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NYC’s Best Hospitals Won’t Accept O-Care Plans

From the Associated Press:

New health plans sold through exchanges not accepted at some prestigious NYC hospitals

November 20, 2013

NEW YORK — New Yorkers buying a health plan on the state’s new insurance exchange should read the fine print if they’re interested in getting care at some of the city’s top hospitals. Not all are participating in the new plans created by the Affordable Care Act.

As of this week, not one of the plans for sale on New York’s health benefit exchange would cover treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the world’s largest and most respected cancer hospitals.

That could mean that the 615,000 individuals and 450,000 small business employees expected to eventually get their insurance through the exchange would have to go someplace else for treatment, or pay the bill out of their own pockets.

Which means that only rich people will be able to get treatment at the best hospitals. Where is the social justice?

Other premier city hospitals are in the networks of just a few of the new plans. NYU Langone Medical Center has signed agreements with four of the 19 insurers doing business on the exchange. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which oversees the city’s biggest hospital system, has signed agreements with six insurers.

President Obama promised when the Affordable Care Act was enacted that people who liked their doctors could keep them, but the reality of the law both in New York and around the country is that the new, lower-cost policies it is creating sometimes have smaller provider networks than Medicare, Medicaid, or the plans people typically get through their employers…

Obama-Care plans have smaller networks than Medicaid. Just think about that. It is almost impossible to find a doctor or hospital that will take Medicaid. And the Obama-Care networks will be even worse.

Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, one of the health plans that failed to reach an agreement with Sloan-Kettering, didn’t directly address why things hadn’t worked out, but hinted that cost was a factor…

The hell you say.

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One Response to “NYC’s Best Hospitals Won’t Accept O-Care Plans”

  1. dasher says:

    I think the one thing (out of many) that bugs me the most about liberals is they are too often “Obamacare for thee, but not for me”. I know this guy that is a big liberal and what does he post on Facebook the other day? “Thanks to my wife’s employer I now have insurance”. What? Wait a minute, what about this new wonderful program you were so in love with?

    Obamacare for thee, but not for me.


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