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NYC: Buying ‘Good Conduct’ Doesn’t Work

From a fact-free Associated Press:

A U.S. flag flies over the entrance to the ACORN Community High School in New York City, Friday Sept. 18, 2009.

NYC pays poor for good conduct, with mixed results

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NEW YORK — An experimental anti-poverty program that pays poor New Yorkers for good behavior like getting health insurance and attending parent-teacher conferences has had mixed results.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pilot program began in 2007 and the first analysis was released Tuesday.

In two years, 2,400 participating families were paid a total of $14 million raised from private donations. Payments averaged about $3,000 a year per family.

The city said participants improved on several targets. More people established bank accounts, stopped using costly check cashing services, and saw the dentist.

But the rewards had no effect on school performance and attendance for young children or low-performing high schoolers

Like most headlines from our media masters, this one too is simply an outright lie.

As we noted at its inception, but the entire purported purpose of this program was to help children perform better in schools. And it has had no affect whatsoever, according to their own report.

Ergo, the program did not have “mixed results” at all.

It was a total failure, as any child of 26 could have predicted.

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6 Responses to “NYC: Buying ‘Good Conduct’ Doesn’t Work”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    All these pay-offs to minorities for good behavior are failures.

    The midnight basketball camps, the summer programs for black kids, the after school day care camps, paying kids for good grades, ALL that stuff is just keeping black kids busy so they don’t go out and act tribal. When ever they do act tribal ( flash mobs ) the politicians hand-wring and blame each other for not throwing money at ‘keep-em-busy programs.’ (grandstanding) “Well, if we would NOT have cut funding for the _______ program, these things would not have happened!” (translation) “Do you want to provide socialism for these people, or do you want to put up with anarchy?”

    My parents offered me money for good grades on my report cards, and dreamed of what I would do with the money from all the A+……nope, never worked out either.

  2. proreason says:

    $14 million for drugs

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      … and votes.

    • Mithrandir says:

      When you have to PAY people to do what they should already be doing – instinctively – you know your in deep s___!
      I can train multiple animals with nothing more than a squirt bottle and a rolled up newspaper, for less than $3000/ year for chrissakes!

      Like Chris Rock says in his stand up: some people say “Well at least I take care of my kids.”

      Rock: “You’re supposed to take care or your kids!”

      “Well, at least I am not in prison…”

      Rock: “You’re not supposed to be in prison you dumb mother (%*$#%!”

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    Catch the name of the school???

    You got it!!! ACORN Community High School. How convenient!

  4. AcornsRNutz says:

    This, among many things, shows something I have used to shut up liberals in arguments for years. This is essentially another program that calls your minority status (as we can all see that is what we were dealoing with in this program) is a handicap. And I am the racist???? Look at those idiots who loved sotamayor and hated Palin. They were the ones who claimed that stomayor overcame all this adversity to become a success, but by her own admission she was raised pretty well, didn’t want for much, attended good schools and used her race to get ahead in a number of instances. So what was this adversity again? That’s right, her “handicap” was being a latina or hispanic or whatever the preferred nomenclature is. Every welfare program, scholarship, and incentive based payoff that is restricted to minorities operates on that same principle, and I find it horrifying and tantamount to enslavement. But my opinion doesn’t matter, I am a WASP.

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