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NYC Landmarks Pass On Mosque Site, 9-0

From a joyous Associated Press:

Panel’s landmark denial frees NYC mosque site

August 3, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) – A New York City panel has denied landmark status to a building near ground zero, freeing organizers to build an Islamic center and mosque there. The Landmarks Preservation Commission’s decision allows organizers to transform the 152-year-old building into an Islamic community center blocks from the site of the Sept. 11 attacks.

National and New York politicians and the Anti-Defamation League have come out in recent weeks against plans for the mosque, saying it disrespects the memory of Sept. 11 victims. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has supported the mosque.

The commission voted 9-0 against granting landmark status to the building.

Commissioners said the building didn’t meet historic criteria to qualify as a landmark

For the record, here is some indication of their standards from the NYC Landmark Commission’s website, which in reality are as broad or as narrow as they want them to be at any given moment:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Designation Process

What types of properties can be designated?

The Landmarks Law requires that, to be designated, a potential landmark must be at least 30 years old and must possess "a special character or special historical or aesthetic interest or value as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the city, state, or nation."

What is a landmark?

There are four types of landmarks:

  • Individual Landmarks (individual structures that can range from bridges to rowhouses to skyscrapers; examples include the Woolworth Building, the Langston Hughes House in Harlem, and the Wonder wheel at Coney Island);
  • Interior Landmarks (building interiors that are “customarily open or accessible to the public,” such as the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, the RCA Building Lobby, and the Ed Sullivan Theater);
  • Scenic Landmarks (city-owned parks or other landscape features, such as Prospect Park, Central Park, and Ocean Parkway); and
  • Historic Districts (areas of the city that possess architectural and historical significance and a distinct "sense of place," such as Ladies Mile in Manhattan, Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, and St. George-New Brighton in Staten Island).

Would not the area within 600 feet of the site of the worst foreign attack have some "historical" interest? It does not possess a "distinct sense of place"?

Apparently not. At least not in the eyes of these leftwing jihadists.

Meanwhile, if you live in one of the seemingly countless designated ‘historic districts’ in New York City, be careful what color you paint your window sills — or you may wind up in jail.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “NYC Landmarks Pass On Mosque Site, 9-0”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    It would be some comfort if this choice and reasoning could be used against the panel to tear down buildings they would normally protect against common sentiment, but we know they are impervious to logic and reason.

  2. conant says:

    sounds like we should open a BBQ joint across the street

    • Right of the People says:

      Great idea! Maybe they could put an open spit in the front window and slowly roast a pig daily.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Better idea – go in now and start the BBQ on the site – then let’s see if the oh-so-tolerant religion of peace still wants to build a mosque there. Read a little history – the muslims historically build a mosque when they have ‘conquered’ a city/area. This is all this mosque means to them – and the 9 fools on this commission – are like our Klownposse in DC & The Thug Administration – voting against the will of the citizens they are supposed to be representing and serving. Repeal the 16th Amendment – take away the gravy train to all these ‘public’ servants (you know damn well some of our hard earned tax money is earmarked for this little group/commission) – and we won’t have traitorous crappola like this happening.

      Pour pigs blood on the building and set if on fire – Anything to keep these two faced lying radical islamic terrorists from desecrating the area where the majority of the 2997 people who were killed on 9/11 died.

      How dare any American in NY state, much less the city vote for this bs idea – bet they were also the people who held up the damn re-building of the twin towers because they wanted a ‘reconciliation center’ – so that we could all understand the muslims better.

      The people involved with 9/11 – hate us for being. That is all I need to know. And they do not deserve a single consideration at the site of 9/11 – I do not feel guilt for dumping billions into the middle east for decades buying their oil – look at what that has gotten us. To hell with them and their damn mosque – any religion that tolerates killing anyone not of their religion – HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD.

    • jobeth says:

      I like your thought processes Wardmama. Well said!

    • fallingpianos says:

      There’s always the option of simply allowing them to build the mosque… and having our military use it for target practice.

    • wardmama4 says:

      falling – I wonder then if the (not-so) Rev Wright will tell the muslims – ‘your chickens have come home to roost’

      Bet good money – Never, ever would happen. The only oppressors, the only racists, the only slave owners, the only imperialists, the only conquerors, the only greedy people are whites/Christians – the rest are hard working innocent saints just bein’ oppressed!

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Here you Go! Blue Smoke – I know the staff – an entrepenuerial bunch.


  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Where is the $$$$$ coming from to build the “House of Satan”?
    Hamas, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Jordan or all of them?

    A bomb vest factory in the midst of NYC.
    How quaint!

  4. Mithrandir says:

    The Liberal Victory Mosque

    When it comes to scumbags, murderers, terrorists, dictators et.al: If you think it is necessary to “show them we are better than they are” —then you have a serious mental and self esteem problem!

    “We need to show serial killers than we are better than them by NOT enacting the death penalty.” (as if horrific mental/physical abuse in prison until natural death [at taxpayer’s expense] is any more ethical.)

    “We need to show the terrorists the true meaning of tolerance and forgiveness by allowing them to build a victory mosque near a disaster site they encouraged.”

    *Terrorists only understand brute force, and allowing them to build a victory mosque is like rolling on your back and exposing your belly to them.

  5. canary says:

    The terrorist mosque builders did change the notorious evil name of the mosque. Using CAIR as their spokesman, after the FBI cut all ties with CAIR after their being caught funneling money to oversea mulsim terrorists…well..it’s so easy to funnel it in the U.S. mulit-millions. And a swimming pool? For men only I’m sure.

    Meanwhile back in Afghanistan after a U.S. base was attacked, as 6 Afhgan security guards got their heads chopped off…

    The Pentagon had Brigadier Blotz speak. Blotz says
    he does not know how many taliban there are
    nobody knows how many taliban there are
    perhaps we’ll never know how many taliban there are
    and we can’t even figure out how many part-time nor full-time taliban they are.

    speech & footage of brave soldier walking up to very scary taliban, that look
    really scary. Probably the soldier is handing them money for tank that
    bent down a couple of their poppy plants.

    Reuters Afghanistans dusty cloud


  6. Melly says:

    I participated in the WTC Memorial Contest some years back. Even then, when 9/11 was still fresh in everyone’s mind, the liberal elite were dictating what should be allowed in the Memorial…i.e., the names of emergency personnel and firemen who perished were only to be listed by name. It’s no surprise that the Mosque will go up. Name the date and time for the pig roast BBQ and I will be there. Maybe for the BBQ we can rent a large inflatable pig similar to the infamous union rat that shows up at strikes.

  7. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Any construction worker stupid enough to work this project keep in mind how exposed you are up on those I-beams with plenty of great vantage points all around you. Just sayin’.

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    My Turn! If this Mosque were a sanctuary build on contrition, then I would welcome it. If this Mosque echoed condemnation of the killing of innocents in the name of God (of all things), then I would attend it. If this Mosque’s “holy men” followed the true teaching of God; to love your neighbor, then I would support it.

    But this Mosque is not any of these things. This Mosque is built on blood & body parts. It is designed as a thorny stake driven into the side of the American psyche. Its purpose is to fester, to inflame, to incite, to wear down a free people to the point of resignation; to these men, the defeat of us, the infidels.

    History is written by the victorious. Unless America stands up & affirms its resolve against oppression & persecution, then the likes of Ahmadinejad & Bin Laden will be the ones who write it.

  9. proreason says:

    Tucker Carlson nailed it on Hannity last night.

    This is a deliberat provocation. Nothing less.

  10. wardmama4 says:

    Sorry I cannot put the source here but there is something very important about this commission’s decision to refuse landmark status that isn’t in this tidy little piece. All of the buildings in a two (?) block radius of the Twin Towers had applied for landmark status – a few (on the fringe of that area) are still pending – but until this building – NONE have been denied landmark status.

    So this group of 9 have overridden local community feelings, the established trend of approval and of course national feeling of outrage – and somehow the media can’t find that important to report at all.

    BTW, a construction worker called Rush (Thurs) and they are attempting join all construction workers in a sick-out for work on this horrible idea of erecting a conquering mosque at the foot of the act of war by radical islamic terrorists against America. I hope he succeeds.

  11. Reality Bytes says:

    You’d think Iman setting its dedication on 09/11/11 would give these Manhattanite yam bags pause. But No! They’re an enlightened bunch. Kinda like their ancestors who thought if they just gave the Nazi’s what they want, they’d go away.

    History always comes back to repeat itself. It’s the different hats that throws people off.

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