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NYC To Provide ‘Free’ Legal Aid And IDs To Illegal Aliens

From a cheering Christian Science Monitor:

New York to provide free legal aid, IDs to undocumented immigrants

By Harry Bruinius | June 26, 2014

As Congress remains gridlocked by the partisan wrangling over the issue of illegal immigration, New York City this week approved two separate plans that advocates say could signal a sea change in the ways cities handle undocumented workers and their families.

On Wednesday, the New York City Council earmarked $4.9 million of the city budget to give legal assistance to foreign-born New York residents facing deportation. This makes New York the first city in the US to provide lawyers for low-income immigrants detained by federal authorities…

Another gift from the card-carrying Communist (with a capital C) Mayor De Blasio. By the way, how is this "free"? The lawyers will be paid by someone. (NYC taxpayers, of course.)  But Democrats aren’t doing everything they can to encourage more and more illegal immigration.

In fact, lest we forget, the original ‘Gang Of Eight’ amnesty bill actually included free legal aid for any and all illegal aliens. And nobody in the news media even seemed to have noticed.

And on Thursday, the City Council voted to create a new municipal ID program for all who live within its five boroughs, following the lead of cities such as New Haven, Conn., San Francisco, and Los Angeles – each with large immigrant populations – to give any resident the documentation needed to open a bank account, sign a lease, or even get a library card. The measure passed 43 to 3, with three abstentions.

They forgot "and vote." But don’t worry, that is coming. (In fact, the bill has already been proposed.)

"The municipal ID is more than just a card – it provides New Yorkers who are currently living in the shadows with dignity and peace of mind," he added…

Really? How? These people already have plenty of IDs which allow them to get anything they want. It’s a whole cottage industry.

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5 Responses to “NYC To Provide ‘Free’ Legal Aid And IDs To Illegal Aliens”

  1. untrainable says:

    If the lawyers were actually required to work for free, rather than being paid by the city, you can bet that not a single illegal would have a lawyer. I’d like to propose a bill that forces the government to itemize where every cent of the taxes we pay actually go. (This could be a problem for Obama’s regime considering how much money is LOST without a trace) If people saw the actual amount of their money that is going to services for people who are in the country illegally, there would be a popular revolution over the blatant waste of resources.

    • Mithrandir says:

      And don’t forget, these “kids” are ANCHOR-CHILDREN, and they will then be able to reach across the border to bring in their families, or “life partners.”

      I mean, it’s inhumane to have children grow up in a foreign country without their parents!

  2. canary says:

    I hope this makes world news.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Whenever lawyers are allowed to be provided for illegals, IT’S PERMANENT. They are here to stay folks.

    It’s another democrat TROJAN HORSE tactic. Claim whatever it is you need to claim, “It’s only temporary!” “It’s for the kids!” But the Trojan Horse is to make 1000s of poor stupid people in need of lifetime democrat socialism to turn red states blue forever.

  4. canary says:

    Twice in One Week, The Mexican Military Crossed into US Firing on US Border Agents


    Business Insider: A Mexican Military Helicopter Entered The US And Fired On Two Border Patrol Agents

    David Brooks Jun 27 2014

    A Mexican military helicopter crossed into the U.S. and fired on two Border Patrol agents in Arizona during the

    early-morning hours on Thursday, according to Reuters.

    A Border Patrol agent who Business Insider spoke with on condition of anonymity said that the two agents were in a marked Border Patrol vehicle when they were fired upon.

    The chopper missed the two agents and returned to Mexico.

    Mexican authorities later contacted the U.S. to apologize for the incident, according to KVOA-TV Tucson.

    However, Border Patrol Agent and Union Vice President Shawn Moran isn’t buying it. In an interview with Fox News, Moran said, “The Border Patrol vehicle was clearly marked and it’s very hard to mistake those vehicles for anything else.”

    During the interview, Moran went on to note that while the Border Patrol must take careful precautions to know their location and not cross into Mexico, apparently the same care is not required of the Mexican military.

    “Unfortunately on the other side of the coin, we really have no repercussions when the Mexican military or law enforcement crosses into the U.S.,” Moran said. “We usually let them go with an apology at the orders of the State Department.”

    According to Moran’s statement, this would not be the first time the Mexican military has entered into the U.S. The Border Patrol agent we spoke with said that incidents of the Mexican military crossing the border commonly happen in Texas and Arizona, but that this level of activity is unusual.

    “This is the first time they’ve fired at us from the air,” the agent said.

    The agent also said that when the Mexican military crosses into the U.S., it’s often related to drug-running.

    “They’re either helping or picking up an abandoned load,” he said.

    A spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol said that the incident is currently under investigation, according to KVOA-TV.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/mexican-helicopter-fires-border-patrol-arizona-2014-6#ixzz35uhrlX3V


    Fox News: Mexican Chopper Crosses Into AZ, Fires on U.S. Border Patrol Agents

    June 27 2014

    A dangerous situation reportedly unfolded at the southern border early Thursday, with a Mexican military helicopter crossing into Arizona and firing shots at U.S. Border Patrol agents. Gretchen Carlson reported that the chopper returned to Mexico and officials later apologized to U.S. authorities for the incident.

    Moran said that U.S. Border Patrol agents know there are “drastic repercussions” for crossing into Mexico and must be aware of their location at all times.

    “Unfortunately on the other side of the coin, we really have no repercussions when the Mexican military or law enforcement crosses into the U.S. We usually let them go with an apology at the orders of the State Department,” he said.

    Pavlich suggested that Mexico should be called on to do more than just apologize,

    such as release Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from prison.

    She noted that Tahmooressi voluntarily turned himself in when he mistakenly crossed the border.

    “He wasn’t violent. He didn’t shoot at Mexican agents. He was very cooperative. And yet here we are with the Mexican military shooting with lethal force at our Border Patrol agents and somehow our Marine is still in jail. President Obama should get on the phone and say, ‘look, there won’t be consequences for you as long as you exchange our Marine back for what has been done here,'” said Pavlich.



    The Blaze: A Mexican military helicopter crossed the U.S. border into Arizona and fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents during a drug operation Tuesday before flying back into Mexico, Border Patrol officials said.

    The helicopter fired two shots at the agents early Tuesday morning as part of a “drug interdiction operation,” Border Patrol spokesman Andy Adame told KVOA.

    The incident took place on the Tohono O’odham Nation, which resides in southern-central Arizona and parts of northern Mexico.


    Mexican Military Helicopter Fires on Border Patrol Agents After Crossing Into U.S. During Drug Operation
    Jun. 27, 2014 9:46am Dave Urbanski

    A Mexican military helicopter crossed the U.S. border into Arizona and fired on U.S. Border Patrol agents during a drug operation Tuesday before flying back into Mexico, Border Patrol officials said.



    What is to investigate?

    Mexico knows Obama care more about Mexicans than Americans
    Mexico knows Obama is a world joke
    Mexico knows Obama and Administration Hate Border Control Agents and give the Mexican Drug Cartel
    Guns to Shoot our Border Agents.

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