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NYC Starts Education Program For 6 Weeks Old

From the New York Post:

New baby ed. is pre-pre-K

By DAVID SEIFMAN and YOAV GONEN | Tuesday Sept 25, 2012

Call it “No 6-Week-Old Left Behind.”

Infants will be admitted into the city’s first full-day, really early education program being launched next year in Brooklyn, officials announced yesterday.

But the goal of the Brownsville program — which will provide eight to 10 hours a day of educational, social and health services for kids between 6 weeks and 5 years old — isn’t to turn babies into young Einsteins.

“You’re not going to teach them calculus at that age,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “The first thing is to teach them to deal with other kids and how you cooperatively work together.”

The initiative stems from a national program targeting low-income families called Educare, which opened its first site in Chicago in 2000 and has since spread to more than a dozen cities

The program — which nationally costs around $3.1 million per year to run — will be paid for largely with federal and state money, as well as some private dollars

Notice how even the New York Post seems to have no problem with this 10 hour a day ‘education’ program for infants who are only six weeks old. But this is the nanny state on steroids.

Somewhere Karl Marx is smiling. He wanted to destroy the family and replace it with the state.

And, of course, it means more public sector union jobs.

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7 Responses to “NYC Starts Education Program For 6 Weeks Old”

  1. untrainable says:

    A clockwork Obama. The saga begins. In 20 years, the liberal elite will have a willing army at their command. Children with no minds of their own, no memory of their parents, no memory of freedom, and programming from birth that says their lives belong to the state and should be sacrificed upon command for the “greater good”. I just hope they continue to use NYC school teachers. If they do, the standing army will be too stupid to take over the school, much less the world.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      If you’re much of a sic-fi fan, you can see this exemplified by the series “Farscape”. I watched it because I have a ridiculous crush on Claudia Black. But..the “peacekeepers” are the de-facto entities you refer to. Not too different than the SS of our good ol’ dub-ya, dub-ya two years.

      Often, sic-fi series, usually written by uber left-wingers, can exemplify such entities with the characters they draw but they consider them “right-wing” even though they are without religion, adhere to ridiculous regulations and are so rigid that they cannot fathom any other way of thinking.

      Fan though I am, I have watched over the years as these writers of sic-fi get it right on film but not in reality. It’s an amazing juxtaposition.

      There is a psychological aspect to it where humans, being the creatures that we are, have a brain construct that requires limits, boundaries and customs. But the irony here is that while the hippies of the 60’s denounced those of the “establishment” they have substituted their own without even realizing it and are ten times more rigid about it than “the man” was about the rules back then.

      It’s remarkable from a clinical standpoint. Astounding from a pedestrian’s vantage.

      In other words, a guy who doesn’t care about speeding and gets upset that “the man” pulled him over for it, is outraged when he finds out that someone passed him by when the doobie was passed. The social construct demands that you share, dude. And that little thing will bother the hippie for days. “I just don’t know why he didn’t pass it to me….I mean…I never did anything to the guy…I’m cool….I never harshed his mellow…I mean…jeez.”.

      But someone sent me an e-mail about the things that trouble liberals. Not national debt. Not military security. Not tax increases. No.

      They care about free condoms, needles, teaching six year olds about sex and free abortions.

      In other words, they are mentally immature. Always were, always will be. The failure to recognize and face up to adult responsibilities. I had a neighbor across the street years ago….him and his wife were dyed-in-the-wool hippies. Whatever their kids did was fine with them, until his fifteen year old took a baseball bat to his little sister cuz she made him mad.

      Yup. That’s parenting. And typical of the generation that has matriculated through society. Hitlery putting X-rated Christmas ornaments on the White House Christmas tree. Petulance, reacting emotionally to every—single—thing. Even Truman, a democrat, had class and manners. He could cuss a blue streak and often did. But he did so behind closed doors and never to the media. Johnson…not so much but almost.

      The ongoing slog to the bottom has me discouraged but I still try to maintain some sort of standard. I fail here and there but take note of it and try not to do it again.

      The liberals are incapable of learning because, among everything else, they’ve decided they don’t have to learn anything. They know it all already.

      We are Rome ca: 69 AD

    • untrainable says:

      Rusty, first, there is nothing ridiculous about having a crush on Claudia Black. And we can dig scifi references out from now until doomsday that have relevence to today’s political situation. I remember a Deep Space 9 episode where the proper mindset of the mindless warrior for the cause was expressed by a Jem Hadar. “I am dead. I go into battle to reclaim my life… Victory is life.” And you can bet that if the technology to create an army of soldiers that go from birth to full fighting mode in a week, the left would be cranking them out as we speak. Of course, they were also born pre-programmed to worship their leaders as gods, with an addiction to a drug supplied and controlled only by those same leaders, and ready to fight because it’s what they were created to do. These are the dreams of our president. He has no clones. He has no monopoly on a control drug. But he does have anarchists on the payroll, and his followers worship him as a god. The only thing stopping him is time. I sincerely hope we don’t give him any more of that.

  2. captstubby says:

    didn’t Hitler say ” give me your children from 6 to 12 years old and than you can have him back.”
    the Progressive John Dewey helped create kindergardens, to “shape the apples before they fell from the tree.”
    Woodrow Wilson as as president of Princton told a audience,”our problam is not merely to help the students to adjust themselfs to world life…but to make them as unlike their fathers as we can”

    • Chrispbass says:

      I don’t know if it was Hilter but that is the idea. I was going to post the same thing.
      Get ’em young…the teachers become the authority figures which makes it much easier for the children to turn in their parents later on in life.

  3. geronl says:

    It will likely include comprehensive sex ed using a “sex positive” curriculum like they use starting with 11 year olds. Disgusting.


  4. canary says:

    Can you imagine the talking and visual mobiles that will be hung over the 6 week old students in the Public schools for visual stimulation and hypnotizing.

    Probably interchangeable mobile characters using patriotic symbols for when a baby cries or has a dirty diaper.

    Interchangeable liberal communist symbols and figures for when the baby is fed.

    Wind the mobile up and it will sing musical liberal phases

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