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NYC Whole Foods Uses Obama In ‘Racist’ Ad

From NBC Bay Area:

Whole Foods’ Chicken Ad Featuring Obama Outrages Neighbors

The supermarket took down the sign after shoppers complained it was offensive

By Pei-Sze Cheng | February 21, 2013

A Whole Foods supermarket in New York has removed a sign that used a drawing of President Barack Obama to advertise a sale on chicken after complaints that the ad was offensive.

The sign outside the supermarket on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, featuring an apparent caricature of Obama advertising an upcoming sale on whole organic chickens, outraged neighbor Woody Henderson.

"There are certain things that have been used to put down black people — watermelon, fried chicken," he said.

But isn’t this art? Liberals want to censor art?

Besides, who are the real racists here? It wouldn’t even occur to most sane people to make such a connection. These idiots don’t see Obama as President, or even as a human being. They only see him as black.

Jason Nunez of the Bronx said, "Even if he’s not the president, you’re going to have an African-American promoting the sale of chicken? They can do better than that." …

A spokesman for Whole Foods said store artists create a variety of pop culture imagery to promote sales and events. The sign advertising the chicken was put up earlier in the week but taken down "once it was brought to our attention by a shopper that it may be perceived as offensive," said the spokesman.

"There was no disrespect meant at all," the spokesman said…

Another neighbor, Jeffrey Schaper, said, "I don’t think you can find a more pro-Democratic neighborhood. They’re sort of shooting themselves in the foot. It is pretty outrageous."

Let’s hope Whole Foods gets driven out of the Upper Westside, so it can become another ‘food desert.’

At the very least there should be rioting and looting.

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3 Responses to “NYC Whole Foods Uses Obama In ‘Racist’ Ad”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “That’s some funny sh** right there, I dont care who you are.”

    h/t Larry the Cable Guy

  2. mr_bill says:

    Wouldn’t it be more fitting to use nerobama’s face to advertise $100/lb kobe steaks or lobster tails (all paid for by somebody else, of course)?

  3. canary says:

    Heroin and Cocaine with dog worm additive growing alarm as it eats human flesh.

    Cocaine users warned about flesh-eating additive
    CDC says users could lose parts of their nose or ears

    02/04/2013 – By Mark Huffman

    Drug dealers increasingly use a veterinary de-worming agent, levamisole, to cut both cocaine and heroin. In a study based on U.S. emergency room reports, CDC says levamisole-contaminated cocaine is “an important emerging public health concern” in view of the nearly two million cocaine users in the U.S.

    Dermatologists were the first to call attention to the problem. Over the last several years they have been called upon to treat gruesome wounds in patients that all reported cocaine use.

    Used to cut cocaine since 2003

    It’s not clear why dealers have chosen that drug as a diluting agent but health officials say it creates a similar effect to cocaine.

    By 2009, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) estimated that 69% of the cocaine seized contained levamisole. The current estimates of U.S. cocaine containing the drug are as high as 80 percent.


    Perhaps California should consider the purer more dangerous Heroin coming from Afghanistan as having worm killer. From DrugFree…….

    “…..California addiction experts are warning local addicts to cut back on the amount of heroin they use to avoid overdosing on the potent Afghan heroin.

    “I tell people, ‘If you’re using it, only use half or three-quarters of what you used to,’ because of the higher potency,” said Orlando Ward, director of public affairs at Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission.


    I researched this a bit, as it’s well known Afghanistan produces over 90% of the heroin in the world. The heroin problem in the US skyrocked in the 2009 in the US after Obama’s ban on eradicating poppy fields as to not upset the Taliban and let them continue financing terrorism.
    Russia’s immediate complaints of their addictions skyrocketing went unheard. There are many reports of Obama’s “new crops” for Afghanistan failing. I’m not sure why the CDC became hush after their 2009 report, but maps of how the heroin is reaching the US is mainly getting to Mexico and then crossing the Mexican Border. After Obama’s change in policy the percentage
    of Heroin into the US rose from approx 10% to %60. So, you might warn your children.

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