an absolute no-no and "cannot be served."

For celebrations, cake and air-popped popcorn – "popped at the party and served in brown paper lunch bags" – are allowed.

But when a "celebration cake" is served, cookies can’t be offered.

"These standards are mandatory for meetings and events sponsored by the Health Department," the brochure states.

Health honchos say they are just practicing what they preach…

"The Health Department is leading by example by updating its guidelines for food and beverages served at agency meetings and events," spokeswoman Erin Brady said.

The agency’s nearly 3,000 employees begin a massive move today from their age-old lower Manhattan headquarters to new office space built by Tishman Speyer in Long Island City, Queens.

The move is expected to be complete by May.

You know these same people would impose these rules on the rest of us, if they could. And they probably will.

By the way, where is the union? Don’t these employees have any rights?

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10 Responses to “NYC Health Dept Issues Rules For Staff”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I’m willing to bet they’ll decide anything with a conservative bent will be deemed “offensive”.

    What’s next, tan jumpsuits so no one wears clothing that might be considered offensive? Maybe they’ll decide all the women have to wear burkas so they don’t offend the jihadis and jihadiettes who might come into their offices.

    I think I’d rather be unemployed than work in a place like this.

  2. canary says:

    communism. Why when decades ago, along with many recent studies that sugar free substitutes cause cancer, attack the nervous system, are they replacing everything. You can only buy sugar free soda or expensive bottle water in the stores. They are poisoning our children. Sugarless substitute on Bloomberg’s system make him kookier than ever. New York.

    My grandmother would roll in her grave. She handled 9/11 but I don’t think she could handle what’s going today. Poor as they were, she would fuss and buy food so fresh. It would be walk to the bakery for a roll for me. It would go to the butcher for fresh sliced bologna. When I was younger I’d sleep on the fire escape. They lived with my mom as a young girl in an efficiency in Manhattan. My mom slept on the couch as a little girl. When I visited I slept on the fire escape it was hot. At least it was clean and safer than other areas. Then they moved to queens 5th floor with the subway running right by. No air-conditioning so open windows and loud and film. My great-grandfather a worked the PA coal mines. And talk about everyone living into their 90’s. And all grew up poor as no shoes poor. We’d buy hotdogs on corners. Ice-cream. Grandma cooked everything in butter. Everyone is saying butter is better than margarine too. Margarine isn’t good for you. And no one got fat from the butter.
    Maybe, this will lead to new people elected. New Yorkers need to check for ICLEI (UN sustainability program that supports agenda 21) It’s wild spread, but word is spreading, and defeating it is spreading.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Last time I was in NYC was 1983. I swore I would never set foot in the Northeast again, and I haven’t. Every evil this nation endures and has endured has flowed out of Yankee territory.

    • Petronius says:

      Reminds me of one of Brother Dave Gardner’s classic quips.

      Rejoice, dear hearts.

      Bear in mind, however, that Hugo Black did enormous damage to the US Constitution. And Hugo Black was a Southerner.

    • GetBackJack says:

      I’ll give you one. But just one. (olive branch)

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    If you have ever watched “the office” you will see why these “rules” have come into existence and why the show is so sadly accurate. Cubicle farms are living hell. You can’t have a private conversation. However, office managers, who have largely been educated in the school of public opinion after graduating from socialisti U. think that the best way to handle everything is with more rules. When you take an employee who is already confined to a tiny little space for eight hours a day, the one sure way to “make everybody happy” is by making it more confining; By making sure nobody puts up anything “offensive” say, like a caterpillar trying to mate with a french fry. (The Drew Carey Show ~ 1995 http://www.tv.com/the-drew-carey-show/no-two-things-in-nature-are-exactly-alike/episode/1989/summary.html)

    I have worked in several cubicle environments and they all sucked. Eventually, everyone ends up hating everyone else and the place usually ends up hostile. Then there are the little hierarchies and “kingdoms” that people also set up with the usual petty office politics. I can pretty much guarantee that NYC’s new rules will end badly.

    • proreason says:

      Here’s why.

      It is a relatively rare skill to be able to tell who the valuable employees are, particularly for the low level managers and supervisors who typically “manage” cubicle environments. At that stage in their lives, if they even have the ability to see through the petty alliances, suck-ups, cons, jealousies and lies that their employees pull on them, their skill at doing so is primative.

      But what is so easy even a typical supervisor can do it is to tell:
      – whether someone arrives on time and stays for the work day
      – whether breaks are taken according to schedule
      – whether somebody keeps their desk according to the rules
      – whether the person spends too much time on personal business
      – whether vacation time is scheduled in advance
      – whether the sick policy is adhered to
      – etc.

      In other words, petty rules are easy to enforce, even if they have little to do with work effectiveness.

      So that’s what low level managers usually do.

      Roll that up 5 levels and voila….you have the government…following all the rules, but doing virtually nothing.

  5. JohnMG says:

    …..”But when a “celebration cake” is served, cookies can’t be offered…..”

    This probably won’t affect many people since, who would celebrate anything when having this kind of shit stuffed down your throat?

  6. TerryAnne says:

    I wonder if a picture of a cupcake would be offensive? A placard of just the word ‘CARB’? A Weight Watchers meeting schedule? A picture of a field of dandelions (since people seem to think their leaves are tasty and shove them down our throats, when iceburg lettuce did just fine)?

    (Rusty – WIN on the Drew Carey Show reference!! I miss that show.)

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Is this micromanagement or tyranny?

    The people who preach to us about fat, ARE FAT!

    The people who preach to us about greed, ARE GREEDY!

    The people who preach to us about saving money, ARE IN DEBT!

    The people who preach to us about taxes, EVADE TAXES!

    Preach if you must, but these are government people, chances are, they aren’t going to pay any attention to their own rules…..they never do.

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